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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 158

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 158 - May 2009

5th Spiritual Awakening Festival: Athens – Delphi

August 1st – 6th 2009

5th Spiritual Awakening Festival: Athens – Delphi

The Spiritual Awakening Festival was started in 2005, in Greece, by Paschalis Kazakopoulos, founder of the Angels House University, This sacred assembly is a gathering of people of good will who work for the light, uniting their energies for the evolution of the planet. The spiritual festival was designed in order to assist humanity to the maximum during the ascension process.

There are six days of celebrations,  workshops, presentations and other activities, designed to activate the participants to their highest potential. This year we are called as never before to bring together people from different soul families in order to weave all together the new energies. Through this event you will experience the purity of the light and you will embody all the qualities you need for this period of ascension. The weaving of the energies and the information that will flow in your consciousness, will allow you to expand your perception of yourself and the divine, embracing all your being in love.

The Speakers of the 5th Festival

World renowned speakers for their service and contribution to the spiritual field will embrace the 5th Festival. We will broaden our horizons and work for the uplifting of humanity in a greater field of love and light.


Celia Fenn, Kathleen Murray, Paschalis Kazakopoulos, Edwin Courtenay, Frixos Christodoulou, Kevin Core, Christine Core, Rosemary Stephenson, Paola Sani, Clive Boucher, Irene Llewellyn, Joga Dass, Alicia U Seidel

Further Information
To book, please get in touch via   

The Healing Toolbox


The Healing Toolbox

The Healing Toolbox has been established to promote Training in Polarity Therapy,

Polarity Therapy is a wonderfully simple, gentle, yet powerful 'hands on' therapy which relieves the pain caused by energy congestion and harmonizes energy flow. We place the hands on two places on the body and experience the flow of energy. At the same time we feel the tissues relax and observe profound changes in the client. The resulting feeling of well-being has to be experienced to be believed.

Polarity Therapy uses different degrees of touch: auric, light, moving and deep. As a result, many body-work therapies, e.g. Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Cranio-sacral Therapy and Spiritual Healing, find that their way of working is extended and integrated within the unifying framework of Polarity Therapy.

Our Training also includes many ways of dealing with the emotional releases which may occur during therapy and also provides an environment within which students are supported in their own personal growth.

Further Information
Please contact: The Healing Toolbox on Tel: 01483 799998; Mob: 0708 631448; Fax: 0871 242 6185; . Also view the article featured in Positive Health Issue 158:

UK Tour: Tibetan Lama His Eminence the 7th Dzogchen Rinpoche

H.E. the 7th Dzogchen Rinpoche teaching monks & students
H.E. the 7th Dzogchen Rinpoche teaching monks & students

Shenpen UK is delighted to announce the 2009 teaching tour of His Eminence the 7th Dzogchen Rinpoche, Jigme Losel Wangpo.

Renowned as the principle authority on the Dzogchen teachings, the highest of Tibetan Buddhism, His Eminence is one of the foremost teachers alive today continuing four centuries of unbroken lineage.

His Eminence will be holding public talks, weekend teachings and retreats during June/July in the UK.
Public talks: London (June 24). Norwich (June 25), Birmingham (June 26)
Empowerment: Birmingham (June 27)
Dzogchen retreat: Cotswolds (June 28 – July 2)
His Eminence was recognised by His Holiness Dodrupchen Rinpoche as the Dzogchen lineage holder and has re-established Dzogchen Monastery in south India, as one of the most influential institutes in the Tibetan tradition.

His Eminence has dedicated his life to social welfare projects. In 1995 he founded Dzogchen Sri Senha Charitable Society (DSSCS) a charity specialising in healthcare, educational and community infrastructure programmes that benefit the 7000 residents of the Dhondenling Tibetan settlement in south India.

His Eminence was recently honoured by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government in Exile for his outstanding contribution to the welfare of the Tibetan people. His Eminence is the embodiment of the Dzogchen teachings and an example of wisdom and compassion in action.

