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Lettie Vantol Cert Ed ITEC MMCHF RRef Dip Founder Member & Chairperson CHF and BCH is the Principal of the Vantol College of Crystal Therapy, founded in 1992 by Lettie and which continues to grow and flourish. Lettie initiated her Crystal healing studies in France, Holland and has a natural affinity with Crystals. She is also a qualified practitioner, and has taught and practised Aromatherapy, Reflexology, and several other therapies, but crystals are her first love.

The Vantol college is based in Egham, Surrey and many students attend from overseas The two year Crystal Therapy Diploma Course consists of two years and covers 16 weekends spread over two years. Introductory weekends for newcomers to crystal healing are also available. For information, please contact the college on Tel: 01932 423696;  info@vantolcollege.co.uk 

Lettie is the author of the book Crystals Strong and Beautiful which is available from www.Amazon.co.uk and www.amazon.com as well as direct from the Vantol College. Lettie may be contacted directly via lettievantol@yahoo.co.uk

Articles by Lettie Vantol

  1. Crystal Therapy: From Myth to Medicine

    Listed in crystal healing

    The revival of Crystal Therapy in recent years demonstrates a new frontier in complementary healing, but the use of crystals and minerals is not new.

  2. Case Study 147 The Power of Crystal Therapy

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    This column focuses on the power and positive effects of crystals used for healing. The author presents the case of a 59-year old woman with lower back pain. Despite being on the m...

  3. Crystal Therapy: Black Tourmaline - King Of Crystals

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    The author, discusses the case of IT Technician Adrian, who had been suffering for over 5 years from chronic headaches and migraine-like pain. He had been overworking; the computer...

  4. Violane - The Hidden Healer

    Listed in crystal healing

    The crystal kingdom is so vast, and although hundreds of books have been published, including pictures, chemical compositions, origin, etc., it is doubtful that all known crystals h...

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