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Crystal - Energetic Qualities for Healing

by Nat and Tony Bondar(more info)

listed in crystal healing, originally published in issue 96 - February 2004

Nat and Tony Bondar began an extraordinary research project into the subject of crystal healing in July 2002. They began to look into the reasons why crystals and stones were supposed to hold therapeutic qualities and exactly how people can use them. What they discovered is likely to generate tremendous changes in any holistic field where crystals are used. There has been much written about crystal healing, but little explaining the underlying association of therapeutic qualities to crystals and stones. Books on the subject may give an account of a mineral and what it can be used for, i.e. it may be good for the heart or blood pressure, but little explaining the reasons why.

Polished Jumblestones
Polished Jumblestones

Background Research

Between themselves, Nat and Tony have spent three decades studying the subtle anatomy of man through many different spiritual and esoteric subjects. Tony has worked in the mineral market for over fifteen years and Nat is naturally, acutely clairvoyant and sees the energetic reality of everything at will. She has fine-tuned her inner vision for fourteen years and through deep study and detailed energetic examination, has achieved many new conclusions about fifty-eight different minerals. These conclusions do not always match the beliefs that many folk already have about crystals and stones.

Traditional Crystal Healing Ideas

Many beliefs are clearly based on the physical appearance, the colour, or the chemical element composition of the minerals. For example, many folk associate the stone Tigers Eye with qualities that help one to have courage in the face of problems in life. It is also supposed to help one to see clearly through life's obstacles and aid physical eye disorders. These qualities are clearly only as a result of the name of the stone; it does indeed look like the eye of a tiger, but to associate these 'tiger-like' qualities just because of its appearance has no foundation.

Another example is Moonstone – a variety of orthoclase mineral that, when polished, has chatoyant optical property that allows light to show as a crescent in the stone. That is why it is called Moonstone. It is supposed to help people develop sensitivity and intuition and overcome emotional problems, qualities that are supposed to be from the Moon. These are again qualities that are being attributed to a stone simply because of a name, yet under detailed energetic examination and scrutiny, different attributes are revealed.

All minerals have a different subtle energy. This energy exists in and around the crystal or stone. Let us call this 'mineral energy'. Consider two different minerals, Garnet and Citrine for example. Both have mineral energy, yet both have very different types of this mineral energy – the difference being in the strength and frequency of vibration.


Whilst most people nowadays might have a basic idea of what chakras are, they may not know a lot about them. In traditional crystal healing knowledge, crystals are associated to chakras by their colour. The theory then extends to the idea that by adding a blue coloured mineral to the throat area, the throat chakra becomes 'balanced' and this therefore relieves the physical ailment associated to the throat. For example, many folk will associate Turquoise to the throat chakra because they assume that the throat chakra is energetically a blue colour. Nat and Tony's research, however, has led them to a different perspective entirely. They have concluded that each chakra has a different level of energetic vibration and that it is the different strength of vibration of mineral energy that associates the mineral to the chakra. Through the association of mineral to chakra by a similar mineral energy vibration, one can then decide which areas of the body and which organs it can help to balance energetically. This often contradicts the traditional ideas. For example, Citrine has vibrations similar to the those of the sacral chakra. It is ideal for balancing problems with the pancreas and the stomach. Moonstone has a mineral energy vibration that is similar to the vibrations of the heart chakra and therefore it is ideal for harmonizing problems with heart muscles for example.

There is no foundation for ascribing an energetic quality to a crystal simply because it has a particular appearance, colour or name. Energy only works with energy; it is not the physical mineral but its natural mineral energy that is the key. For example, take an Amethyst crystal being used to clear a headache. It is not the case that the Amethyst is making any physical changes at all to the physical head of the person – it does not work that way. The actual way in which it does work is quite simple, as we will now describe.

Seven Groups of Minerals

Nat and Tony realized that all minerals can be divided into seven energetic groups. They have named these groups as:

  • Attractors;
  • Reflectors;
  • Breakers;
  • Balancers;
  • Transformers;
  • Capacitors;
  • Energizers.

Each of these groups of minerals has similar, fundamental energetic qualities. Each different group of minerals acts in different ways to energies around them. We can take advantage of these properties and utilize them for healing.

Amethyst belongs to the transformer group, and therefore its major quality is to transform other energies that surround it. When it is placed near the head of our patient who is suffering with a headache, it begins to react to the different energetic reality it is now in. If you consider that all illnesses and aches and pains of the physical body have their origin in inner, subtle levels of reality, the headache has to start its process energetically on an inner reality. It is from these inner levels that tension, stress and anxiety initiate and then by various energetic processes through less and less subtle matter, we perceive the final, outer signal, the headache. The Amethyst will react to any strong energy around it. It will absorb mixed, discordant and chaotic subtle energies into its energetic structure, and after going through complex energetic management it will emit them out ag ain in a balanced form. It acts much like a sponge absorbing water, but unlike the sponge, it will not retain the water. In this fashion, it takes away the so called 'negative energy' before it can express itself in the physical matter of the body. The headache begins to dissipate because it loses its fuel. This explains why Amethyst can help a person suffering from a headache.

Various Energetic Healing Methods

Different crystals and stones are associated to different chakras. That is one avenue for healing. Each mineral belongs to one of the seven 'basic energy groups' and by engaging with the principle energetic function of that group, healing action can be achieved as described above.

