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Harnessing Crystal Energy

by Jane Hudson(more info)

listed in crystal healing, originally published in issue 97 - March 2004

"The crystal is a natural object whose inner structure exhibits a state of perfection and balance… Like a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent, highly concentrated form, and this energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will… When a person becomes emotionally distressed, a weakness forms in his subtle energy body and disease may soon follow. With a crystal, however, a healer can, like a surgeon cutting away a tumour, release negative patterns (thought forms) in the energy body, allowing the physical body to return to a state of wholeness".
(Marcel Vogel, 27 years Senior Scientist with IBM)

Since ancient times, crystals and minerals have been known for their healing properties as well as their beauty and valuable contribution to science and industry. Ancient cultures in the Middle East, Asia, the Americas and Australia used crystals widely to treat the organs and systems of the body, the spirit and the mind. They were used for protection, relaxation, courage, healing and to access spiritual wisdom. In Europe in the Middle Ages, it was common to use beryl to detoxify and strengthen the eyes, carnelian to calm anger and staunch the blood, and malachite to ease the birthing process. Considering that we are crystalline in nature – our bones reducing to calcium, our blood to iron, our lymph and fatty tissue to silica, etc – it follows that our own bodily energy corresponds closely with that of the crystal kingdom. With a crust made up almost entirely of minerals, the Earth itself is crystalline. The crystals we use vibrate in harmony with the Earth, as in fact, we would, were it not for our ability to think and feel in distorted and unbalanced ways. It is this vital fact, together with the influence of colour, structure, form and mineral content, unique to each individual gem, which makes crystals such effective healers.

Carnelian, Jet and Lapis Lazuli

Carnelian, Jet and Lapis Lazuli

Opal, Diamond and Green Garnet (Almandine)

Opal, Diamond and Green Garnet (Almandine)

Yellow Beryl, Chrysocolla and Malachite
Yellow Beryl, Chrysocolla and Malachite

Holistic Health Potential for Crystals

Crystals have made an invaluable contribution to modern science, technology and industry. The highly ordered structure of atoms in all crystals, irrespective of an individual gem's actual geometry, colour and mineral combination, mean all are able to reflect, transform, transmute, balance, direct, amplify, clear, shape, store, soften and focus energies. Telling the time, painting the house, watching cement dry, answering the phone or undergoing laser surgery, are just some of the daily tasks that would be rendered impossible without crystals. Lasers allow us to focus and transmit energy, computers contain silicon chips that store huge amounts of information, and the ability of quartz to vibrate at a precise, resonant frequency when electricity is applied makes it an invaluable component of many clocks and watches. This vibratory precision, combined with an ability to absorb, transduce and amplify electricity, has ensured the place, and reliability, of crystals in radar technology, ultrasound, record players, television and radio. Crystals have allowed us to communicate over vast distances, and when taken orally, can settle stomachs (magnesium) and treat manic depression (lithium).

The consistent, harmonious resonance of crystals contrasts significantly with that of us as emotional and egotistical human beings. Susceptible to instability through the absorption of negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions, stressful situations and radiation from electronic and electrical items, we are far less stable in nature. Physics dictates that when two resonating bodies come into contact with each other, the body resonating at a more unstable vibration will be raised to that of the more stable one. What we are, in effect, doing when we bring ourselves into contact with a crystal is allowing our body to raise its vibration to that of the crystal, thereby aligning ourselves to the vibration of the Earth. Ironically, the Earth itself is undergoing tremendous vibrational changes as it moves into the 21st Century and it is not surprising that many people are becoming ill as they try to keep aligned to its changing frequency. In this respect crystals have an even more vital role to play in aiding us in our adaptation to these changing conditions.

Crystal Therapy – How It Works

Crystal therapy works on the premise that the cause of illness is to be found within the electromagnetic field or aura surrounding each of us, rather than from within our actual physical bodies. Our whole mental, emotional and spiritual makeup is held in layers within our aura, and for us to remain healthy, energy must be able to flow freely through each level. Negative thought forms and emotions, pollution, radiation and stress will block this flow of energy, and if these blockages are not cleared, dis-ease will manifest in our bodies. By working on the aura, crystals work directly at the cause of dis-ease, pinpointing damaging thoughts and influences in our electromagnetic field of mind and emotions before physical symptoms get the chance to manifest. Energy is transmitted in and around the body through energy vortexes located in each layer of the aura , and if one of these vortexes becomes blocked, a specific glandular system and organs within the body will be affected.

