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Case Study 147 The Power of Crystal Therapy

by Lettie Vantol(more info)

listed in crystal healing, originally published in issue 147 - May 2008

When, as a patient, you are in need of healing and considering a complementary/alternative treatment for your condition, you want to go for a therapy that you trust will work for you. You know there are a vast number of therapies available, but having no personal experience, choosing the right one can be a dilemma.

When researching if a particular therapy can help your condition, one of the first things you can do is find case histories relating to this therapy that have helped others with a similar condition to yours. Do you prefer a ‘hands-on’ treatment, or if you are someone with a love of crystals, you may well be drawn to Crystal Therapy, but secretly you wonder does it really work? You may have heard that it is an energy treatment and balances the body’s energies, but will it work for you? If you have never had any energy healing you may be a little sceptical. Crystal healing is no longer an unknown quantity; many people have experienced it and found it to be extremely effective as well as pleasant. However, if you have not experienced it you may have doubts, but even if you have a treatment and doubt it, it does not affect the effectiveness of the treatment. Experience has taught me that it works as well on the sceptics as those with an open mind.

A typical example of this was brought home to me by one of my graduates, who completed the two-year Crystal Therapy course. She attended the course in spite of her husband, who considered it all rather ‘woolly’, but if that was what she wanted, he would not stand in her way. As it happened he had been, and was still, suffering badly from very painful knees. His wife suggested treating him with crystals which, eventually, he reluctantly allowed. After the first treatment he half-heartedly agreed his knees did feel better (which of course was a coincidence!). This pain relief would last for a week or a fortnight, after which he would grudgingly say: “Well, how about doing my knees again”! Although in this case his knees were not healed, it certainly kept the pain at bay, in spite of his scepticism.

Experience has taught me that when treating an ‘unbeliever’, he or she would be pleasantly surprised to discover that the treatment did help them. If doubting the efficacy of a crystal therapy session, the abundance of case studies, described by both my students and practising graduates, would convince the most Doubting Thomases. To give you a further idea, the following is a typical case study carried out by one of the College’s graduates, a practitioner:

Katherine is 59 years-old, married, her children are all adults and she is working full-time.

Whilst at work Katherine tripped down a step and, although her back did not hurt immediately, shortly afterwards she suffered from extreme pain in her lower back area. She consulted her doctor who signed her off work and prescribed rest and paracetamol for strained back muscles.

After three days Katherine was still in excruciating pain, unable to sleep, lie or sit. She took the maximum of painkillers allowed, but to no avail. The pain remained, and on top of this the prescribed medicine made her feel unwell and woozy. She was at the end of her tether and very near to tears when her husband came to see me asking if I could help.

On seeing Katherine I realized she was in a great deal of pain and was having difficulty lying down. My first reaction was to give this client spiritual healing, but I felt this might not be sufficient and, therefore, decided that a crystal treatment was clearly called for.

Since Katherine was unable to lie down on the couch, I suggested she sit astride on a chair, resting her head and arms on a pillow, giving me clear access to her lower back. I decided to use a specific treatment learned on the course for back pain and, after carefully choosing the appropriate crystals, set to work on her lower back, which appeared to have an immediate soothing effect on my client. To complete the treatment I gently massaged the area for approximately 15 minutes using Angelite, after which time Katherine was feeling much calmer, less tearful, and to her utter amazement, in much less pain; she was even able to straighten up. The pain at the start of the treatment was ten on a scale of one to ten, (ten being the highest), while after this first treatment it was bearable at four to five.

That night Katherine slept for the first time since the trip accident, and was able to reduce the number of painkilling tablets to a minimum. After a further treatment the next day, she was virtually pain free and able to walk around comfortably. A few days later she was completely pain free and no longer needed any painkillers. She has been fine ever since.

The above is but a single case, confirming the efficacy of crystal healing when applied by a qualified practitioner. When you are considering a crystal therapy session, please ensure that your therapist is properly qualified and has undergone the required two-year training. Please see further information.

Further Information

You can check practitioners qualifications on the websites of the CHF (Crystal and Healing Federation) or the BCH (British Crystal Healers) These websites can help you find an accredited practitioner in your area; alternatively you can check whether your chosen practitioner belongs to any of these bodies.


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About Lettie Vantol

Lettie Vantol Cert Ed ITEC MMCHF RRef Dip Founder Member & Chairperson CHF and BCH is the Principal of the Vantol College of Crystal Therapy, founded in 1992 by Lettie and which continues to grow and flourish. Lettie initiated her Crystal healing studies in France, Holland and has a natural affinity with Crystals. She is also a qualified practitioner, and has taught and practised Aromatherapy, Reflexology, and several other therapies, but crystals are her first love.

The Vantol college is based in Egham, Surrey and many students attend from overseas The two year Crystal Therapy Diploma Course consists of two years and covers 16 weekends spread over two years. Introductory weekends for newcomers to crystal healing are also available. For information, please contact the college on Tel: 01932 423696;

Lettie is the author of the book Crystals Strong and Beautiful which is available from and as well as direct from the Vantol College. Lettie may be contacted directly via

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