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Scrying - Using Crystals for Guidance and Well-Being

by Judy Hall(more info)

listed in crystal healing, originally published in issue 191 - February 2012


Scrying is the art of using crystals for guidance and well-being. Like crystal healing, scrying is not a New Age fad. As with crystal healing, I've tracked scrying back 5000 years in written history but it goes back many more thousands in practice as the pouches of stones, polished crystal mirrors and spheres that were buried with their owners in prehistory attest. To those who are sensitive, holding these artefacts can reveal the distant past but oral tradition tells us that they were used to ascertain and to influence the future. Many crystals were intrinsically linked to the planets and the zodiac and were part of a complex system of forecasting what was to come and petitioning favour from the gods.[i]

Crystal Skull image by Jeni Campbell

Crystal Skull image by Jeni Campbell

Many different crystals have been turned to for guidance in the past. In ancient Greece, for instance, Axinomancers placed a piece of agate or jet onto a red hot axe to ascertain the guilty party in a crime - the crystal jumped to point at the person. In the sixth century BCE the Ratnapariksa of Buddhabhatta set out the virtues of stones, many of which have remained unchanged since that time. Diamond then, as now, indicated faithful love. In the more recent past, Doctor Dee scryed with a crystal ball to advise Queen Elizabeth I on State policy - one of his Smoky Quartz spheres is preserved in the British Museum.

Agate Slice

Agate was placed on a red hot axe and jumped to point to the guilty party

 Acknowledgement Citation


What Scrying can do for You

Scrying can reveal what is to come and the possible outcome of choices you make. It cannot tell you exactly what your future will be because you create that in every moment. But it can point to what would be most beneficial for your future well-being. If you are crystal gazing, the accuracy of the vision depends on the skill of the seer, but with a little practice you can soon master this art. It's worth trying several scrying methods to see which suits you best. If you're at a crossroads it can show you the outcome of potential pathways. The future is not fixed and unyielding; it is being created in every moment by your thoughts, beliefs, actions and emotions. Crystals can help you to remain positive and focused on what you wish to manifest.

If the answer to a definite question is sought, divining gems or crystal cards may be more effective than using a crystal ball as you can get a yes or no answer plus timing and guidance. If you seek greater insight combining several stones together on a scrying board gives you the bigger picture (see below).

Practical Crystal Scrying Tips

  • First clear your mind - if you have a hidden agenda, fears and doubts, or an answer you really really want, you'll contaminate the scrying. Calm, objective focus means you'll get clear guidance;
  • Carefully formulate your question. Keep it simple. Get to the essence - you may need to ask yourself 'what lies behind this?' Keep asking until you have refined the question to its core;
  • Cleanse your crystals. If you're using tumbled stones or a crystal ball, run them under the tap or place them in natural running water (use a mesh bag for small crystals). A few minutes in the sun replenishes the energy. Layered or fragile crystals need to be put in brown rice overnight.
  • Alternatively, I use Petaltone Clear2Light followed by Crystal Recharge ( ) or Crystal Cleanser spray from the Crystal Balance company ( ). One drop or a quick spray and it's done.
  • Choosing crystals. Put some Clear2Light or other crystal cleanser on your hands when you go into a shop to choose your crystals so that the crystal is cleared before you try it. Hold the crystal, wait a moment while your mind settles and then feel the energies through your hands. The crystal will soon tell you whether it's the crystal for you;
  • Tumbled stones When selecting tumbled stones plunge your hand into the tub, the ones that stick to your fingers are for you;
  • Harmonizing with your crystal Hold your crystal in your hands, breathe gently and allow your energies to come into harmony with that of the stone. You'll feel calm, peaceful and focused;
  • Ask your crystals to work with you. Remember that crystals are living beings that want to cooperate with you so all you need to do is ask. But you might need to remind them that you need clear, unambiguous answers and a timescale;
  • Try several crystals, especially if you're using a crystal ball, until you know exactly what feels right to you - everyone has their own vibration with which certain crystals resonate so it makes sense to use one that harmonizes with you;
  • Keep your divining crystals in a bag. It's best to keep the crystals you are going to use for scrying just for that purpose. Whether it's a set of tumble stones or a crystal ball, if they're in a bag or wrapped in a scarf then they're always ready for use;
  • Keep an open mind! Scrying is notoriously subtle and things are not always what they seem.

Don't jump to conclusions too quickly. Hindsight is the most accurate tool of all, so keep a note of your 'misinterpretations' and consider how they occurred. There is no such thing as a mistake, only a learning experience.

Crystal Balls

When purchasing a crystal ball, do so when you are in a relaxed and receptive mood.  Handle several balls - cleanse them first or you'll pick up the vibrations of everyone who has handled them (put some crystal cleanser on your hands).  Feel how heavy they are, how comfortable you are with them.  Look into them and decide whether you prefer a perfectly plain sphere or one that has angles, planes and inclusion within which may help you to see images.  You will probably find yourself drawn to one crystal ball in particular your eyes and hands will keep coming back to it.  This is the ball for you.