Another method is the simple technique of healing with crystals by using elixirs or essences. These are made by placing a crystal or stone into water for a period of time and then drinking the water. By placing crystals into water and observing the energetic reaction, Nat developed factual conclusions. For example, she looked at the subtle energetic reality of the Rose Quartz. It had a light pink energy field surrounding it. She then placed it into a bowl of ordinary fresh water and watched what actually happened on an energetic level. Instantly the stone was surrounded with a thin layer of blue energy (that of the water), but after 20 seconds, there was a burst of the Rose Quartz field and it increased to three times the size it was before; the same pink but with a blue perimeter. The field now extended beyond the bowl. On leaving the stone submerged for 12 hours and then removing it, the water seemed to maintain the 'charge' of the pink Rose Quartz energy. It did so for a further 36 hours before the water lost all trace of the charge of the mineral energy. This experiment led to others and more details were recorded and conclusions made. It is a fact that an elixir cannot hold the charge of a mineral energy forever – it will only last so long. Therefore, to get the best effect, it is better to make your own and avoid buying ready made ones.

The most powerful method of using any crystal for healing is that which involves the use of thought-forms. Thought-forms are little understood by most people. They are a type of controlled thought energy. By utilizing specially created thought-forms with minerals, vast changes can happen, but it is a very specialized field and few crystal healers consciously understand the process.

The Rough or the Smooth?

In every crystal shop, both the polished and the unpolished minerals are usually available, but what is the difference when using them for healing? When people want to take advantage of the real energetic qualities of minerals, it is always better to choose unpolished minerals. Not all minerals lose their ability to function energetically when polished, but many do. Through detailed and careful observation, Nat concluded that different minerals react differently to the polishing process. Some suffer irreparable energetic damage while others suffer no long-term effects at all.

Every mineral has different energetic structures in and around it. Where a mineral is polished, vital energetic channels that take in the outside, i.e. environmental energies, can become blocked or damaged. When this happens, either too much energy or insufficient energy comes in. It can also be the reverse – too much escapes or not enough can leave the structures. Either way it can severely affect the functioning of the energetic structure of the mineral. If a mineral cannot cope with the change, it ceases to function the way it should do and as a result it can become ineffective for healing. As an example, you might read about Amethyst and decide that it is the crystal you want. If you buy the polished Amethyst you will have a crystal that can only function at 20% of its previous energy. You may not even notice the effect you desired.

Nature Versus Man

It is possible to walk along a beach and find a mineral such as agate that has been naturally smoothed and polished by the action of the sea and its energetic functioning will be perfectly fine. Compare this to the agate from an industrial polishing machine that renders the mineral virtually useless. Why is it? The secret is time. Man polishes stones in a matter of days to a few weeks. Nature can take tens of years to do the same. Generally the mineral can adjust to changes in its energetic channels only gradually over a very long period of time. If the process is accelerated it cannot cope. If a mineral energy cannot move, it cannot work.

Cleansing Crystals

A real 'hot potato' is the issue of cleansing minerals and stones after purchase. When one cleanses a crystal, a process is undergone by which any negative energy is theoretically removed from it – particularly the energies of any person who may have handled it before. It seems a rational concept. However, many folk mistakenly believe that putting their crystal into salt water will 'do the job'. Our energetic research shows that this is not quite correct. If you really want to cleanse any crystal, firstly, do not use salt water. It is a sodium chloride solution and it can have a chemical effect on some minerals, it can even dissolve some crystals! All you need to do is hold your crystal in one hand and place the other hand over it. Then visualize 'white light' going through the crystal from the one hand to the other. As you do this, mentally concentrate on purifying the energies of the crystal. Virtually any mineral or crystal can be cleansed in this fashion within 10 to 20 seconds. If you really want to be sure and have confidence that it is absolutely cleansed, put it on or near an Amethyst cluster for an hour or so. The Amethyst will absorb any discordant energy from the crystal. It is as easy as that.

Case Studies

The Sleepless Baby

The distraught mother of an eighteen-month old child came to Nat and Tony and asked what crystal could help her child sleep at night. Her baby boy was keeping her up all night and regularly didn't seem to sleep at all! The darkest variety of Uruguayan Amethyst as a small cluster was recommended. The mother was to put the crystal in his cot as close to the child's head as possible, yet under sufficient bedding to prevent him from touching it. After two weeks the woman returned to the shop and confirmed with delight that her son was sleeping right through the night and so was she. In this case the Amethyst was absorbing the stressful energies the child was producing and thus it helping the child to relax. For sleep problems and any stress, anxiety or nervous fatigue, Amethyst is by far the most commonly recommended mineral.

Lack of Assertiveness

A very timid girl who had a psychological problem around not being able to stand up for herself and always being controlled by the will of others, asked for our help. She was always frustrated that she could never speak out and did not have the inner strength to say what she wanted to. She felt she became a victim of the will of other people all the time. In this case the mineral recommended was Black Tourmaline. The girl was to take it everywhere she went and always to be aware that it was with her. She was to allow her inner strength to rebuild itself through the help of the black crystal. After just one week, the girl returned to buy more! She said that she just seemed to wake up one day after holding the crystal at night and felt as though she suddenly had the power to say 'no'. As a result she made big changes in her circle of friends and became a far happier person. In this case, the mineral energy of Black Tourmaline stimulated the base chakra and encouraged the development of assertiveness and personal willpower. It is a profound mineral for protecting one from the imposition of the will of another.

Further Information

The energetic research of Mineral energies is now available as the book The Element of Harmony written and published by Nat and Tony Bondar. It is available only from them. For further details they can be contacted at The Crystal Devas, 70 Douglas Street, Cork, Ireland or on Tel: 00353 214322086


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    Clear quartz sphere,2more small cqcrystal and a super big very clear q crystal, malachite egg, aventurine sphere,rose quartz scattered throughout, citrine, tiger eye. I have them all together on a bed of sea salt... My intention is for clearer mind and loving heart etc. They feel fine but Im curious what you will say.
    I wish you had some reviews of your book... Or perhaps an index available ?
    Looking forward to you response.
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    Hi, I live in South Africa and would like to purchase your book Element of Harmony.

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