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  1. 16 Chakra System - Part 1

    by Lee-Anne Brandt

    Besides our physical body, we have a body of subtle energy. This is made up of ‘nadis’ (meridians) through which flows prana, or life-force. The most important of the nadis is the s...

  2. 16 Chakra System Part II

    by Lee-Anne Brandt

    In this part 2 of the Chakra articles, we will discuss the Sacral Chakra in some detail, as with the 7 chakra spectrum. This chakra is located just below the navel. The colour assoc...

  3. 16 Chakra System Part III

    by Lee-Anne Brandt

    In this part 3 of the Chakra articles, we look at the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra is located below the heart, where your ribs join. The colour association is yellow and the sac...

  4. Are Chakras Changing Colour?

    by Sarah Williams

    I know that a couple of people are saying that our chakras are changing colours.. I am guided to address this after lots of meditating in the subject.

  5. Case Study 147 The Power of Crystal Therapy

    by Lettie Vantol

    This column focuses on the power and positive effects of crystals used for healing. The author presents the case of a 59-year old woman with lower back pain. Despite being on the...

  6. Case Study Issue 76: Crystal Healing

    by Caroline Lawrie

    This case study, written by a practitioner in reflexology, spiritual and crystal healing, vortex healing, space clearing, aura protection and stress management, describes the cours...

  7. Crystal - Energetic Qualities for Healing

    by Nat and Tony Bondar

    Nat and Tony Bondar began an extraordinary research project into the subject of crystal healing in July 2002. They began to look into the reasons why crystals and stones were suppo...

  8. Crystal Healing for the Emotions and the Mind

    by Nat and Tony Bondar

    In the article the authors provide an update on their more advanced research on crystal healing, following on from their first research, on polished and unpolished stones, publishe...

  9. Crystal Skulls - Focus for Light, Healing and Consciousness

    by Kathleen Murray

    This article describes the author’s experiences in working with crystal skulls. The author has visited and spoken with individuals from Brazil, Mexico and North America; Hunbatz M...

  10. Crystal Therapy: Black Tourmaline - King Of Crystals

    by Lettie Vantol

    The author, Principal of Vantol College of Crystal Therapy, discusses the case of  IT Technician Adrian, (not his real name) who had been suffering for over 5 years from chronic he...

  11. Crystal Therapy: From Myth to Medicine

    by Lettie Vantol

    The revival of Crystal Therapy in recent years demonstrates a new frontier in complementary healing, but the use of crystals and minerals is not new.

  12. Energy of Life - Our Healing Process

    by Angela Newnham

    What we are going to talk about today is the Energy of Life and how we can all take charge of our own energy and healing process, by clearing away all the luggage we carry along th...

  13. Harnessing Crystal Energy

    by Jane Hudson

    In this article, Jane Hudson describes in detail how crystal energy can be harnessed to balance our vibrational energy and heal body, mind and spirit. The Earth's crust is itself c...

  14. Scrying - Using Crystals for Guidance and Well-Being

    by Judy Hall

    Scrying is the art of using crystals for guidance and well-being.

  15. The Medical Power of Precious Gems

    by Jon Whale PhD

    With death, our vital 'Life Force' departs and the organic body becomes overrun with bacteria whilst it decays. It is the 'Life Force' or 'Chi' energy that protects living cells fr...

  16. Violane - The Hidden Healer

    by Lettie Vantol

    The crystal kingdom is so vast, and although hundreds of books have been published, including pictures, chemical compositions, origin, etc., it is doubtful that all known crystals ...

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