Crystal Ball

A crystal ball with inclusions helps you to see pictures within it.


Seeing True

A clergyman and president of a psychical research society, Andrew Lang recorded the following story at the start of the 20th century: "I had given a glass ball to a young lady, Miss Baillie, who had scarcely any success with it. She lent it to Miss Leslie, who saw a large, square, old-fashioned, red sofa, covered with muslin (which she afterward found in the next country-house she visited). Miss Baillie's brother laughed at these experiments but took the ball into his study, and came back looking 'gey gash'. He admitted that he had seen a vision - somebody he knew, under a lamp. He said he would discover during the week whether he saw right or not. This was at 5.30 on a Sunday afternoon. On Tuesday Mr Baillie was at a dance in a town 40 miles from his house, and met a Miss Preston. “On Sunday,” he said, “about half-past five, you were sitting under a standard lamp, in a dress I never saw you wear, a blue blouse with lace over the shoulders, pouring out tea for a man in blue serge, whose back was towards me, so that I only saw the tip of his moustache.” “Why, the blinds must have been up,” said Miss Preston. “I was at Dulby.”

Crystal Gazing

When you gaze into a crystal ball you focus your intuition. Your rational mind no longer operates. Have the light source off to one side so that you can see into the crystal. Some people like to use candlelight. When you are in a relaxed state, hold the ball for a few moments to attune it to your vibrations.  Frame your question and consider possible solutions without giving them too much attention.  Place the crystal ball on a black silk or velvet cloth. Gaze at it with gently focused eyes. The crystal ball often appears to mist over. Within the mist, images form. Don't force them, let them arise naturally. Watch for pictures appearing either in the crystal or in your mind's eye. The meanings can be positive or negative. Keep a note of what you see, even if it seems to be meaningless. If you persevere, you will understand. Notice the feelings you have, thoughts that come into your head, insights that emerge about your life.  The crystal can work on a very subtle level to guide you into a more fulfilled future.

Traditional Gazing Symbols













Positive Interpretation

Good luck

New growth



Good luck

Trustworthy friends


A message

Well being

Settling down


Negative Interpretation

Bad luck





Deceitful friends



Financial problems


















Choose a variety of tumblestones to give your answer.



A handful of tumbled crystals can be used for crystal divination. Select your tumblestones from the chart of traditional meanings or the countries to which the stones are connected. Semi-precious stones work just as well as precious gems. A Peridot doubles for an Emerald, for instance, and a clear Quartz for a Diamond.

The simplest way to work crystallomany is to put the crystals into a bag, shake them gently, ask your question, and take out the first two or three that your fingers touch.  This will give you your answer. Or, you can spill them onto a board, see Crystal Divination. That gives you the 'what' answer to your question. But you can also use 'timing stones' for the 'when' reply as crystals are associated with days of the week and months of the year. And, as crystals are traditionally linked with countries, they can give you the 'where' too. Before you look up the meaning, however, take time to gently focus on the crystal and see if the answer emerges spontaneously as this helps you to develop your own intuitive understanding

Traditional Crystal Meanings

Agate:  worldly success, a journey

Black Agate:  courage and prosperity

Red Agate:  health and longevity

Amber: a voyage

Amethyst: life changes and shifts in consciousness

Aquamarine: new friends

Aventurine: growth and expansion

Bloodstone: distressing news is on the way

Blue Lace Agate: healing is needed

Cats Eye: beware treachery

Chalcedony: friends reunited.

Chrysoberyl: A time of need.

Chrysolite: exercise caution.

Coral: recovery from illness.

Diamond/Quartz: permanence, love, victory over enemies

Emerald/Peridot: much to look forward to

Garnet: the solution of a mystery.

Hematite: new opportunities

Jade: immortality and perfection

Jasper: earthly affairs are successful, love returned

Lapis Lazuli: divine favour

Milky/Snow Quartz: profound changes occur

Moonstone: watch out for self-deception or illusions

Moss Agate: an unsuccessful journey.

Onyx: a happy marriage.

Opal: great possessions.

Quartz: clarify issues, speak out

Rose Quartz: love and self-healing

Ruby/Garnet: power and passion, unexpected guests

Sapphire: truth and chastity, escape from danger

Snowflake Obsidian: end of challenging time

Tigers Eye: all is not as it seems

Topaz: No harm shall befall.

Tourmaline: an accident.

