About Angela Newnham

Angela Newnham MICCH, a natural healer, went on to train in spiritual healing; and then studied to qualify as a crystal healer under the direction of internationally known Stefanie Collins, at the International College of Crystal Healers. Angela is also a trained teacher in esoteric matters, having also studied the source of all energies which has given birth to this unique way of healing structure, balancing the total whole of being on Earth. She teaches all kinds of workshops using Crystals, Sound, Colour and Nature, as each person is drawn to what they need.

Articles by Angela Newnham

  1. Energy of Life - Our Healing Process

    Listed in crystal healing

    What we are going to talk about today is the Energy of Life and how we can all take charge of our own energy and healing process, by clearing away all the luggage we carry along the...

Book reviews by Angela Newnham

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