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Crystal Massage for Health and Healing

by Michael Gienger

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[Image: Crystal Massage for Health and Healing]

Michael Gienger’s name has become synonymous with crystal healing. His book Crystal Power Crystal Healing is one of the most authoritative books on the subject, enjoying a wide appeal to both amateurs and professionals. It is appreciated by those of us simply interested and indeed, is used as a textbook in many colleges. It covers scientific, as well as some spiritual aspects of crystals in healing and represents a valuable study aid.

Gienger’s new book Crystal Massage for Health and Healing has just been launched in an English version. In common with his well-known Crystal Power Crystal Healing, this book also is beautifully presented and very readable. Here, Gienger has taken a further step by introducing crystals for massage. From a therapist’s point of view, it was pleasing to see that he has included some practical and helpful aspects, such as the therapist’s approach and mutual protection.

Massage with crystals is not new and it is being taught in some advanced crystal healing courses. In addition to the healing aspect, it adds a further ‘feel good’ dimension, providing a deeply relaxing and nurturing experience. Where Gienger differs from the norm is in the very large range of crystals used for that purpose. The experience of working with crystalline energies has made us, at the Vantol College of Crystal Therapy, very aware that crystals are enormously powerful tools to be used with caution, and although Gienger’s knowledge of crystals and his experience as a healer is in no doubt, I would have some reservations about some of the crystals being used in this book for massage purposes, particularly in the hands of untrained persons. It is essential that crystals should be used with knowledge. This point of view is shared by the Crystal and Healing Federation.

And then there is the hygienic aspect. Although a crystal back massage with the gentle Angelite is taught in the advanced crystal courses in the Vantol College, it is never applied directly to the skin, but over natural fabrics. It is doubtful whether a sufficient standard of hygiene could be maintained when using crystals directly on the skin, especially if the stone is in any way porous. Crystals used in this manner would require
more thorough cleansing than those applied indirectly. Gienger advocates cleansing the crystal with soap and water, which may be suitable for the harder (quartz) crystals but would eventually damage softer material. This is why we prefer to massage over a thin T-shirt, bearing in mind that energy travels well through cotton. In this case, the crystals would be cleansed using the more gentle tried and tested methods including an energetic cleanse.

This book gives an interesting new approach to a subject, which hitherto has not been much in the limelight and will provide fascinating reading for professionals and laymen alike. I would, however, seriously recommend readers to undertake, at least, basic formal training before embarking on some of the techniques described in this book.

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