Depression - 1 - Depressed? Your Dreams Can Help!
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Depressed? Your Dreams Can Help!

A lot of our chronic 'depression', which has reached epidemic proportions in the US, may well be one of the symptoms of 'non-being', of an unlived life. This also means that depression can be one of our most valuable signposts, a red flag, a spiritual distress signal, a deep inner protest about something we are doing to ourselves. To anaesthetize our depression with drugs is equivalent to cutting the wires of our psyche's natural alarm system. It also makes sense that 'depressing' or burying our natural talents, our passions, and our dreams would logically create feelings of depression.

After 20-plus years of researching dreaming and techniques of dream interpretation, working with over 20,000 individual dreams, I discovered that the majority of our dreams have a profound intent and purpose; they stand as guardians at the gates of the human spirit, defending us from all manner of nefarious influences. Dreams focus, with laser-like precision, on freeing us from anything that is self-negating and self-defeating. Dreams are like a master sculptor removing everything from the block of marble that is not 'elephant'.



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