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Helionics Therapy: Revolution in Energy Medicine

by Simon Goodrich(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 106 - December 2004

The majority of us are fed up with medicine based on harsh pharmaceutical drugs and high tech invasive procedures. This is made worse by a system that takes from us responsibility for both the illness and our body. Becoming sick and entering a hospital or GP's surgery is not usually an experience of having our situation treated with understanding and love. We are not guided to understand what illness means, where it is leading us and how to take charge of our life again. In order to receive natural, gentle and we hope, effective remedies, many of us seek help from a complementary practitioner. New advances in physics are now indicating ways that these remedies can be given very gently, but in a fuller and more effective way. For the treatment of everyday maladies this is not important, but with serious, chronic and long-term conditions it opens up great new hope.

Helionics Therapy

Many practitioners are now using light or sound or colour or electromagnetic fields on their own, but the heart of Helionics Therapy, run by Simon Goodrich and directed by medical doctor Nichol Clarke, is that remedies can now be given through the means of the light, sound or electromagnetic fields themselves. The way to do this is quite simple and similar to how a stereo works. When you play a CD or tape, a digital or analogue signal is sent through an amplifier to the speakers. In the same way during Helionics Therapy, remedies are put into very sensitive equipment that picks up the resonant frequency of each one, allowing the patient to lie on a couch and be bathed in light, sound, colour and a tiny electromagnetic field all carrying these remedies.

To bring all the different parts of this model together and make a treatment system has taken many years. It required a purpose-made building in which the whole floor was inlaid with copper and silver to produce a very tiny and gentle electromagnetic field. So much so that no other metal or electrical field could be housed within two feet of it, above or below. The room then required to be blacked out so that no visible light could interfere with the coloured spectrum used for treatment; the whole project cost over £100,000.

In the centre of the room is a couch, on which the patient can bare their back and lie face down. For about 15 minutes the couch is then bathed in different forms of light from across the colour spectrum; this light carries a combination of remedies chosen specifically for each patient, as does the sound that is conveyed to the patient together with a tiny electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field, similarly to the light, covers points all the way across the electromagnetic spectrum. Although this may sound like a high-tech treatment, the principles behind it, once understood, are relatively simple; the process is an extremely gentle way of influencing the body through energy and light. Many patients relax and go to sleep during treatment.

Light and energy medicine is very similar to homeopathy. When the correct homeopathic dose is given, its resonance markedly helps the body. As in traditional homeopathy, treatment with light, sound and energy cannot be harmful because the physical mechanisms of the body can easily discard any unwanted resonance. We are subjected to light sound and electromagnetic fields every day of our lives and the body is designed to accept what it wants and reject what it does not. Only when exactly the right resonance is given will the body accept it, and change in response.

Many practitioners, for a number of years have used electro-acupuncture diagnosis or the Vega test to carefully choose one or more homeopathic remedies for the patient. These remedies are given through a tiny electromagnetic field, and are then taken orally for two to three weeks in the normal way. This combination of methods is a way of strengthening the effect of the remedies and produces very good results. However, it is a practice based on only a partial understanding of the new physics. Helionics Therapy chooses not to give physical remedies by mouth and boost their effect on the body through an electromagnetic field; but bypasses the physical level and taps into the energy field directly. This produces the fullest effect on the body. We need to go directly into the body's energy system, as that is the part vibrating at the highest level; having done this, we can include remedies in our treatment, to maximize the effect.

Matter and the Zero Point Field

Recent discoveries relating to light, sound, electromagnetic fields and colour are telling us about life and particularly about how the body, mind, emotions and spirit connect with each other. To clarify this, I will briefly digress into the realm of physics.

Newtonian physics is the basis of nearly all our present science, engineering and technology. It is based on cause and effect, absolute laws and is linear in all its reasoning; the physical universe is seen as a machine, made up of largely unconscious matter and as we understand more fully the laws under which it operates, there is no part we cannot come to control. This belief has materially served us well for 300 years, has brought us the modern industrial world and conventional medicine is entirely based upon it. It sees the body as a physical machine, which can be put right when sick by changing a part, or using chemical medicines to correct chemical imbalances.

Quantum physics, developed at the beginning of the 20th century, describes the area of study around very small electromagnetic fields and atomic and sub-atomic space (this is a gross over simplification). Forces governing this level of matter cease to be linear, and they are not ordered by Newtonian laws. For example, we know this to be a three-dimensional universe, but within the nucleus there are known to be at least eight dimensions.

Many books have been written and many new treatments developed over the last 10 years using principles derived from Quantum physics. These are very often based upon using small electro-magnetic fields to communicate with, and heal the body.

Some of the newest developments in physics now relate to the 'zero point field'.

Many separate groups of scientists around the world have produced evidence of the existence of such a field, the matter existing within a vacuum. One of the first and most fundamentally surprising discoveries about the 'zero point field' is that that one quantum particle such as an electron can influence another quantum particle instantaneously over any distance, despite there being no exchange of force or energy between them.[1] Clear evidence now shows that matter is conscious and every particle is continuously connected to every other part of the universe.

Matter and Consciousness

All matter is now also understood to be strongly affected by consciousness. Experiments with randomly generated computer models and mechanical instruments have given statistically different results depending upon the expectations of the user: i.e. they are affected by the mind of the operator.[2]

Medicine should tap more fully into this field as it obviously holds far greater potential energy for healing than anything in the physical 'Newtonian' world. These findings relating to the 'zero point field' represent the next step in complementary medicine and clearly indicate that the most gentle and effective way to treat the body is through the mind and emotions and to do so using energy and light. Three interesting facts support this new view of treatment.

