Sound & Music - 1 - A Scientific Approach to Sound and Music Therapy
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A Scientific Approach to Sound and Music Therapy

Therapy with music is well-established. Music Therapists have long used music in an interactive way with clients.1 Many CDs are for sale for healing purposes, both with sounds and music. Other practitioners are using sounds, made in the presence of the client, eg. using tuning forks or with Tibetan Bowls.[2-1] Then there are a number of proprietary techniques which use music in a special way some way, (eg. Tomatis Therapy, Samalin Therapy).

With a large variety of methods in use and various claims made, it's hard to know what to accept as an effective method, independent of the practitioner. [I] suggest this is especially so because of four factors: (a) the natural (or spiritual) healing ability of the practitioner; (b) their strong intention to help the client; (c) their strong belief in the methods they are using; and (d) their clients' strong belief that the practitioner, or the equipment used, is going to help them.



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