Healing - 1 - A Healing Story
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A Healing Story

Leo Sofer is an intuitive storyteller. Each story he tells begins with a question spoken out loud, alone or in front of an audience. The stream of pictures (in his mind’s eye) and words (spoken by his ‘inner voice’) that he receives in response gives him all the information he needs to tell a story, although he is rarely able to guess what is coming next. This story was told in response to a commission from Positive Health magazine on the subject of ‘Health and healing’.

An old man and an old woman lived together. One day the old man fell ill and no doctor could cure him. The more remedies he tried the more his condition worsened. He became feverish and sleepless.

 “Call the birds!” he would cry throughout the day and night. “Only they can cure me!”

His wife tried to reason with him, but without much success.

“Call the birds!” he would cry, and his fever rose higher still.



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