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The Crystal Wisdom Kit

by Stephanie Harrison and Barbara Kleiner

listed in crystal healing

[Image: The Crystal Wisdom Kit]

Having been asked to review this Crystal Wisdom Kit, the first impression is of the amount of work that has gone into it.

An informative, well written and illustrated book, with easy step by step instructions in every chapter.

The way each crystal that comes with the kit is explained, so simply, along with clear instructions of use. Inspiring you to carry on, to cast the crystals on to the wheels in turn.

There are three wheels that come with the kit:- (with such detail I wish they had been laminated, so they would last longer).

The Life Wheel, the details of the symbols and pictures have had a great lot of thought put into them, each meaning, something very positive, along with the books in-depth explanation of each section is clear and positive, a joy to follow!

The Insight Wheel, is bold, precise with straight statements, and again an in depth explanation on how to use this wheel.

The Healing Wheel, with all its different symbols and pictures, which are very positive, impressive and captivating with calmness. Once again a very in-depth explanation of every symbol and picture, along with step by step instructions. It doesn't only bring the healing you need, but I found it brought a greater understanding to me!

Throughout the book you are given illustrations of sample charts to look at, as well as hints on how to read them. I found this very useful and helpful; as well as being told how the wheels work in great depth.

This Crystal Wisdom Kit is not something you would use just once and disregard, like lots of things on the market. It is something you can use on a regular basis to help you through life. I found that each time I used the Crystal Wisdom Kit, it was healing, constructive and definitive, each time is unique, never the same, it's not a game, its for real, because I can feel the difference within me.

The Crystal Wisdom Kit is one of the best tools, I have come across for self help and healing, because of its clarity and clear instructions and the way it has been designed to work on the whole of you in all ways!

About the Authors

Stephanie Harrison is the founder and Principal of the International College of Crystal Healing. She is a fully accredited gemmologist, holds a Certificate of Education and was actively involved in setting the UK National Training Standards for crystal therapists.

Barbara Kleiner formally trained as a photographer, Barbara's photographs have been exhibited at the Royal Geographic Society. She co-facilitates tarot courses, crystal healing workshops and spiritual development classes.

For further information regarding Crystal Practitioner training courses, please see the International College of Crystal Healing advert in the Classified section, under 'Crystals', page 75.

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