Further Information
Please contact Gemma Keogh on Tel: 07861222496; or visit

Biobran MGN-3 – Immune System Support

Biobran MGN-3 is a natural immunomodulator used by healthcare and medical professionals worldwide for over fifteen years.

Biobran MGN-3 – Immune System Support

A significant amount of clinical research has accumulated (see , showing Biobran to be invaluable to those with weak, damaged or compromised immune systems, helping to increase NK cell activity, T and B lymphocyte and macrophage activity, as well as safely increasing the production of tumour necrosis factor (TNF), cytokines and interferon, and reducing inflammation in the body. New research also shows that Biobran helps to increase the performance of dendritic cells – antigen-presenting cells that play a key role in anti-tumour immunity.
Biobran, manufactured from rice bran that has been broken down or hydrolysed using enzymes from the shitake mushroom, also modulates immune function with safety, without toxicity or side effects.  These unique combination of benefits to the body and Biobran's safety has made it the gold-standard in immune support for health practitioners and doctors, and for the tens of thousands of people around the world who use it for optimum immune support. Biobran supplementation is also used as an adjunct to conventional treatment programs because of its ability to mitigate some of the harsh side-effects of chemotherapy.
Further Information
Please watch Dr Ali's CAMexpo 2008 Biobran lecture on  To purchase Biobran, please contact The Really Healthy Company  on Tel: 020 8480 1000;  

6-Day Deep Cleanse Program


6-Day Deep Cleanse Program

Would you like to look and feel your best, inside and out, for that Special Occasion- your wedding, preparing/trying to conceive, meeting new people etc.

You can in just 6 special days by doing the CleanseforHealth six-day deep cleansing program which clears out/releases ancient and recent toxic matter from your body but at the same time works deeply with your mental and emotional bodies. 

This process is life-changing and empowering.  The program briefly consists of special @cleansing' drinks alternated with organic vegetables, freshly juiced with herbs and supplements.

Additionally, there is some bodywork every day, three colonics, iridology diagnosis and nutritional advice. 

Further Information
To find out more please contact Araura Berkeley on Tel: 01458 830944;

Vantol College of Crystal Therapy

The Vantol College of Crystal Therapy, found in 1992, offers 2 year professional part time courses in crystal therapy.

Vantol College of Crystal Therapy

Crystal Healing is a holistic therapy where crystals are used as a tool to help create wholeness, balance and health in body, emotions, mind and spirit.
In order to work professionally in this field, it is of utmost importance for crystal therapists to gain a high level of competence and a thorough understanding of the energetic properties of crystals, as well as in-depth knowledge of subtle energies. 

To learn and apply this knowledge in practice takes time and the Vantol College offers this training in a part-time two year course. Training takes place during weekends in Egham, Surrey and also in Newbury, Berkshire. Vantol's courses are accredited by the CHF (Crystal & Healing Federation) and the BCH (British Crystal Healers).

The next courses will take place in the autumn, both in Egham and Newbury

Further Information
Please contact the Vantol College on Tel: 01932-423696;   

The Asian Diet – Simple secrets for eating right, losing weight and being well

by Jason Bussell   
Published by Findhorn Press. June 2009. £7.99. ISBN: 978 1 84409 160 7.

The Asian Diet – Simple secrets for eating right, losing weight and being well

In this era of fad diets, detox programmes, and 'superfoods', this examination of the relationship between diet and lifestyle looks to the Far East and claims that the simple principles to live by are balance and moderation. The diet outlined in this book teaches the daily effects that particular food choices will have-on bodyweight, energy, mood, and the quality and duration of life. All major food groups are covered, with additional sections on dietary supplements, lifestyle, and attitude.

What Makes this Book Special?

The information within The Asian Diet is a compilation of the information Bussell tries to impart to all his patients. It is filled with advice on how to change your diet, lifestyle and attitudes to improve your health, vitality and longevity.

What are the benefits of buying this book?
  • Learn how your food choices affect the functioning of your body and mind
  • Learn how to make proper food choices
  • Learn how to adjust your lifestyle and attitudes to promote health and well-being

About the Author

Jason Bussell has a Master of Science Degree in Oriental Medicine; he is nationally board certified in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, the President of the Illinois Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and is on the Advisory board for curriculum development of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Bussell has published articles in professional journals.

