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  1. 16 Chakra System Part III

    In this part 3 of the Chakra articles, we look at the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra is located below the heart, where your ribs join. The colour association is yellow and the sac...more

  2. A Synthesis of Healing Therapies therapies seem to be appearing almost weekly (if not daily), how is a person supposed to be able to know what particular therapy (or group of therapies) may be helpful for t...more

  3. Case Study 147 The Power of Crystal Therapy

    This column focuses on the power and positive effects of crystals used for healing. The author presents the case of a 59-year old woman with lower back pain. Despite being on the...more

  4. Case Study Issue 76: Crystal Healing

    This case study, written by a practitioner in reflexology, spiritual and crystal healing, vortex healing, space clearing, aura protection and stress management, describes the cours...more

  5. Complementary Therapies for the Menopause - Research Study

    The author is a fourth year medical student at Newcastle University who intends to become a GP and specialize in women's health. She believes in the relevance of complementary medi...more

  6. Crystal - Energetic Qualities for Healing

    Nat and Tony Bondar began an extraordinary research project into the subject of crystal healing in July 2002. They began to look into the reasons why crystals and stones were suppo...more

  7. Crystal Healing for the Emotions and the Mind

    In the article the authors provide an update on their more advanced research on crystal healing, following on from their first research, on polished and unpolished stones, publishe...more

  8. Crystal Therapy: Black Tourmaline - King Of Crystals

    The author, Principal of Vantol College of Crystal Therapy, discusses the case of  IT Technician Adrian, (not his real name) who had been suffering for over 5 years from chronic he...more

  9. Crystal Therapy: From Myth to Medicine

    The revival of Crystal Therapy in recent years demonstrates a new frontier in complementary healing, but the use of crystals and minerals is not new.more

  10. Editorial Issue 147

    In all the years since Positive Health (PH) has been established, one key area which has never ceased to astonish me has been the vastly differing areas of perception regarding div...more

  11. Editorial Issue 48

    I sometimes fantasise (as I know many of us do) about what it would be like to live in another era, say before electricity, the car, radio, television, or the telephone. In fact, t...more

  12. Education & Training in Complementary Therapies in the UK

    At this time of year, people are reflecting on life and may be considering a new career. Many people decide to train in complementary therapies because they have a passion for helpi...more

  13. Electromagnetic Therapy

    Everyone who is involved in any of the many branches of Complementary Medicine whether as a practitioner or as a patient, is likely to be involved with some aspect of electromagnet...more

  14. Integrative Healing - Practical Guide to Professionalism

    In an effort to establish some common ground this are the working definitions for the term: Alternative, Complementary and Integrative. Please understand that these are broad genera...more

  15. Letters to the Editor Issue 42

    The Dangers of Aspartame + Editorial Note + Internal Warfare! + The Editor Commentsmore

  16. Scrying - Using Crystals for Guidance and Well-Being

    Scrying is the art of using crystals for guidance and well-being.more

  17. Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 158

    5th Spiritual Awakening Festival: Athens - Delphi + The Healing Toolbox + H.E. the 7th Dzogchen Rinpoche teaching monks & students + Biobran MGN-3 – Immune System Support + 6-D...more

  18. Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 183

    Graduate Certification: Medical Biomagnetist Level 1 + Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) International Aromatherapy Conference & Wellness Expo: The Future of Arom...more

  19. Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 204

    Chakra Balancing with Organic Aromatherapy + Balens - Not just your Average Family run Insurance Brokerage + The European College of K-Practic + Hypnotherapy Training Institute of ...more

  20. Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 212

    Spring 2014 Ilkley Complementary Medicine Festival + Caring About Carers - Progressive Attitudes Still Leading the Way at Balens + Noma Vega Med Matrix - Treatment for Detoxificatio...more

  21. Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 215

    Welcome to Bloomsbury Therapy London + CMS - Client Management System for Therapists / Healthcare Workers - developed by Therapists for Therapists + Alyssa Burns-Hill PhD Discusses...more

  22. Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 216

    Reflected Energy Pathways - A Practical Workbook for Physical Therapists + The Backcare Clinic - 21st Century Backcare To Improve Patient Outcomes + Imam Jaitehs Foundation in Ghan...more

  23. Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 219

    Flavon Max Products - Outstanding Antioxidant Activity [ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) – Value] + Altrient High Performance Liposomal Vitamin Formulations + Best Care Him...more

  24. Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 223

    Liposomal Nutrients Achieve Enhanced Bioavailability + International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy Celebrating 10 Years Publication + Beyond the Brain XI - Free Spirits or Deter...more

  25. Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 232

    Abundance & Health present: ‘ALTRIENT’ Supercharged Liposomal Health Supplements + EORC – IJCA – Botanica2016 + VIVAMAYR Altaussee - Sustainable Health + Clinical Homeopathy: t...more

  26. Violane - The Hidden Healer

    The crystal kingdom is so vast, and although hundreds of books have been published, including pictures, chemical compositions, origin, etc., it is doubtful that all known crystals ...more

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