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  1. Energy Medicine - Achieving Your True Potential

    by Michael O\'Doherty and Tom Griffin

    Many famous names such as Dr Robert Becker, Orthopaedic Surgeon, have conducted research into the bio-electrical properties of the body – the results of which he published in his b...

  2. Energy Medicine Therapy

    by Michael Brooking

    ACMOS, an acronym for the Analysis of the Compatibility of Matter on the Organism and its Synergy, views the human organism as a vast and complex combination of energetic systems.<...

  3. Energy Tuning - An Innovative Approach to Healing

    by Gerdi Altman

    In this article, the author looks at how energy works; what clients should expect from energy practitioners and how complicated a subject it is for the average person to grasp. S...

  4. Futuristic Medicine in the Present?

    by Siân Ölschläger

    Have you ever wished for a crystal ball in order to be able to get a glimpse of what the future holds in store for you? At some time or other most of us have wondered if we will lea...

  5. Gem Lamp Therapy for Health

    by Angela Blaen, BA, Ph.D

    Gem lamp therapy represents the union of traditional knowledge regarding the medicinal properties of gemstones with cutting-edge technology for the twenty-first century. The result...

  6. Gem Therapy Healing - Back in The Saddle

    by Jon Whale PhD

    This article focuses on gem therapy and the healing properties of gem stone powder. Medicines prepared from gem stones are believed to date back to the 12th century.

  7. Harry Oldfield - Inventor of Electro-Scanning and Polycontrast Interference Photography

    by Jane Solomon

    Over the last 20 years, biologist Harry Oldfield has developed innovative systems that measure and treat the subtle fields of energy around living things. Jane Solomon talks to him...

  8. Healing Energy Disturbances with Encryptograms

    by Nicholas Biggins

    Nick Biggins, homeopath and radionics practitioner, recently developed Encryptagrams to assist in the treatment of complex health conditions perpetuated by energetic disturbances, ...

  9. Health Benefits of Energy Medicine

    by Prune Harris

    Energy Medicine (EM) is the oldest, most organic, most instinctive and most effective form of healthcare that exists. It exists in every country, in every community and it has exist...

  10. Helionics Therapy: Revolution in Energy Medicine

    by Simon Goodrich

    Many practitioners are now using light, sound, colour or electromagnetic fields to treat epilepsy, asthma and bronchitis, back pain, arthritic pain and other chronic conditions. As...

  11. Hormonal Health and Happiness

    by Prune Harris

    If you are one of the millions of women or men who struggle with their hormonal health, then you probably feel that your hormones fall into the ‘tricky little blighters’ category. T...

  12. In Search of the Elusive Core Healing - Unlocking the Assemblage Point with the Theragem

    by Maria Krajnak

    A single light flickered in the small hut. It had been another long night in ceremony. My stomach muscles ached from hours of purging all the ‘emotional yuck’ that had resided insid...

  13. Magnetic Therapy Case Studies

    by Marianne Tregoning

    The application of magnetic fields as an aid to maintaining health and assisting the natural healing process (Magnotherapy) is not new. The therapeutic use of natural magnets goes ...

  14. Magnetic Therapy in Practice

    by David E Marsh

    A middle-aged, previously healthy woman suddenly started having epileptic fits. Going from specialist to specialist, she was fortunate to find another doctor specialising in comple...

  15. Matrix Energy Field Therapy

    by Vincent MacNally

    In Energy Field Therapy there is conscious manipulation of the energy flow for the purposes of healing and personal transformation. It aims to access disruptions to the energy flow...

  16. Mitosa Therapy - Energy Healing

    by John Morley

    John Morely looks at the positive aspects electromagnetic radiation. The electromagnetic radiation we receive from the sun is critical for our survival as it provides energy, but, ...

  17. Post Treatment Re-Action following the Application of Alternative Medicine

    by Alexander Barrie

    Many 'alternative' therapies engender a re-action as a result of administering their remedies first time round for a given ailment. These re-actions usually do not exceed beyond the...

  18. Protecting the Energy Body

    by Christine Schenk

    This article warns of the potential damage that inappropriate energy work can cause to our energy body, through the inexperience, ignorance or selfish motives of healers and energy...

  19. QXCI Bioresonance Therapy

    by Donna Milligan

    There are 'subtle-energy fields' within and around the body, as described by Dr Richard Gerber MD in his book Vibrational Medicine[1], which play an integral part in the total func...

  20. Radiometric Thermal Diagnostics and Dielectric Resonance Management Techniques

    by Jon Whale PhD

    We emit electromagnetic waves, which are undetectable by ourselves, conventional photography or video. It takes very sophisticated and finely calibrated radiometric apparatus to de...

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