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(How I Got By) With a Little Help from my (Flower) Friends: A Student's Journey with Flower Essences

Petals touch the heart,
Water washes the soul clean;
A new life begins.
Haiku, S Balgobin (2003)

The message behind this haiku was really brought home to me over the past two years, when I was inspired to embark on a new direction in my career path. The course I chose (or rather, which chose me) was an unusual one - a Master's degree in Psychotherapy and Healing Practice, offered by the Society for Psychology and Healing and validated by Middlesex University. While the main thrust of the course was traditional enough (Jungian at heart and psychodynamic), the course looked at the more spiritual side of human life and how healing practices such as colour and sound healing, Reiki, spiritual healing and reflexology can (and should!) be part of the healing process. A course with such a different approach drew me like a magnet; I wanted to learn how I could incorporate my skills as a practitioner of various therapies into my new career path. While I knew that essences would form an important part of my life as a student, little did I realize just how much I would learn - both on my course and as an essence practitioner. Essences provided support and direction even before my course; Bach, Australian Bush, Alaskan, Green Hope Farm (from New Hampshire) and my own Spirit of Makasutu essences all helped me to clarify in what direction I needed to move and even which course to take!



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