Current issue: #232 (August 2016)
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Articles in this issue:
Book Reviews

Deadly Psychiatry And Organised Denial

Peter C. Gotzsche Reviewed by David Lorimer

Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime and Bad Pharma

Peter Gotzsche and Ben Goldacre Reviewed by David Lorimer

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    Aromatherapy creams & candles. Heal naturally No side effects. Holistic treatments, powerful courses


    The FLEXXICORE exercise revolution: transform your fitness regime with 2 exhilarating exercisers

  • Metal Free Dentistry

    Amalgam, Mercury, Fluoride, Root Fillings, Cavitation Infections, Detox Methods, Protecting patients


    Migra-Cap - a unique migraine cure also offering pain relief during pregnancy. A drug-free product.

  • active school Massage

    Courses, CPD workshops, seminars; continuing professional development novice to exper. practitioner.

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