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A Healing Journey Through 18 Chakras

Sarah Williams ITEC MGPP AC regd  internationally trained holistic bodywork therapist with her roots in aromatherapy, runs Organic Aromatherapy, a small company based in West Sussex.

She is a medical intuitive and multi-dimensional healer and teacher who is Raising Vibrations globally with the Soul Harmony creams and her workshops. In her current incarnation, she has been working closely with Spirit since 1995 when, as an aromatherapist /bodyworker, she “remembered” chakras and began to channel information for the Soul Harmony chakra balancing creams, which are tools / keys to assist in our evolution.

Approaching 2012 this system grew organically, incorporating the important ascension chakras which she has written about extensively. Whilst participating in Mayan ceremonies on 21/12/12 she was guided to acknowledge 18 of our chakras to enable us to fully integrate the new light codes coming from our Sun which are upgrading our DNA from 2-12 strand, as we were during the Golden years of Atlantis. A healer/alchemist for many lifetimes, her main role is to help people with the completely unique process of bringing the physical body through the ascension process.

Sarah runs Raise your Vibration workshops in the UK and Mexico, shares the sacred Munay Ki Rites and is available for Skype and telephone consultations.


Organic Aromatherapy Workshops


Sarah Williams and the Chakra Balancing Creams and candles will be at the following events in 2017


Thursday 23rd February : Horndean Positive Living group ( PLG) talk "Raise your Vibration" 7.30-9.30pm Rkadia, London Road, Horndean, Hants PO8 9NN 

Wednesday 22nd March : Havant Monthly meditation for Gaia: 7.15-9.30pm Bedhampton Hill Havant.

( Booking necessary) Call Sarah on 02392 453204

Saturday April 1st: Wickham Mind, Body & Spirit Fair, Community Centre, Wickham, Near Fareham, Hants. Details to follow. 

Sunday 14th May : Haslemere  Health & Harmony MBS Haslewey, Lion Green, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1LD. For more information please contact Sam Hardwick at www.healthnharmony.co.uk 

Saturday 1st July : Midhurst Mind Body and Spirit 

Saturday 7th October: Wickham Mind, Body & Spirit Fair, Community Centre, Wickham, Near Fareham, Hants. Details to follow. 

Sat 21st/Sun 22nd October: Petersfield  Mind,Body & Spirit Fair , Festival Hall ,Petersfield, Hants  more details to follow

More dates for 2017 coming soon.


Workshops & Courses


Raise your Vibration RV1

The Level 1 course, RV1: A healing journey through the first 7 chakras on this weekend course in a beautiful country setting either by the sea near Chichester, Bristol, Buckinghamshire and now also in Mexico, where one of my gorgeous students, Zule de Luna, is facilitating. It is an entertaining…



Raise your Vibration RV2

Energy Awareness Course RV2 - The Big Shift!This RV2 course follows the first Raise your Vibration (RV1) and is where we explore an 9 additional chakras including the very important auric and ascension chakras that have become increasingly important since 2012. What they are, why they are here, where they…



Raise your Vibration RV3

Advanced Energy Awareness Course : Manifest your bliss!This course is the next stage of development for those who have completed the first two Raise your Vibration courses. It is upgraded annually to accommodate the increased vibrations with latest wave of incoming Light frequencies and upgrades, DNA and merkaba upgrades take…



Munay Ki

The next step in evolution!The next course commences soon. Email me your interest if you would like to be included. The Rites of the Munay Ki transform and upgrade your luminous energy field. The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about this time (2012 and beyond) as a period of…




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