Turquoise: prosperity, new job

Unakite: compromise and integration are needed


Gems for Days of the Week

Sunday:  Ruby

Monday: Moonstone

Tuesday: Coral

Wednesday: Emerald

Thursday: Cats Eye

Friday: Diamond (Quartz)

Saturday: Sapphire


Gems for Months of the Year

January: Garnet

February: Amethyst

March: Bloodstone

April: Diamond (Quartz)

May: Emerald

June: Agate

July: Carnelian

August: Sardonyx

September: Sapphire

October: Aquamarine

November: Topaz

December: Turquoise


Crystals and Countries or US States

Agate: Kentucky, Maryland, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New York, South Dakota, Tennessee, Oregon, Denmark, Panama

Ajoite: South Africa, Arkansas

Amber: France, Sicily and Romania

Amethyst: South Carolina, Uruguay

Aragonite: Spain

Beryl: New Hampshire

Carnelian: Norway and Sweden

Celestite: Pennsylvania

Danburite: Connecticut

Diamond: South Africa, England and the Netherlands

Emerald: North Carolina, Peru and Spain

Flint: Ohio

Garnet: former Czechoslovakia, Alaska

Almandine Garnet: Connecticut

Star Garnet: Idaho

Grossular Garnet: Vermont

Granite: New Hampshire, North and South Carolina, Wisconsin and Vermont

Hematite: Alabama

Herkimer Diamond: Herkimer County, USA

Jade: New Zealand, China, Turkestan, Alaska and Wyoming

Labradorite: Oregon

Lapis Lazuli: Egypt, Bolivia, Chile and Bokhara

Moonstone: Florida

Morganite (Pink Beryl): Madagascar

Obsidian: Mexico

Opal: Nevada, New South Wales, Hungary

Peridot: Hawaii, Egypt

Petrified Wood: Alberta, Mississippi and Washington

Quartz: Arkansas, Iowa and Georgia, Switzerland

Rhodochrosite: Colorado, Peru.

Rhodonite: Massachusetts, Russia

Rose Quartz: South Dakota, South Africa

Ruby: Thailand and Myanmar

Sapphire: Montana, United States

Serpentine: California and Rhode Island

Smoky Quartz: New Hampshire, Scotland

Sunstone: Oregon

Topaz Blue: Topaz is a state stone of Texas and yellow of Utah

Tourmaline: Maine, New England, Brazil

Turquoise: Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Turkey and Iran


Crystal Divination

Yes Future outcome No
What's standing in the way Present situation What will assist
Wrong timing Past influences Reframe question

Divination Square

A divination square works rather like a Tarot reading to give you a fuller picture as you can ascertain what's standing in the way, the past influences that will affect the outcome and which may need to be transformed, and what will assist you. Throwing tumbled crystals onto a scrying board is a time-honoured way of finding guidance. A stone landing in a specific area gives you your answer (see Traditional Crystal Meaning chart). Several stones landing on one square need to be synthesized to get a truer picture - there may be conflicting influences. If your stones land on 'wrong timing' or 'reframe question' then you may need to look at whether you are asking the right question or trying to push things too fast in a certain direction. Be as open minded as possible when seeking crystal guidance and leave room for serendipitous synchronicity to flow into your life.

Books by Judy Hall exploring crystal divination:

The Crystal Users Handbook Godsfield Press Alresford ISBN 1-84181-159-9 2002.

The Illustrated Guide to Crystals Godsfield Press Alresford  ISBN 1-84181-006-1 2000.

101 Power Crystals  Fair Winds Press/Quarto Publishing ISBN 978-1-59233-490-2 2011.

The Crystal Bibles Vols. 1 and 2 Godsfield Press Alresford and London ISBN 1-84181-175-0 2003 and ISBN 978-1-84181-350-9 2009.

The Crystal Experience Godsfield Press London  ISBN 978-1-84181-382-0 2010.

Good Vibrations Flying Horse Press Bournemouth. 2010.

Crystal Prosperity 

Further Information and Resources

Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls are easily available and can be used for spiritual guidance. Choose a skull that speaks to you immediately, the one to which your eye is instantly attracted. Once it's yours and has been cleansed, you can either gaze into its eyes or put your hands lightly over the skull. Breathe gently, half close your eyes, harmonize with the skull, and wait for the message to pop into your mind.

Crystal Card Packs

Crystal card packs are a useful way to ask questions if you don't have crystals to hand. The Crystal Ally pack by Naisha Ahsian (Heaven & Earth Publishing) is designed so that you can divine current or future life issues and follow a path of spiritual growth.  The cards also teach the properties of crystals.  Each card has an affirmation to change a pattern or integrate your expanded knowledge. Messages from Mother Earth by Jacqueline Winters help you connect to the energies of the mineral kingdom and develop your own intuition. Each card has a divinatory message to assist you in navigating your life.


You can buy crystal scrying packs, spheres and other crystals specially charged up for you by Judy Hall or signed copies of her books from  Tumbles stones and crystals spheres are also available from . Crystal clearing and recharging essences are available from  and


i. Hall, Judy. “The stone horoscope: evidence of continuity of ancient esoteric tradition and practice. Are an authentic astrological practice and archaic ideological narratives concatenating sky and stones embedded in The Greek Alexander Romance?”  MA dissertation available on 


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