A typical crystal treatment will begin with the therapist using clear quartz to locate and clear blockages at the mental and emotional level of the aura, focusing on these main energy vortexes (or chakras) through which energy moves into the physical. The main constituent of quartz, silica, is present in large quantities within the human body, and this is, therefore, a crystal with which human beings have a particular affinity. A therapist will also work on the chakras of the physical body, after clearing blockages on limbs and organs.

Once a blockage is located, diagnosis becomes much more straightforward. Depending upon the chakra and auric level in which the blockage was discovered, an experienced therapist will be able to ascertain the nature of the original thought form or influence causing the dis-ease. He or she will be able to see these blockages in terms of problems surrounding money, home and employment, families and relationships, self-love and self-esteem, communication, wisdom and insight, or in our connection to Divinity. Where physical symptoms have already manifested, these are acknowledged for just what they are, signposts that it is time for a change of attitude. Once the real issue has become clear, and attention drawn to things previously unseen, resources and resolve within an individual can be strengthened and stimulated. It is then that true self-healing can occur.

Following the clearing of blockages, specific combinations of crystals can be used to energize the body, alleviate manifest symptoms, balance the emotions and open the mind. Personally, I have intuitively and intellectually used beautiful and diverse groupings of crystals to both treat the symptoms, and tackle the 'real' cause, of irritable bowel syndrome, ME, painful or irregular menstruation, colds and flu, tinnitus, kidney infections, circulatory problems and blood sugar disorders. Particular stones have proven themselves able to unblock ears, reduce anger, alleviate muscular pain and boost the immune system.

The main objective of any crystal treatment is to restore the flow of healthy energy within and around the body, and clever use of crystal points (terminators) during treatment will help encourage the process. The therapist will ensure all energies working within and around a patient are at an equilibrium before removing placed crystals, and they will make sure the patient is grounded and their aura protected before completing the treatment. The result will be a patient whose mind, body and spirit are strengthened and balanced, and one increasingly able to access those aforementioned reserves and resources with which he or she can take control of the healing process.

How Crystal Formation Influences its Potential Healing Properties

The way a crystal is formed directly influences its potential for healing. A volcanic eruption, or magma rising and cooling close to the Earth's surface, will cause the formation of a wide variety of igneous rock crystals. Vulcanites, such as basalt and fire opal, will be formed within erupted magma where cooling is rapid and only tiny crystals have the chance to form. Plutonites, also magmatic, form in conditions of extreme heat and pressure far deeper within the Earth; colourful translucent crystals such as aventurine, peridot and rose quartz are the result. Gases penetrating rock crevices allow the slow formation of lepidolite, topaz and tourmaline. Deeper still, steam condenses to allow the formation of moonstone and fluorite. Slowest-forming and most beautiful of all, huge crystals of amethyst, agate, chalcedony and rock crystal grow where condensed water has managed to seep into naturally insulated rock crevices.

Magmatic crystals are generally the first to be chosen for healing, growth and the alleviation of the symptoms of dis-ease. Igneous formation symbolizes movement from 'potential' to form through the action of pressure, heat, space and time. This has been likened to a new born human being developing amidst space, time, energy and possibilities, into who they are or could become. It is suggested that using these crystals for meditative and healing purposes will not change a person's inherent tendencies, but help to develop and unfold their potential at a speed commensurate with the speed for growth of the crystal itself.

Sedimentary rocks, on the other hand, form as a result of erosion upon the Earth's surface. Glacial expansion on mountain tops, or wind and rain on lower slopes, cause the production of gravel. This is washed down into river valleys, the action of the water polishing the gravel and causing minerals to be dissolved into it. The minerals are deposited in lakes, deltas and meander further downstream, where they build up and form sedimentary rocks such as calcite, selenite, pyrite and dolomite. The environment plays the major part in shaping and reforming these rocks, just as it plays a huge part in human development. Working with these secondary minerals reflects this process. They allow us to recognize negative belief systems shaping our lives, and enable the restoration of harmony as they help us to dissolve and release such damaging thoughts.

Garnet, jade and lapis lazuli are crystals formed from rock which has quite literally transformed its shape and appearance. This is the third and final means of rock formation. Deep within the Earth, at a pressure hotter than magma itself, a metamorphic transformation produces rocks, which we can use to test aspects of our lives to realize our strength and durability. Jobs, relationships and situations that are no longer of value or use will change as we set the foundations for our own metamorphosis with the encouragement of these rocks, enabling us to let go.