Further Information
Please contact Carol Shaw at Findhorn Press on Tel.:01309-690582; Fax: 0131-777-2711;

The College of Sound Healing

The College of Sound Healing
Sound has been used as a healing force for thousands of years. Today we are beginning to rediscover how important sound and music are for us.

The College of Sound Healing was established to provide the highest quality training for those people who wish to become sound healers. The College of Sound Healing is a non-profit making organization.

The College offers a basic training programme that consists of five weekend workshops over a period of a year and a half. Two additional modules are taken in the following year.

The College takes sound healing into schools and the wider community and promotes scientific research into sound healing and sound therapy.

Further Information
Please contact The College of Sound healing on Tel – 01588 620449;

Obituary Tribute Celia: Ann Zoe Wright 1943-2009

Obituary Tribute Celia: Ann Zoe Wright 1943-2009

Celia was born during World War 2 and was very independent from an early age.

In England, after school, Celia went to University to study Maths. She discovered that Maths was not the beautiful, contemplative study she had imagined, and worked at several jobs before going back to study Psychology, combining this with a business in antiques and a busy life with friends in London.

In 1975 Celia met Brian Wright, and they married in 1976, forming a strong, dynamic and loving couple who spent 34 years working, playing, meditating, and enjoying a very full life together.

By 1979, they had discovered a deep interest in natural health, based on nutrition, and their studies and business instincts led them to begin their first nutrition company, with a new range of good quality supplements, and the first generation of trainings and information.

Celia discovered her talent for writing wonderfully accessible and informative articles, which appeared in leading magazines over the next decade, and drew many readers into an understanding of how they could nurture their own health and energy through nutrition. She also produced The Wright Diet, and several booklets, and gave countless people advice that turned around their health. Meanwhile, they built a small, but perfectly formed business, based on the highest principles of service and quality.

In 1989, they passed the business on, and in 1993, they set up Higher Nature, with similar principles of making the very best products available, together with service to customers, employees, and for the general good.

In October 2008, Celia was discovered to have a benign brain tumour. There was no choice but to have surgery, and she had the operation to remove it in early December. Following successful removal, there were complications which resulted in damage to her frontal lobes. However, Celia was very much herself, and showed a lot of affection.

On the 24th February she had a relatively routine operation. Tragically, she sustained severe neurological damage from which she did not recover.

Celia will be very much missed.

We understand that Celia's death will be a shock and sadness to many of you. She would most like to be remembered in your hearts.

Further Information
Celia's family ask you to forgive any failure to respond to messages and, if you wish, to make a donation to charity in her name, rather than sending anything.
Celia's Favourite Charities
Green Light Trust – working with children and communities to create UK forest environments, rich in wildlife and linked to global rainforest projects.
The Meridian Trust – preserving the Buddhist culture through film and video, particularly where threatened by political oppression.
Cats Protection

If you would like to make a donation in Celia's name, please send a cheque made payable to the charity of your choice to: C Waterhouse and Sons, High Street, Burwash, TN19 7ET.

Why Would You Want to Become a Vegetarian?

Short answer: It has a positive impact on your health, provides financial relief, benefits the environment and is good for the soul!  Kiran Cayote, Raja Yoga meditation teacher for 30 years tells us why she became a vegetarian.

Walnut cake
Walnut Cake

Vegetarianism has a positive impact on your health: Studying holistic health in the late 1970s, I discovered that people who eat meat run a much higher risk of developing cancer, heart disease, dementia and other serious illnesses. However, don't take my word for it. Read Peter Cox's book You Don't Need Meat (Macmillan, 2002), for some easy-to-digest, convincing practical evidence.

It provides relief to your wallet: Many people today become vegetarian for this reason alone. When I became vegetarian I was a single mother on welfare; I simply could not afford to put meat on the table every day. The basic vegetarian diet, like that many of the world's traditional diets, is based on affordable staples such as rice, potatoes and beans. Plant protein from these sources is ounce for ounce cheaper than animal protein.

