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The Element of Harmony

by Nat and Tony Bondar

listed in crystal healing

[Image: The Element of Harmony]

The information supplied in this book goes beyond the superficial.  It stands out from  the average book on crystals in the market place in that it covers a great diversity of subjects, each in minute detail. Since it has been written from a technical point of view, this book should have a particular appeal to crystal lovers blessed with a scientific mind. Rather than an easy read, it could be considered a study manual on the subject of crystal healing and, I hasten to add, it is not for the faint hearted! The vast amount of subjects in this book is covered in great depth and detail; from both an energetic and technical point of view. 

Many of the chapters have novel and interesting approaches to accepted crystal understanding which are presented from an unusual point of view. This book is not for the novice, but rather for the intellectual who wants a mental and scientific explanation on a subject, which to date has been viewed by many as an esoteric healing therapy.

A lot of space in this book is dedicated to the explanation of energy, as perceived by the authors. Details of crystalline structure are discussed on many levels, defining the synergy of  human and crystal energy. This subject is presented from an extraordinary perspective. The ‘Structure of  Psychic Energy’ and ‘Qualities of Uncharged Psychic Energy’ are explored on different energetic Levels. Also discussed are such advanced concepts as ‘Cruciform Structures’ which consist of Vitality Systems, Thought Forms, Weather patterns and the energies of instinct and impulse. This particular information may appeal to the crystal therapist with an interest in this in-depth scientific approach.

Being a book about crystals, it is logical that many pages are dedicated to exploring and explaining the energy of  true Quartz crystals, as well as  the energetic effects created by their different shapes. Information is also supplied on the evolutionary subdivisions of what the authors describe as the Quartz Group.

Of particular interest is the chapter on chakras. The interaction between Quartz crystals and the human chakra system is explored in great detail on an energetic level.  An interesting quote from this particular chapter is:” …beliefs held by those who think they know about chakras are for the most part inaccurate and at best incomplete…” Presumably, the authors would like to share their understanding of this complicated system with their readers, which makes for interesting reading. 

There are many fascinating and original drawings throughout this book; attempting to visually clarify how energy radiates from specific crystals. These graphs are quite extraordinary and worthy of a study themselves. Accompanying this book is a card-set with original and often beautifully coloured drawings. Each card depicts a crystal which radiates its individual energies, as perceived by the authors. These cards encourage an intuitive psychic perspective on what would otherwise come across as a very scientific and intellectual theory on the properties and uses of crystals in the healing arena.

The Bondars present many practical means of cleansing crystals and, while agreeing with most, there is one concept I cannot recommend; this is cleansing crystals in salt water. Admittedly this would have been advised 10 to 15 years ago, when crystal healing was considered ‘new’ and awareness of crystal structures not generally known, but this point of view has changed as understanding of crystals has increased. When placing crystals in salt water, this solution will penetrate their tiniest fissures which start an abrasive process. Yes, the crystal will come out clean, but if this particular method of cleansing is repeated, your once beautiful crystal will soon feel rough and pitted and lose its shine.

The reader may not necessarily agree with all the contents of this book. Nevertheless there is no doubting the enthusiasm of the authors in presenting their personal philosophy. The way they perceive crystals in all their energetic splendour and their interaction with individual human energies is unique.

To summarize, this book is likely

to appeal to people who want to study both crystals and the human aura in great depth in all its fascinating, beautiful hues. However, to absorb the vast amount of information supplied, mental stamina is required, but with patience the reader will discover many interesting and novel approaches to the way many
of us view and work with energies and crystals.

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