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Energy of Life - Our Healing Process

by Angela Newnham(more info)

listed in crystal healing, originally published in issue 18 - March 1997

What we are going to talk about today is the Energy of Life and how we can all take charge of our own energy and healing process, by clearing away all the luggage we carry along the way with us which weighs us down; so we can not be in total charge of our own energy and be who we truly are, and live our truth from the one heart of unconditional love.

Have you ever thought of why you have always felt like a round peg in a square hole, rattling around not feeling as if you belong or feel right, you have difficulty getting into the corners, the goldfish bowl feeling of always looking in and not knowing why? Asking yourself questions why? Do not feel alone because there are lots of people out there, feeling just the same, lost and most of them living in fear, and still wondering 'Why me?'. Searching for the answers can be a long, arduous journey, because you are living in the dark. Now is the time to turn on the light and see and understand where you are going, and why.

We carry all this extra luggage from the past. We learn there is no right or wrong, only a learning process, and through the journey we each take we can clean up our act by letting go of all the things no longer required, the rubbish that hinders us and blocks our way. As you gradually release with understanding of why, and gradually move into the one heart, of living from unconditional love; the whole of life becomes clearer as you live in pure balance, as all your energies on all levels become a pure harmonic note. You find you fit the square, you have filled the edges and corners and you find the peace with the understanding of your own truth; which gives the feeling of fitting into the world connecting to the Earth and universe as a whole, as against a fragment with rough edges.

You must always realise when you choose to follow this path, you will always be in the right place at the right time for you to learn along the way; all the lessons chosen and why, and what you have to learn. We have found that people following this way realise their own truth and as they begin to live from a point of one heart and unconditional love for all, these people can become who they truly are and stand up for their truth, whatever their sex and gender. It enables them to stand up in the world and say "This is who and what I am". One of the hardest things for many people to do is to learn to forgive, not only others but hardest of all is themselves. Once you have been through the process of living from one heart, it brings this forgiveness of all, which is the major lesson to be learned.

We have found that the process we use is always unique, tailor-made for everyone, as we are all unique.

Crystals, sound and colour, as well as essences are matched to bring the pure harmonic note of each colour and sound together, to bring the balance and signature note of everyone to enable them to heal and clear all past luggage and codings no longer required in this life anymore; to bring clarity of everything to them. Each person can choose which route they go and at what speed, there is no hurry because they will all get there in their own time. We facilitate the energy of unconditional love and hold the space, so that the people feel safe and they can work in a harmonic way, to clear away the luggage and rubbish held within them and their own auric field.

All elements can be brought together i.e. Crystals, Colour, Sound and Essences because each holds a note, a signature; so when you bring each note of colour, crystal, sound and essence together to enhance one note, one really can clear away the rubbish held in the auric field, to bring back the balance and harmonic note of the body so it is all once again in tune. The way these processes work is like that of the musician tuning a harp, it all has to be correct or it is off key. The same applies to the body. From the day we are conceived we feel the vibrations of this Earth through our mothers, so this is how we can pick up patterns of energy as we evolve before we are born physically into the world. So all your mother's patterns go back to when she was the same, and we end up with in-built fears "Oh, I am just like my Mum". Also going to the father, the closeness of him gives a vibration before birth, because of the consummation and building of life together to bring the physical into the world.

Once we are born, often that journey into the physical can also leave its mark on you. Then we are brought up with different people's vibrations, as well as the Earth's vibration around us. All these different vibrations mould us into beings, with this is right, this is wrong, you should be afraid of this, you should be afraid of that etc. You must remember everything is a vibration of energy, the old vibration that has been passed down from generation to generation is now breaking down, often with lots of adverse conflict and confusion, all of what we thought was safe and secure has now been lost or changed. Lots of people are now fumbling in the dark trying to hold on to what was, not realising life is a process of continual learning. You, like lots of other people, say we live in exciting times of change, that is all right if you like change and can understand why. The fun once you have come into the light of understanding and not minding change, can be of fitting into the square hole properly. Through the different processes you follow you should slowly lose all these fears. Fear is man-made, and what people expect out of life, it can change through just knowing it is really all a process to learn by.

The way this can all be achieved is to surrender yourself to unconditional love, and ask to find your own truth and healing path, which will lead you to your own destiny. So again we say through all the one-to-one sessions, different types of workshops, through meditations, mandala's dance, and through matching the signature of the note to bring perfect balance and harmony to each and every person. The understanding of all facets of life is knowing that to let go is to have everything, that joy and pain are the same and not to be afraid of, and living in the now and leaving the past behind; living each moment as a precious gift, and not worrying about the future. Life is a beautiful experience, if only you leave the luggage behind you, and live from the one heart of unconditional love.


If reading this has provoked any questions or pressed any buttons so you would like to find out more please contact Angela Newnham MICCH (01582) 453342.


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About Angela Newnham

Angela Newnham MICCH, a natural healer, went on to train in spiritual healing; and then studied to qualify as a crystal healer under the direction of internationally known Stefanie Collins, at the International College of Crystal Healers. Angela is also a trained teacher in esoteric matters, having also studied the source of all energies which has given birth to this unique way of healing structure, balancing the total whole of being on Earth. She teaches all kinds of workshops using Crystals, Sound, Colour and Nature, as each person is drawn to what they need.

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