It benefits the environment: A study at the University of Chicago, together with several UN reports, point to increasing evidence that vegetarianism reduces global-warming and conserves fossil fuels, soil, water and tropical forests.

It is good for the soul: There are spiritual reasons as well as to why I became vegetarian. My holistic health studies led me to study Raja Yoga meditation as taught by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. The Brahma Kumaris (BKs) advocate vegetarianism because their ethos is non-violence and they do not eat anything with potential for life.

Vegetarians tend to be calmer and more centred. I found that to meditate, I needed the added clarity and emotional stability that a vegetarian diet provided. Meditation in turn improved my ability to focus and has deepened my love, peace and wisdom.

Further Information
There is a live cookery show in London – an event especially dedicated to National Vegetarian Week –  for information please visit our website:   Find Vegetarian cookery books at

Raja Yoga Meditation as practised by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is a perfect tool to bring about change in our awareness and attitude.  for more details and information on courses and programmes please Tel: 020 8727 3350 and visit  

Sun of gOd

by Gregory Sams
Discover a universe brimming with intelligence and design that has no need for an intelligent designer.

A remarkable new book to be published on 1st June 2009.

Sun of gOd

Does it really make sense that our 13.7 billion year-old universe waited 13.698 billion years before anything in it developed what we call 'consciousness'? And that experience was restricted to only humans?

Sun of gOd is a radical re-think of our Sun, our universe and what it means to be alive. Using scientific ideas and bringing them to their logical philosophical conclusions, Gregory Sams proposes that our Sun itself is conscious, living and fully aware of its place in the universe. Furthermore, our Sun communicates with other stars, and with us, in ways which mirror our own communities and even the way in which our own brains function.

According to Gregory Sams, 'Creative intelligence is a 'bottom-up' system in which everything, from molecules of water, to neurons in our brain to the Sun itself is working together to gently steer and organise our universe. For humans, the Sun is the centre of our lives, a fact that the ancient Sumerians, Chaldeans, Assyrians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Mayans, Inca, Aztec, Celts and Native Americans all realized, but we do not understand today. For all intents and purposes, the Sun is our God.'

About the author
In 1967, with his brother Craig, Gregory Sams co-founded Seed restaurant, the first natural and organic eatery in the UK which was frequented by his friends John Lennon and Yoko Ono. This was quickly followed by Ceres Grain Store in the Portobello Road, Harmony Magazine and then Whole Earth foods. In 1982, he launched the first VegeBurger and was soon selling over 250,000 burgers each week. In the mid-1980s Gregory dedicated his life to the new scientific ideas of 'chaos theory' and founded Strange Attractions, the world's first ever shop dedicated to chaos theory. His interest in chaos theory led to an interest in consciousness that led to writing this book.

Further Information
Sun of gOd is published by Weiser Books and is available at all good bookshops.
Sun of gOd is published on 4th June 2009 ISBN: 978-1578634545 RRP: £14.99 For more information, please visit:


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    Health Kinesiology

    Health Kinesiology (HK) is a growing complementary Therapy, which has dramatic effects in treating illnesses, allergies, injuries and emotional issues. HK combines ancient Chinese medicine with the modern technique of muscle testing. Using a non-invasive system it accesses the patient's inner wisdom to identify which treatment is needed to restore energy balances in the mind and body.

    In a single session, a HK practitioner may identify allergies, rectify nutritional imbalances, deal with phobias and psychological stresses and start the process of detoxifying the body from heavy metals, vaccinations and drugs etc.

    Conditions that HK can treat include allergies, arthritic pain, diarrhoea, eye problems, headaches, hormonal problems, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, menopause, migraine, mood swings, muscular pain, phobias, PMS, poor memory, scars, poor self-esteem, skin problems and stress.

