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Crystal Skulls - Focus for Light, Healing and Consciousness

by Kathleen Murray(more info)

listed in crystal healing, originally published in issue 158 - May 2009

The first crystal skull came into my life in 1996; I had been given one in meditation in December 1995 while I was seeking more joy into my life. I didn't think too much about the 'gift', as after the series of meditations dedicated to Finding the Lost Treasures of Joy, I felt my biggest gift – Joy in my heart.

The author with a crystal skull

Mahasamatman, as the skull called himself, or Sammie as he/she is now known, is quite a character. Life went into the fast track, a couple of months after the skull arrived I went out to Brazil to see if I could find out more about his story. He said he wasn't carved but dropped into an energy vortex up in Amazonia, near Peru. This was not the first time I had crystals tell me this story. A wonderful sphere which became the main communicator for my earth healing team of spheres also told me this story. There were native people who knew that crystals manifest in the energy vortex, and they took them down river in boats to trade for goods. The arrangement suited everybody.

I had been able to hear the skull clearly since it arrived, and it told me it wanted to stay in Scotland to help with the Earth Healing projects I had been given by my guides and the devic kingdoms. I guess I was glad of the help.


While out in Brazil, in a cave I 'saw' a team of etheric skulls around my one – in total a team of thirteen. Months later I was asked to channel the energies from the etheric skulls which belonged to different stellar vibrations. I was very resistant, went through a car crash, began a deep journey of healing, and over many months in 1997 was attuned to these vibrations – civilizations from the stars which have seeded humanity- helped by the master Hilarion along with my own guides. The images which accompany the book I wrote The Divine Spark of Creation are to help people attune to their own stellar selves, as we all have a heritage from the stars.

The Divine Spark of Creation

There is an old North American legend about 13 ancient human sized crystal skulls with movable jaws that are said to speak or sing. These skulls are said to contain important information about the purpose, origins and destiny of humanity, answering some of the questions about the great mysteries of life and the universe. The legend has been handed down by generations of Native Americans over thousands of years, with variations in several Native American tribes. The Mayas and Aztec descendants of Central America, Pueblo and Navajo Indians and Cherokee and Seneca Indians from north east America also hold variants of this legend.

There are many ancient skulls all around the world, found in many civilizations; going back to pre-history there are stories of crystal skulls in Atlantis. They have been found in Mexico, South America, North America, Tibet, China and Mongolia. The skull image is now being carved by contemporary carvers in Mexico, Brazil, China and Germany. Skulls are commonly for sale in crystal shops now. It wasn't the case 10 years ago, it wasn't the case 5 years ago; why are they here now?

"Indigenous people all over the world have long believed that quartz crystal can provide an access point in to this spiritual dimension. Like my own teachers, and shamans or 'dreamers' the world over, some people are able to use the crystal skulls to transit the different dimensions, to go from the physical world into the non-physical world and find answers or make changes or perform healings which can affect us back in our ordinary physical world."[1]

These are the words of Jamie Sams who is well known for her production of Medicine Cards (the discovery of power through the ways of animals). She is also author of the Sacred Path cards, Dancing the Dream, and the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers, a book which refers to the 13 crystal skulls.

There are many myths about 13 crystal skulls and the Mayans originally had 13; but many others were left with other indigenous peoples around the world. According to the original teaching passed down through the Council of Quiche Mayan Elders, Don Alejandro who is the high priest and head 'day-keeper' or 'wisdom keeper' says there were originally 52 skulls in various sacred  centres around the world, including many with other Native American tribes, some even in Tibet and with the aborigines of Australia.

"But for the council of elders, we see how the skulls are the mothers and fathers of science; they are the first messengers of love and peace in the whole of the world. Everything you want to know about astronomy can be understood through those skulls, and every other type of study which can be understood- archaeology, anthropology and environmental science..."[2]

"The skulls will only transmit knowledge if that knowledge is to be used for the good of Mother Earth and not for your personal gain..."[3]

"And so the Council of Elders is now meeting, guided by the prophecies and by the wisdom of the skulls, because now is the time to awaken the world." [4]

Hunbatz Men is a Mayan elder who in recent years, has been calling skull guardians from all over the world to come together for the good of humankind, "The Crystal skulls teach us to expand our consciousness, to become more aware of what is around us. When your awareness increases, your sense of yourself and of other people grows. Your sense of your own relationship with other people grows too. You start to see the interconnections between you and this helps you to develop your compassion... The skulls help us to see that each living being has a spirit within them, and that is a reflection of the Great Spirit which is within all." [5]

