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Crystal Healing for the Emotions and the Mind

by Nat and Tony Bondar(more info)

listed in crystal healing, originally published in issue 147 - May 2008

Advanced Crystal Healing Research

In February 2004 issue of Positive Health I described the research that my wife Nat and I had undertaken while examining the subject of Crystal Healing. Nat is acutely clairvoyant and can readily see the subtle energies of anything she studies. Our work at that time was built on her observations of the energies inside and around crystals and minerals and their application during healing exercises. Now, four years on, we have further energetic healing research to share with you.

To recapitulate our earlier findings, we found that natural, unpolished stones were preferable over the polished ones, as they generally expressed more subtle mineral energy. We realized that the traditional association of a crystal to chakras by colour was without foundation, because all crystals and stones have different types of subtle mineral energy and these have different strengths of vibration. It is this that actually associates them to chakras. We also found that there were seven different energetic groups of minerals, and that the whole subject of crystal healing had its basis in the evolution of subtle energies.





Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

There have been over 100 books published on the subject of healing with crystals, but very few writers have engaged with the causes of the therapeutic qualities appointed to the various minerals. It is our personal belief that all their healing qualities are due to their subtle energies. These energies can be closely similar to particular human subtle energies that go before the physical conditions of the organs, systems and subsystems of the body. This similarity of the mineral and the human energies is in their strength of vibration. Where one introduces a crystal such as Citrine to the stomach area for example, subtle changes can take place to re-establish harmony in the condition of indigestion. This is because the subtle energy of Citrine and the digestion processes of the stomach are closely similar.

Psychological Illnesses

However, illness and disease is not restricted to the body; we can suffer from all kinds of psychological and emotional troubles. We can lose confidence, become temperamental, feel insecure and develop paranoia, depression, guilt, negligence, apathy, anxiety and all sorts of varieties of stress. All of these conditions have an energetic reflection and, where subtle human energies are concerned, changes can be made.

Every type of energy has two aspects – the strength of vibration and a frequency of vibration. Imagine you are standing on a beach and looking out to sea. The waves that break on the beach have these two aspects; their size is their strength and their speed is their frequency. This same rule of strength and frequency applies to all subtle energies too, and it is the frequency of vibration of mineral energies that associates them to human psychological conditions.

In order to understand the concept of where a connection between a crystal and a feeling such as despondency can occur, we need to examine a profound discovery first.

The Psychic Energy Structure

Most people have by now heard about the chakra system with its subtle energetic centres; these are responsible for the vitality and maintenance of all physical processes of the human body. However this is only half of the picture because the chakras only deal with subtle human energies in respect of their strength of vibration, not their frequency.

When Nat studied chakras in detail, their energies; where they came from, where they went, what different types they were, their channels, to which organs of the body these were connected, their entire energetic design – she realized there was ‘something else’ present too. She could study the energies travelling into, through and out of the chakras, but there was another energetic structure present into which all subtle human energies entered and later left in a new condition. To picture this, imagine you can see the seven main chakras when you look at someone, but intertwining between them, travelling up and then returning, intertwining back down again is a special, constantly flowing energy channel. Now imagine that each chakra actually has another energy centre in the same ‘place’ – but on a different level of reality. Now take away the chakras altogether and you are left with seven energy centres with this interweaving channel going up and then back down again, perpetually. This is the Psychic Energy Structure; it is directly responsible for supplying ‘power’ to all forms of energy in our subtle system, and is like a ‘charging station’. The special channel that goes around the system contains what we have called Psychic Energy. Some people may also call it Kundalini; but as there are too many fixed stereotypes to that name, we prefer Psychic Energy. Although it is directly associated with psychic abilities, it also has the function of increasing the frequencies of human subtle energies within its seven centres. These centres we have called ‘Psy Centres’.

So now you can consider that there is a chakra system with seven centres, and there is also the psychic energy structure with its seven centres too, both occupying the same location but on different levels of our subtle reality. Until now, many people have believed that it is the chakras that are credited with the development of spiritual and psychic faculties, but this is actually something correctly associated to the Psychic Energy Structure and not chakras at all. The ‘activation of a chakra’ for a spiritual purpose is, therefore, a misnomer; it is actually the activation of a psy centre in the same place, instead.

Crystals and the Psychic Energy Structure

Each of the seven main chakras has a ‘rulership’ over an area of the physical body. Each crystal or stone is associated to a chakra by the strength of vibration of its subtle mineral energy. Green Aventurine has an energy that is associated to the base chakra because of this reason. It is also directly associated to the bladder because it is closely similar to the human subtle energies that ‘lie behind’ the Bladder. Therefore, this is one mineral that can ideally be used to resolve problems with this particular organ. Each of the psy centres in the psychic energy structure also have a ‘rulership’ but this is over feelings and emotions instead of areas of the body. Furthermore, they can only have energies of certain frequencies enter them and thus become associated to them. It is because of this reason that Green Aventurine mineral energy connects to the third psy centre only. It has the psychological quality of helping to balance a lack of interest or indifference to the outside world.

This ‘twin association’ of an energy is an entirely new concept and it should help ‘close the circle’ of holistic understanding in the approach of energetic healing.


A thoughtform is an object, created instantly when we employ our mind and think of anything. It is formed immediately from the matter of the subtle world of the mind that is extremely plastic and moulds itself to any thought. Just as we might clap our hands together in this physical world and instantly a ‘clap’ sound is made – so thoughtforms can immediately manifest in the mental world when we think of anything. We create thousands to tens of thousands of thoughtforms every day, but most of these are merely ‘information bubbles’ which have little impact on our lives. They are there for a moment and then they quickly dissipate and we no longer use them. When we have a conversation with someone, we may create perhaps a few hundred little thoughtforms as we attend to the ‘train of thought’ in the discussion. Once it is over we will find it difficult to ‘look back’ and retrace the conversation piece by piece because the thoughtforms created are very weak. This would indicate a link between our memory and the strength of thoughtforms.