    Further Information:
    For details of HK practitioners in your area and more information about HK, visit

    Happiness and Success Intelligence

    Success Intelligence and The Happiness Project are presenting a day long seminar with Avril Carson on 25 June 2009 at The Columbia Hotel, 85-99 Lancaster Gate, London W2. This will be an interactive and transformative event where participants will learn about self-awareness and opening up our personal choices. The goal will be to feel more confident in showing up as the best versions of ourselves in our lives. Main themes will include: First Impressions, Non-Verbal Communication, Stress Management, The Power of Language, Influence and Inspirational Speaking.

    Further Information:
    Tel: 0845 430 9236;;

    College of Body Science

    The College of Body Science is running courses in June. Advanced Anatomy as 3 individual days, Backs – Arms – Legs will take place on 3-5 June, Advanced Anatomy of the Back on 3 June, Advanced Anatomy of the Arm 4 June and Advanced Anatomy of the Leg on 5 June.

    A 2-Day A & P Recap Course will take place on 16-17 May in Somerset

    There are still some spaces on the Know Your Nerves Course on 25-27 April and you can sign up for A-Natomy-A-Day emails.

    Further information: Tel: 0845 108 1088; 01934 741113;;

    The Bristol Vegan Fayre

    The 7th Bristol Vegan Fayre is expecting record crowds this year after the success of the 2008 show which saw over 11,000 visitors over 2 days.

    This year the Fayre takes place on 30-31 May and will be an eclectic mix of all things Vegan, with 120 stalls and up to 20 caterers with Vegan food from around the globe. Talks and cookery demonstrations will punctuate the activities and the main stage and acoustic stage will see a variety of musical talents.

    The show starts at 11am each day and runs to 10.30pm on Saturday and 8.30pm on Sunday.

    Further information: go to:;

    Aquarius Flower Remedies

    Aquarius Flower Remedies are running weekend Workshops with Simon France and Heidi Keep on 13-14 June and 27-28 June on Karmic Healing. The workshops combine teachings from the Ancient Wisdom, Astrology and the Moon Flowers to open perception of past lives and the karma that has been carried through to the present incarnation. Topics covered over the weekend include: Using the Moon Flowers as a Door to Access the Past, An Astrological Perspective on Karma, Exploring some of the repertory of the Moon Flowers; Crystal Meditations into the Past, Exploring our Own Karmic Pain, Philosophical chats about the soul, karma and reincarnation and connecting with nature. The workshops will take place in Chudleigh, Devon and will run from 10am to 4pm. Each workshop is restricted to 4 participants.

    Further information: Tel: 01626 854289;

    HPV Screening in Poorest Countries

    Results from an 8-year trial involving more than 130,000 women published in The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) demonstrate that in low-resource settings, a single round of HPV testing, significantly reduces the numbers of advanced cervical cancer and deaths, compared with Pap (cytology) testing or visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA). The trial used QIAGEN's (Nasdaq: QGEN) Frankfurt, Prime Standard: QIA) digene HPV Test, which detects high-risk types of human papillomavirus that cause cervical cancer.

    Following this milestone study, over the next five years QIAGEN, a Dutch company, will donate one million HPV tests, with a total estimated value of over $30 million as part of its broader global access program to provide the highest quality cervical cancer screening technologies to women in developing countries. Nearly 300,000 women die of cervical cancer every year with 80% of deaths occurring in developing countries.

    Further information: visit:

    Fighting Fatigue

    Fighting Fatigue is the first comprehensive book that provides a range of strategies for managing CFS/ME as well as practical exercises that readers can follow and complete. It is the result of Sue Pemberton's clinical knowledge and of Catherine Berry's personal experience of CFS/ME.

    The book doesn't just look at Catherine's story, it looks at many other CFS/ME patients who have benefited from the treatment they received at the Leeds CFS/ME service.

    Each chapter covers a different aspect of CFS/ME management, including: Managing Daily Activity and Energy, Rest, Sleep, Diet, Stress and Relaxation, Thoughts and Feelings, Memory and Concentration, Dealing with Other People, Physical Activity and Exercise, Carers, Relapses and Setbacks.

