Allergies - 1 - Allergies and the Mid-Life Crisis
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Allergies and the Mid-Life Crisis

“I have dieted for years, why can’t I lose weight?” This is among the most common heartfelt cries uttered by my patients, together with complaints of food cravings, fluid retention, bloating (usually getting worse by evening), joint pains, mood swings and depression, ‘Irritable bowel syndrome’ and ‘recurrent cystitis’ or ‘hormonal problems’, these last having been labelled by doctors who are unaware of the correct diagnosis and treatment required.

Many of the chronic health problems occurring in mid-life (thirties onwards) are caused by a combination of food or inhalant allergies, intestinal candida overgrowth (the wrong gut bugs in too great a number) and depression of the immune system which normally combats infections and copes with invaders. Predisposing causes include courses of antibiotics, steroids (hydrocortisone) and hormones, especially HRT and the pill, also stressful junk-food lifestyle, mineral deficiency and the pesticides used by our current agricultural methods.



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