Firstly, that of conventional medicine: The 'War on Cancer' was initiated by President Nixon, but over 30 years and hundreds of millions of dollars spent, the outcome of treatment for the great majority of cancers has remained unchanged. This may be because not enough research has yet been done, but as similar failure has been experienced regarding many other chronic illnesses, it is far more likely that the model upon which researchers are working is wrong.

Secondly, that of physicists themselves: Stephen Hawking, for instance, author of A Brief History of Time, stated recently that in his opinion "all medicine in the future will be given in the form of light and colour".

Thirdly, that of the practical evidence arising from using this model: At the Helionics Clinic near Oxford, a small number of patients with epilepsy were given a very gentle treatment with light, sound and colour. Each patient went into near complete remission of all symptoms; the longest running patient has now had no fits for three years. Another sample of acute asthma sufferers was given similar treatment and, under doctor's supervision, patients were able to cut all medication to near zero within two sessions.

Conventional medicine is superb in certain areas, such as the management of acute situations, but in the treatment of chronic illness it is hoped that the use of this model will slowly be incorporated.

Clinical Applications

The use of light, colour and sound goes to the heart of these new findings in physics. When a homeopathic remedy, flower essence or essential oil is taken, it is energy, not a chemical remedy. It affects the body's energy system, which is the part most strongly resonating with the zero point field, or sea of energy. Our physical body, however, is the part most grounded in physical space and bound by its Newtonian laws. The problem with these remedies, and why they often do not work with serious chronic illness, is that they are a physical pill or liquid that is eaten, digested and absorbed into the physical body, and physical matter responds very slowly.

The great step forward is that now the same remedies can be given simultaneously through light, sound, colour and tiny electromagnetic fields, to be absorbed directly into our energy field, bypassing the body. Once they start to work on this field, realigning it with the energy upholding the body, it starts to change automatically. Light is seen now by physics as a manifestation of consciousness, as is all matter, but light, energy and sound are those parts resonating at the highest frequency. Present findings show that, in order to affect the physical body, you do not use physical remedies resonating at the same vibration, but light carrying those remedies to influence the energy field upholding the body, as this is also composed of light.

Conventional medicine is beginning to admit that information is transmitted around the body far faster than can be explained by biochemical reactions and nerve impulses. Research is now overwhelmingly beginning to show that it takes place through electromagnetic fields and light. Professor Popp in Germany recently discovered that every strand of DNA in the body continuously gives off single photons of light. He called these 'biophotons' whose purpose is to transmit information.[3] Parallel research is showing the importance of electromagnetic fields with the same purpose.[4] If it is through electromagnetic fields and light – which is also an electromagnetic field – that the body communicates with itself at the highest energy level, therefore this is our best way of communicating with it. Another medium used in Helionics treatment is sound, because sound is the next highest vibration before we reach solid matter. Interestingly, the Eastern mystics, as at other times a step ahead of science, have said for millennia that matter is held together by sound: the Om.

Research at several leading universities and private institutions has been carried out to show the effectiveness of this new technique.[5-7] Some published research comes from Russia, though still untranslated from Russian, in which trials show over 80 per cent of the effect of pharmaceutical drugs produced by copying them through electromagnetic fields. This is not an 80 per cent accurate reproduction of the drug, but a perfect reproduction giving 80 per cent of the strength of the original dose through this means. This is very little publicized because pharmaceutical drugs are at the heart of Western industrial production, with billions of dollars in profits.

Four years spent using these methods at the Helionics Clinic near Oxford has shown that the combination of light, sound, colour and energy is the best way to access the body's energy field directly. It has been used successfully on many different chronic illnesses, and we have found that these techniques make joint and back pain very accessible to treatment. The usual therapy for joint damage in the past has been the oral intake of anti-inflammatory medication, but so little blood reaches most joints or discs that it is often ineffective. These new techniques allow the affected joint to be bathed in bright light, penetrating to a depth of over an inch. This light can carry homeopathic or other remedies specifically for the treatment of inflammation, infection or arthritis, and affect the joint far more deeply and fully than can be achieved through taking the same remedies by mouth. Fifty or sixty patients have so far received this treatment with very good results.

Case Studies

Mr L K (Oxfordshire): Not long after becoming European downhill cycling champion, he received a blow to the head causing epileptic fits with frequent headaches, and a loss of energy and motivation. A low level of asthma he had suffered all his life became worse. Since treatment, the headaches and asthma are almost completely gone, energy and motivation are normal and there have been no more fits for more than three years.

Mrs L O (Oxfordshire): Was a lifelong asthmatic and bronchitic, having trouble walking even short distances or working more than a few hours per day in a shop. She was also using large amounts of medication. Since treatment she has, under doctor's supervision, stopped almost all medication, can walk long distances and do a full time job.

Mrs G B (London): Following very severe back pain this lady had undergone a back operation some years ago. Recently some pain had returned, and she began to lose feeling in and control of the left leg. With this she was also experiencing 'foot drop', loss of control of the affected foot and some difficulty walking. Her Consultant recommended an operation quickly, as movement and strength lost in her leg would be difficult to recover. After the second treatment her foot and leg became normal and she can now run.

Notes and References

1. Nonlocality was considered to be proven by experiments conducted by Alain Aspect and his colleagues in Paris 1982, and has been decisively verified by a number of physicists since.
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