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Are Chakras Changing Colour?

by Sarah Williams(more info)

listed in crystal healing, originally published in issue 262 - May 2020


I know that a couple of people are saying that our chakras are changing colours.. I am guided to address this after lots of meditating in the subject.

I don’t feel this that the lower chakras can change colour yet whilst we are still moving through from 3d to 5d . ... this will change once we fully vibrate in 5d ( 5th density) as we won’t need to ground using the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras in the same way.

I have meditated many times on this .. it doesn’t resonate.. yes I see them evolving into spheres rather than simple cones (divided into 49 chambers 7x7 aka Joshua David Stones info prior to his ascension ).

I look up and within and I see the rainbows in our skies and light through the reflection of crystal friends that has expanded since 28/9/15 when the galactic central suns light came into alignment with our local suns light .... yes ... but there is still a basis of the basic red, orange yellow/gold green .. ( now also pink and green) turquoise ( thymic/higher heart) blue, indigo and violet.. now expanding into ultra violet with infra-red below the red.

We are simply expressions of light .. in carbon bodies ( transitioning into silica/ diamond / crystalline luminous bodies. We now acknowledge higher chakras and lower in the form of Gaia gate ( rose gold/ gold/silver/platinum) through ti stellar gate( gold/magenta) .. with causal( unity consciousness), star child( soul group /monad), soul star( Akash/soul journey) blending lightly down to the body at crown chakra ..


Chakra Map


Some say that the third eye is now magenta but those who say this are not acknowledging the existence of 2 other head chakras vital for this part of the human evolution and may have seen it as this, blending it, the soma chakra vibrates on the widows peak hairline/ upper forehead ( an ancient chakra which vibrates in ultra violet /magenta/ purest white )and also the occipital chakra, ascension chakra at the back of the neck where the skull attaches to the spine (cervical 1&2) relating to eyes and vision physically .. seeing the big picture / eagle emotional and shamanically) vibrating on emerald green ( also referred to as Alta major/ jade gate/ zeal/ well of dreams).

In my meditations I get that when we have fully shifted into 5th density then there will be a big change, but not yet .. we still need to use the grounding chakras of base, sacral and solar plexus. I am reminded that the base chakra (red) is all about the blood ligaments, teeth,tendons and bones ( structure) which we are still processing during the evolution of from carbon to silica ( crystalline) bodies.

Base chakra also represents earth element and is connected to kundalini, karmic patterns and the first 7 years of life. Especially the ages of 0-2 . We revisit those programmes as we reach the ages of 49-56 years, when we have faced all fears and released all karma and we fully integrate into 5th dimension, the full shift, then these lower 3 basic chakras will blend which will then mean a change of colours can occur.

You must go within and see how you feel personally.

I have investigated and questioned my guides deeply in this subject as I have a deep need to express truth from the highest Source light, our home, as I continue to serve humanity and spirit, during the biggest shift our bodies have ever known .. we are unique and wonderful souls encased in amazing vehicles transmitting a unique journey.

Namaste to you all. Peace and blessings.

Channelled in Feb 2020


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About Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams ITEC MGPP AC regd internationally trained holistic bodywork therapist with her roots in aromatherapy, runs Organic Aromatherapy, a small company based in West Sussex. Sarah qualified with the International Therapists Education Council (ITEC) and  has worked  internationally over the past 15 years, continuing her training. As a member of the Guild for Professional Practitioners (GPP) and registered with the Aromatherapy Consortium (AC), she incorporates many bodywork and  advanced massage techniques, stress relief, healing , acupressure, homeopathy, psychoneuroimmunology (pni), nutrition, reflexology, chakra energy balancing (15 chakra  system), crystal healing and vibrational remedies into each treatment.  

13 years ago, Sarah began to channel the Soul Harmony™ range of Chakra and Organ Balancing Creams, which are now being widely used by individuals and therapists as effective healing tools.

Sarah practises from clinics in Hampshire and West Sussex, where she teaches Raise your Vibration™ courses twice a year, also Aromatherapy, advanced Massage, Back Care techniques, Colour Therapy and Chakra Healing. She may be contacted via

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