Irrespective of the way in which a crystal is formed, it will find its atoms joined in groups of tightly ordered crystal lattices. These lattices join together into one of seven different crystal systems, each contributing to a crystal's unique qualities. A cubic crystal system deals with order. Diamonds, pyrite and garnet are examples of cubic crystals. Tetragonal and orthorhombic systems also contain the quadrilateral shape and deal with order; the former relates to what is seen as order by others but is, in fact, spontaneously created, whilst the latter relates to order punctuated with moments of upheaval and 'breakout'. Hexagonal crystals (such as aquamarine and emerald) are useful in defining our goals and successes, whilst trigonal crystal systems (ie tourmaline and amethyst) help us to focus on simplicity. Monoclinic crystals deal with instability (ie selenite and malachite), the parallelogram, upon which its form is structured, symbolically tipping to one side. The trapezium, upon which a triclinic system is based (ie, turquoise and amazonite), has strong foundations, but experiences weakness when tipped on its head in order to fit into a pattern. The seventh system, containing the amorphous crystals obsidian, moldavite, amber and opal, encourages versatility and the ability to live in the 'now'.

The Contribution of Mineral Content and Colour

An understanding of the relationship between rock formation and the potential uses of individual crystals for physical and emotional well-being, is just one part of a complex jigsaw puzzle. Each crystal has a unique chemical makeup, which will have a direct bearing on its healing properties as well as its appearance. Aluminium creates the blue in crystals and is said to develop clarity and strength, to supply energy and to relieve tiredness in an individual. Copper-containing green crystals help expel uric acid in muscles, thereby alleviating rheumatism. Iron, present in red or brown crystals, draws out pain and fortifies and stimulates the circulation. Magnesium (off-white) settles the tummy, manganese (pink or mauve) calms and relaxes the nervous system, and silica (as previously mentioned, the main constituent of quartz, and seen in all translucent crystals) strengthens the nerves and balances the body. In fact, every trace element present in a crystal's mineral makeup adds in some way to its healing effects.

Anyone who has tried to power-dress in a red suit or attempted to create an atmosphere of calm by wearing a blue uniform, will have experienced the energetic effects of colour. Pink treatment rooms have worked wonders on violent offenders, and an orange room sets the scene for a great party! A crystal's colour is a manifestation of the vibration of a particular colour ray. Red has the slowest vibration, the densest and most opaque of colours; it stimulates energy, vitality, heat, action and warmth. Orange – warm, sociable and caring – balances the emotions and activates the digestive system. Yellow is associated with the intellect and learning, joy and efficiency. Green bridges the gap between the warm and the cool colours of the spectrum; it soothes, balances and calms, and is associated with the heart and unconditional acceptance. Blue is the colour of wisdom, truth and integrity; it inspires clarity, creativity and the ability to speak one's truth. Indigo is the colour associated with the right hemisphere of the brain, stimulating intuition and imagination. Violet represents transformation and spiritual awareness. The darker and more dense a colour, the more earthy it is. The lighter, pastel shades are of a higher vibration – softer, more gentle and uplifting. I should mention here that denser, opaque crystals are closer to Earth, and have the power to absorb and contain energies, whilst the more brilliant and sparkling translucent crystals stimulate a sense of lightness, liberating the spirit. Clear minerals reflect all the colours of the spectrum and symbolize purity, clarity and wholeness. Their purpose is to support and enhance what is already present.

To be healthy is to be whole, and without unification of the mind, body and spirit, a person will fall ill. Ancient medical practitioners understood this, and in today's society, as people acknowledge the failure of many allopathic forms of medicine to get beyond the symptoms of dis-ease, more and more people are turning to holistic forms of therapy. Symptoms of dis-ease are experienced for a reason, a signal that something is wrong. Crystals can allow an experienced therapist to locate the 'real' cause of the problem whilst treating the symptoms, thereby ensuring the symptoms do not return. It is only at the causal level that true healing can be brought about, and through clearing, energizing, balancing and strengthening mind, body and emotions, crystals can effectively rise to this challenge, at the same time raising the vibration of the whole body to a level of greater stability; one closer to, and in harmony with, that of the Earth.


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Further Information

Readers can order The Illustrated Guide to Crystals for the special price of £9.99 (rrp 11.99 with free p&p). For credit card orders please call 01903 828503. Cheques should be made payable to Hamlyn and sent to LBS, PO Box 4264, Durrington, Worthing, West Sussex BN13 3TG. Please quote reference HAM 347 when ordering.

Hall J. The Illlustrated Guide to Crystals. Godsfield Press. 2000.


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