Thoughtforms are not ‘thought energy’ and neither are they just ‘intention’, although both of these issues are intrinsically involved. Strictly speaking a thoughtform is still, in principle, an object. However, the more attention we put into a thought the stronger it becomes. The more value we associate to a concept or idea, the more we tend to think about it and consequently the longer the duration that our mind dwells on it. The more time spent consciously appreciating the one thought – the more powerful, in turn, it becomes.

One evening in Ireland, Nat and I were discussing this principle. She asked me to think of a fruit, so I thought about a strawberry. She was ‘watching’ what was happening and saw ‘the strawberry’ thoughtform take shape. “Ok – now think of another fruit”, so I thought of a banana… “Think very strongly about this one, much more than the first one”… I did and after a little while, she burst out laughing! ‘What’s so funny’? I asked… “When you really put your mind to it – it grew huge – it was like you were blowing up a big inflatable one, right in front of you”… As hilarious as this little episode was – it helped us to further understand thoughtforms and their ‘biology’ – if that’s the right word…

The strength and power of a thoughtform is measured in how much attention is given to it. On energetic levels this reflects in how much psychic energy is ‘used’ during its creation. Every thoughtform can be understood to contain ‘thought energy’ and this is psychic energy that is specifically connected with the principle or objective of the thought involved. To make a strong thoughtform, you have to do so deliberately and, therefore, you have to consciously ‘intend’ to do it.

Using Thoughtforms with Crystal Energies

We found that by far the most effective crystal healing work could be done by a special exercise using thoughtforms. Crystals and stones do indeed have beneficial energies that can and do help improve both physical and emotional conditions but they are by their nature relatively weak in power. It takes someone with extraordinary sensitivity to be able to feel and sense their energies. However, by comparison, the energy of a thoughtform is infinitely more powerful than any crystal energy. When a healer uses any crystal to help heal a condition, usually without realizing so; they are using thoughtforms in their exercise. However, these thoughtforms will often not be very strong because advanced knowledge of thoughtform creation is not often taught or written about.

To make the very best effect, you firstly need the correct mineral, and it should be a reasonable size (the bigger it is the more mineral energy it can provide). You then place the mineral near the person with the condition, it does not need to be very close at all – because we are dealing with the laws of subtle energies and in principle the physical location is not really that important.

You then begin to repeat a mental ‘command’ that you direct to the mineral energy with the objective of resolving the condition. You do this with absolute full attention and your full concentration, over and over again for as long as you can at any one time. If your mind interrupts your work with a distracting thought you must immediately stop and begin again.

When we deliberately create a strong thoughtform in this way, it instantly begins to ‘control’ the mineral energy and specifically channels it to the exact location of your attention (the area of the problem) in the body. Furthermore, it has the effect of ‘supercharging’ the mineral energy to become much more powerful. It takes a little practice but the rewards are worthwhile.

Case Study 1: The Student Lacking Confidence

A lady asked us to help her teenage son who was suffering bouts of depression because he was losing his self-confidence at his ability to study and revise for his exams. Straight away we recommended only one mineral for such a situation; Angelite. It is a hard, pale blue grey mineral from South America. It is specific for helping people to overcome constantly circulating negative thoughts, and helps to boost confidence. However, in our opinion it is only worthwhile to use the unpolished version. We recommended the woman get a piece the size of a golf ball for her son and a larger piece for herself. She was to give the smaller bit to her son and to tell him to hold it in his hand and imagine that it would ‘soak up his worries’. Her piece, on the other hand, she was to work with mentally using the thoughtform method described earlier. He did not have to be present – she would be able to imagine the energy of her stone going to him and helping to resolve his problem, but that she really needed to do it frequently; five times a day and for as long as she could manage each time. We told her to be specific and empower him with confidence first and then to tackle the depression.

Three weeks later the lady returned; she was delighted to report that her son seemed to miraculously change after the first week; but she kept doing the exercises and his mood lifted and he was now a positive, forward thinking young man.

Case Study 2: Anxiety and Paranoia.

A young woman once asked us for help with her problem; she had a tiresome habit of feeling anxious all the time and was becoming paranoid that someone was constantly watching her wherever she went. She had been to her GP but he had only recommended counselling. She felt her problem was urgent and she couldn’t wait for a week before an appointment. As this was an acute condition, we offered to help immediately at the time. Nat studied her aura and described her condition to me. She had a large dark cloud attached to her. I then placed some four kilos of Rose Quartz on the table and lit T-light candles throughout to force the Rose Quartz energy to expand. I then fixed my thoughts solely on commanding the Rose Quartz energy to absorb the dark cloud from her. After maybe 12 minutes of my complete concentration, Nat informed me that it was gone. She also described how it appeared to become drawn towards the pink energy of the mineral, and when in contact it would become transformed. After a further 20 minutes, the woman was calm and her earlier condition was resolved, she felt tired but the ‘pressure’ was gone. We recommended that she use Rose Quartz with a simple exercise if ever she felt she needed it.

Further Information

The energetic research of minerals is now available as the book The Element of Harmony by Nat and Tony Bondar and Nat has just published her Crystal Energy Cards which reveal, for the first time, what the subtle energies of crystals and stones actually look like. Tony also does crystal healing workshops throughout the UK. Their website is


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Nat comes from Ukraine, and has been clairvoyant since she was nine years-old. She has studied the subtle anatomy of man for 18 years, and her goal is to help others realize their higher nature. She is currently working on a special series of spiritual books for children. The authors may be contacted via

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