    Further information: visit:

    Hydrosols New Launch

    Acqua Vita is celebrating the launch of 4 new hydrosols with a sale from 23 April-6 May. The new hydrosols are Turmeric root, Starfruit, Cucumber and Vetiver. The hydrosols are distilled in small batches by Suzanne Catty to her exacting specifications. Months of work have gone into finding the correct plant to hydrosol ratios and distillation parameters of these wonderful new aromatics.
    They are also offering 20% off all regular, in-stock hydrosols while stocks last.

    Further information: Tel:  001 416 405 8855;;

    Hay Fever Relief with the Hay-Band Acupressure Band

    For millions of people, hay fever can be debilitating, affecting exam results, work patterns or just taking children to the park. The Hay-Band Acupressure band puts pressure on the Large Intestine Acupressure point (located at the elbow), which draws negative energy away from the head, helping to clear sinus problems, itchy eyes and other symptoms of hayfever.

    The band comes in one size and fits most adults and teenagers. It must fit snugly to be effective and should not be worn by pregnant women. The Hay-Band is latex free and does not cause drowsiness or create side effects and is available from Healthy House.

    Further information: Tel: 01453 752216;

    Benefits of Hemp

    Hemp was the first plant known to have been domestically cultivated, and the oldest relic of human history is hemp fabric dated to 8000 BC from an area which now forms part of present-day Turkey.

    Creative Nature supply a variety of natural health products and supplements including many hemp based remedies. Their hemp seed products are high in amino acids and also contain oils vital for healthy hair, skin, eyes and mental wellbeing. The Canadian Hemp Protein Powder is full of antioxidants and Omega-3 and is a great source of protein.

    Creative Nature also stock a range of natural supplements including anti-ageing products, herbal teas and energy products.

    Further information:

    Animal Acupressure and Massage

    The National board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage (NBCAAM) has announced new membership categories for every level of practitioner and supporter. All include membership benefits which will help the individual or group to become part of a nationwide effort to improve, standardize, promote and grow the professions of animal Acupressure and massage.

    Practitioners, students and schools of animal massage and Acupressure, as well as suppliers and supporters of these professions who wish to learn more about membership requirements, levels and how to join visit:

    Cosyfeet Socks

    Cosyfeet has launched its own range of Softhold(r) socks that won't constrict circulation or leave unsightly red rings around your ankles.

    Designed to keep feet cool and comfortable, Cotton-rich Softhold(r) socks contain a high proportion of natural cotton and have an underfoot ventilation panel to keep air circulating around the sole. Made in the UK with high quality yarns, these socks have a 2% elastane to ensure they stay up comfortably without pinching or falling down.

    The socks come in a wide range of colours and are available to fit shoe sizes 4 to 15; an extra-roomy version for swollen feet and ankles is also available.

    Further information: Tel: 01458 447275;

    Traditional Chinese Medicine for Tinnitus

    Exposure to sudden, loud music or explosive noises can cause tinnitus, a nerve disorder that involves a consistent ringing sound in a person's ears, which can lead to deafness.

    Tinnitus is linked to nerve and touch sensitivity, and Acupuncture patients with this disorder will have a high response rate to the nerve's natural response to pressure and the disorder's sensitivity to certain points. Stimulating specific points, which are determined based on the patient's unique case, can rebalance the qi (one's life force) and alleviate the source of the problem.

    Further information: Tel: Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

    Individual Kinesiology Treatment

    According to Joyce Couper from the Kinesiology Federation, there is no such thing as a typical Kinesiology session. Each session depends on the client's needs at that time. By treating each client as a unique individual, Kinesiology Federation Registered Professionals are better able to get to the root causes of symptoms. Using a range of checks and techniques, they can guide you to understand what kind of changes would best support your physical, emotional and mental health. Kinesiology is not just for people who are feeling below par; it can help you to perform better at work, sport and in other areas of your life.

    Further information: visit:

    Free Complementary Therapy for Cancer Patients

    Cancer patients have spoken of their delight at a new partnership between the University of Derby and a local hospice giving them free complementary therapy.

    Having completed specialist training, spa managers and assessors at the University of Derby, Buxton, have taught students how to deliver therapies, including massage, manicures, pedicures and spa treatments to cancer patients and carers associated with Blythe House Hospice in Chapel en le Frith.