Leon Secatero is a chief, or a spiritual leader as he prefers to be called, to a small band of Navajo Indians on the Canoncito reservation. It has not been the tradition for tribal elders to speak of the skulls, but the Navajo elders had spoken of a time when the people of the Earth would all learn to speak the same language. Then the grandchildren of the white people would come and ask the Native Americans to share their knowledge and wisdom, and show them how together they could save the Earth from destruction. So now Elders like Leon are speaking out about the skulls. The Navajo have always been a fiercely independent people, nomadic people. When the Spanish first arrived in the area, the Canoncito were known to them as the 'skull people'.
"The skulls are like a map of our human potential...they contain the set of original instructions for the whole of humanity, they set our limitations, they define what we are  and what we are about to become...We, like the crystal skulls, were once created in the mind of these beings from another dimension. The crystal skulls are what they used as a template to bring us into our physical and material form. And so we are all invisibly linked to this original act of creation, whether we like it or not."[6]

"Every human being has a connection with the crystal skulls, for the unheard sound of creation also vibrates from the crystal skull to your own skull and it is already in your thoughts."[7]

Crystals that choose to become skulls have a journey to interact with humans, on healing the very human conditions that cause our disease and pain. They are here to help us expand our awareness. At first we have to face our own mortality before we are going to be comfortable with sitting with a crystal skull. They hold the energy of Eternity within their presence. Can we do the same? They reflect back the beauty we hold inside ourselves, and often it is the power of our beauty, light and clarity which most intimidates us. Crystal skulls help us shift through illusions of self.

Crystal Skulls may always contain an enigma. We may never find that we fully realize their purpose. In the 13 years since I have had a crystal skull in my life, I have witnessed healing in many situations. Even in Brazil, where I didn't speak the same language, and local village people from the mountains who knew nothing about the supposed powers of the skulls told me through an interpreter they received healing from holding Mahasamatman, my first crystal skull.

A Crystal Skull

In 2000 I was given Kalif, a large contemporary carved smokey skull with celestial crystals growing inside, who has given me the information to introduce a healing system from Lemuria, called Crystal Keys. In 2001 I was offered an ancient jade skull which was found in a tomb in Mongolia. Jade, as I imaginatively called her, has sigils which are symbols from the unconscious carved on top of her skull, and a hieroglyph at the back of her skull. She is hollow, large and one of a few jade skulls and a couple of skeletons found together (yes I said skeletons!).

a skull

In March 2004 a double jade skull with shaman's masks carved on their third eyes, which I call the Twins, was offered to me. The twins are gorgeous, small – thank goodness, as I travel to do workshops with my skulls and the collection is growing fast.

I work with sound and light with my skulls. I have a Light Labyrinth and music visualizer, which is a piece of sophisticated light technology to visualize sound. I can place crystals or the skulls on the Light labyrinth which is like a light box with a motherboard inside. It has a computer programme which changes light forms, creating an environment which will synchronize your brain waves into the alpha state, a state of great relaxation, healing and inspiration. It is designed to take you into the thresholds of light, Liminal Light.

I really enjoy the consciousness changing work I do with people in workshops or individual sessions, calling together people who are ready, or willing to stand up and be counted, as healers or peace makers, light workers or shining beacons for others to follow.

Together we make the difference. Together we can hold the visions of Love and Peace for humanity, to pave the way for the healing of all conflict, internal and external in our worlds. As we heal and love ourselves, opening to the Divine within everything, we will hold the vibrations that can change not only this world, now but all worlds, healing the past, becoming whole and wise within the Oneness of All Consciousness.


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About Kathleen Murray

Kathleen Murray has always been a seeker, musician, artist and journeyer. The psychic abilities that she was born with flourished when she began working with crystals and in particular crystal skulls. She is the author of The Divine Spark of Creation, the Crystal Skull Speaks. Galactic Publications, Huntly ISBN 1-902711-00-9 and Boxed Set of book and cards ISBN 1-902711-05-X 1998.

Kathleen is the Director of the Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing, in Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland where she runs 2 year part- time Diploma courses for Crystal and Gem Therapy; Colour Therapy and Advanced Vibrational Medicine. She is a presenter at International Conferences and has given workshops and Earth Healing Ceremonies in many countries. Kathleen may be contacted on Tel: 01464 861 584;

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