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Case Study Issue 76: Crystal Healing

by Caroline Lawrie(more info)

listed in crystal healing, originally published in issue 76 - May 2002


My client was a 33-year-old woman 'Wendy' (pseudonym), a primary school teacher, from South Africa but settled in England. She had left South Africa to distance herself from her family following an unhappy childhood, especially due to her abusive brother. Her father was now terminally ill with lung cancer. She presented with pain in her right shoulder and back, bowel spasms/constipation and a sensation of having something stuck in her throat most of the time. These had been investigated medically and had no physical cause. She sought healing to help with these problems and to break the cycle of abusive relationships which she felt stuck in.


Wendy seemed very vulnerable and tense. She held her body stiffly and sat on the very edge of her chair. Her physical symptoms illustrated an inability to express her feelings. We agreed on an initial course of four weekly sessions and I encouraged her to contribute. I showed Wendy how to ground herself more effectively, in order to feel safer, and how to strengthen her energy field, which was wide open (thus attracting and encouraging abusive relationships).

Treatment 1
Her energy was low, and her chakras and energy lines were all blocked. The theme of the session was gentle releasing. I placed her within a pattern of rose quartz and red jasper crystals. Her energy lines were cleared with tones from a Tibetan bowl. I cleared her chakras using a blue lace agate, a gentle and cooling crystal, then channelled in light. A lot of energy was released and Wendy often yawned during the session – a means of ejecting some of the stuck energy from her throat chakra.

Wendy had been aware of energetic changes during the healing. She felt more physically relaxed, especially in her back and could breathe more deeply. She asked many questions about crystals and took home a red carnelian to work with.

I felt that with crystal healing she would be able to release a lot more stored tension in a non-traumatic way, without having to discuss the details with me, which she had previously found difficult in counselling.

Treatment 2
Wendy was energetically lighter, and facially and physically more relaxed and open. The night of her last healing she had remembered an incident from South Africa, where she had been assaulted by a male friend, and had cried for a long time, finally releasing those stored feelings. She needed to feel more protected on all levels and was keen to take an active part.

There was an energy blockage around her right shoulder and her spine at the level of the solar plexus chakra. I cleared these using an amethyst cluster and clear quartz crystals. Black tourmaline was used to absorb the waste energy. I then placed her in a square of copper crystals and led her through a visualization to strengthen her link with the earth and reinforce her aura.

Afterwards she felt more earthed and solid and was determined to try the visualization at home.

Treatment 3
Wendy had been doing the grounding exercises and also drumming, which she found both earthing and energizing. The shoulder pain had resolved, her back was less stiff and she noticed a reduction in the bowel problems. Many old memories had presented during the week but had not upset her; she let them wash over her or discussed them with friends.

Her chakras were low in energy. I was guided to do a full chakra healing, using crystals of the quartz family, to energize her system. I set out the crystals and linked them energetically with her chakras. The crystal energy joined to enclose Wendy within seven spheres, which had a protective feel, and seven pyramids, which raised her vibration. Afterwards I helped her to re-ground by stroking over her etheric body and holding her feet onto the floor.

Wendy described the energy as being wrapped in a blanket, very powerful but safe. She had been aware of an angelic presence and had brought back a feeling of animated joy. She took away a few more crystals to meditate with and I showed her how to link with their energies.

Treatment 4
Wendy had decided to go back to South Africa for a visit, as her father was very ill. She was most concerned about seeing her brother, as she felt a lot of anger towards him and asked if we could work with her feelings.

Wendy was energetically stronger and more protected. Her throat chakra was cleared with a blue kyanite crystal. I then placed aquamarine crystals on her throat, heart and sacral chakras and led her through a visualization, where she was able to talk with her brother. This method is very effective when clients are not able to talk with a person in 'real' life. I finished the session by channelling the vibration of white tulips into her energy field and grounding her thoroughly.

Wendy had felt relaxed during the session, although some painful memories had resurfaced. 'Speaking' with her brother had helped her to feel more in control, as though he could no longer hurt her. The flower energy had been very relaxing and calming, even though she could not describe the sensation.


Wendy told me a few months later that healing had made a very positive change in her life. Her father had died while she was visiting and she had used her crystals and visualization techniques to help with her feelings at that time. She felt less vulnerable and more in control of her life.


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Caroline Lawrie is qualified in reflexology, spiritual and crystal healing, vortex healing, stress management and practises in Hastings. She also teaches workshops to introduce crystal healing, space clearing and aura protection. She can be contacted via


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