    Patients from the hospice have already started noticing benefits. The treatments are being offered to help people cope with the effects of their illness and the side effects of their treatments.

    Further information: about the Living Well Services, Blythe House Tel: 01298 815388

    Penny Brohn London Marathon 2010

    Penny Brohn Cancer Care is offering you the chance to run in the Virgin London Marathon 2010 as part of the charity's fundraising team.

    Running 26 miles may seem a daunting task, but supporters from Penny Brohn Cancer Care will be with you every step of the way to provide training advice, insider knowledge and training days at our Centre in Pill, near Bristol. Experts will be available to help you with every aspect of your training for the race, from nutrition to footwear.

    The minimum amount to raise is £1500 and members of the team can offer advice when it comes to raising money for the day.

    Further information: Tel: 01275 370075;

    ME Awareness Week

    ME Awareness Week will be from 10-16 May 2009. ME Awareness Day is on 12 May. Action for ME have a huge bank of case studies available of people who are willing to share their stories so that other sufferers can get in touch and find someone to match their requirements.

    The current issues around ME are: Lack of awareness and understanding about the illness, benefits, The NICE guidelines on ME were recently challenged in the High Court – this challenge was rejected, The DWP's welfare reform is passing through Parliament – this welfare reform does not take into account people with fluctuating conditions such as ME.

    Further information: Tel: 0845 123 2380;;

    Prevention of  Breast Cancer with Mushrooms and Green Tea

    A study conducted by The University of Western Australia and Zhejiang University in China has found that eating mushrooms and drinking green tea could protect against breast cancer.

    Research Associate Professor Min Zhang of UWA's School of Population Health, led the research team who examined the mushroom and tea consumption of more than 2000 women aged from 20-87 in relatively affluent Southeast China. Half the women had confirmed breast cancer and the others were healthy women recruited from outpatient clinics.

    The study found that the combination of dietary intake of mushrooms and green tea-drinking decreased breast cancer risk with an additional reduced effect on cancer malignancy.

    Further information: Tel: +61 8 6488 5563/+61 4 32 637 716;

    UK Posture Problems

    A survey by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has revealed that the nation is in a sedentary lifestyle spiral, fast becoming populated with 'slouch potatoes', with young people being most at risk. There is an alarming incidence of posture problems and back pain around the UK.

    The incidence of bad posture has risen at a staggering rate over the last two years. Over half (56%) of the UK population currently believe they have bad posture compared to 38% in 2007.

    The British Chiropractic Association can provide in-depth national and regional statistics, which reveal the incidence of back pain and causes of bad posture, The research was conducted to coincide with Chiropractic Awareness Week which began 13 April.

    The BCA has devised a simple 3-minute exercise routine called Straighten Up UK. This can be incorporated into our daily lives to help strengthen the spine and improve posture. The exercise routine is available to download from

    Further information: Tel: 118 950 5950;

    Tibetan Herbs for Good Sleep

    Many chemical sleep treatments come with detrimental side effects such as lethargy in waking hours, trouble getting up in the morning and even dependence.

    Herbal and natural treatments for sleep are far less invasive, side effect free and are much safer for long-term use. Dr Zeyzom Bhutti, one of the most senior doctors in Tibetan medicine believes the body responds much better to natural substances. Tibetan herbal treatments are 100% natural which is known to be more beneficial for the overall wellbeing of a person.

    Further information: Tel: 1-781-322-3311;

    Rieker Antistress Shoes

    Rieker are passionate about your feet and have top tips to help them stay healthy. Top tips for maintaining healthy feet is to visit a podiatrist on a yearly basis or at the first sign of problems. Shoes should be comfortable without pinching and rubbing from the outset. They should not need 'breaking in'. Shoes without straps or laces do not support and hold the position of the foot as well as shoes that do, and can make feet prone to blisters. Try to find shoes that have no internal seams as these can irritate toes and joints of the feet. Choose roomy shoes with ventilation to prevent athletes' foot. Trainers should be replaced every 350-450 miles.

    Further information:

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