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Energy Medicine Self-Healing Tools

by Ray Wilson(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 76 - May 2002

History of Energy Shapes and Designs

Throughout history, people have created shapes and designs that can attract and channel energies, like the Great Pyramids of Egypt, beautiful patterned mazes, complex and compelling mandalas and ancient stone circles. Why did people create these shapes and designs? Do they have special properties that can help us today?

If we analyse these types of patterns, we come up with two common factors: balance and energy. The shapes and angles of the Great Pyramids are balanced and renowned for their energy properties. Energy mazes have balanced patterns and, when walked, can build up our energy levels. Mandalas contain symmetrical designs – some with the ability to attract and build energy. Ancient stone circles are laid out in a balanced order, with many having alternately male and female polarized stones that may act as an energy accumulator or battery.

How Do These Shapes and Designs Work?

Energy in this context refers to energy that is all around us – sometimes known as chi or pranic energy – that feeds our subtle bodies: aura, chakras and meridian lines. If our subtle bodies are damaged or blocked, energy can be restricted or leak. Thus the related parts of the physical body become weak or ill. Healers repair or unblock subtle bodies, allowing the body's natural healing process to take place. Imbalance causes illness, and using balanced shapes and designs, if set to specific angles, patterns and directions, can attract and channel energies that re-balance subtle bodies, mirroring the role of a healer.

Can Shapes and Designs Heal?

For some years, I have been concerned about how many people around the world need healing compared with the limited number of healers available. To help redress the balance, four years ago I invited a group of healers to work with me to create a new generation of self-healing tools. Our first concern was to create a safe and protected environment that could channel healing energies. After two intense years of experiment and heartache, we produced our first three-dimensional, four-sided, pyramid healing environment – Figure 1. After many case studies and fine adjustments, we felt ready to market our first self-healing energy tool.

Figure 1: Three-dimensional, four-sided pyramid healing environment
Figure 1: Three-dimensional,
four-sided pyramid healing environment

The design of this tool arose from many sessions of meditation. During this time, the group kept 'seeing' a complex pattern. But we were unable to draw it. We started to experiment with many shapes, and found that all shapes and designs have associated energy. However, we were unable to create the right shape and design for healing. I suggested to the group that we leave this study for the time being; I felt we could be trying too hard and blocking ourselves.

Within a few weeks, one of the group came across the shape and design that we'd been 'seeing' in a book called Pranic Healing, by Master Choa Kok Sui, a healer in the Far East. We contacted Master Sui, who was good enough to give us his permission to use the design. We modified the design to mirror the angles of our first pyramid energy healing tool, and added colour and a copper lining for grounding. This created the first two-dimensional-design healing tool – see below. All these healing tools can work without the user having to think or do anything special. Just being in or near the tools can enhance the energy flow to subtle bodies, and evoke the body's healing processes.

The first two-dimentional design healing tool
The first two-dimentional design healing tool

How have they been Tested?

Case Study Results

Initially, Gentle Touch's healers carried out testing on themselves to ensure that they were happy that the tools were safe to use. Where possible, they used 'blind testing' so that they did not know which tool they were testing, or in which direction it faced. The healers then supplied the tools to another group of healers who carried out case studies with their patients. Each patient was given a set list of questions and was invited to add their comments and suggestions.

Results extracted from initial case studies are shown in Figure 2. The only question that did not achieve over 90% was "Did you feel stimulated?" Further study found that only some people are stimulated while others become relaxed. This is due to the healing tools stimulating those who lack energy, and calming those who have too much energy.

Figure 2: Results from initial case studies
Figure 2: Results from initial case studies

Kirlian Photographer Evidence

Rosemary Steel, Vice President and British Representative of the International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography, assessed the effects of sitting for 20 minutes in the four-sided pyramid. Kirlian prints were taken before (Figure 3) and after (Figure 4) this session. The prints demonstrated that a balancing effect had taken place.

Figures 3 & 4: Kirlian photography taken before (left) and after (right) session in four-sided pyramid.

Figures 3 & 4: Kirlian photography taken before (left) and after (right) session in four-sided pyramid.

Figures 3 & 4: Kirlian photography taken before (left) and after (right) session in four-sided pyramid.

Testimonial from Rosemary Steele: "Kirlian photography is one way of monitoring changes in energy distribution, as a response to a process or treatment. The whole hand shown is one of the ways of taking an image, but other methods would also show any changes, depending on whether statistical information was required or the image was to be used as a tool for working with the client. After a twenty-minute session in this four-sided pyramid, the second picture shows more balance between the two hands than there was before. The small marks of movement that appear on the second image do not detract from the information.

"Working with this information helped understanding and recognition of how the energy was moving. Literally, by virtue of the greater balance, more energy was released and was available to the subject to cope with the demands made upon it.

"Relaxation may be experienced after sitting in this pyramid. It is very appealing and a simple way to achieve this.

"Dependent on the personal commitment of the recipient, relaxation experienced in the pyramid can be used to remove worry, to encourage sleep or to recharge batteries, depending on what is appropriate at the time. The energizing effect could be as refreshing as it is relaxing.

"It is frequently observed that, as Gerda Borgensen, of the Biodynamic Massage Association listens for the gurgles in the gut as a sign of energy releasing (restoring balance to the natural peristalsis), similar sounds are also often observed in times of quiet in the pyramid. Any monitoring of the pulse, respiration or heart would produce similar observations to Kirlian photography, but not a visible feedback of the effective redistribution of energy. The right hand relates to the left brain (the face presented to the world), the left hand to the right brain (the inner processes)."

What Can These Tools Heal?

The range of illnesses that these healing tools can help is still the subject of study. At the moment, there is evidence from users that the tools helped with a wide range of problems including those involving the back, hands, headaches, feet, migraine, necks, nerves, shoulders, skin and stress-related problems. The list keeps growing as more people use the tools.

However, although these products have been well-trialled and found to be effective healing tools, no guarantee can be given that everyone who uses them will improve their well-being or health. What might work for one person may not necessarily work for another.

Since the launch of the first healing tools, the range has been expanded to include six-sided versions of the pyramid shape and the flat design – as per the mouse mat version in Figure 5.

Figure 5: Six-sided mouse mat design
Figure 5: Six-sided mouse mat design


The question then became: "What is the difference between the four- and six-sided designs?" Although there are no set rules, we sometimes find that:

  • The four-sided shapes and designs can be good for physically-related problems (the base chakra is four-sided and relates to the physical body);
  • The six-sided shapes and designs can be good for emotionally-related problems (the heart chakra and other emotional chakras are based on six sides).

We find that people tend to choose the shape or design that they are drawn towards. Alternatively, we advise them based on their type of illness.


Grant Buxton (6 December 2001)
"My daughter Annabel is four years old. Over the last two years she has suffered from eczema on her wrists and hands. Constant irritation and scratching meant that her skin was often broken, obviously sore and very red. Despite changing her diet to exclude dairy products and the regular application of steroid and moisturizing creams, the eczema didn't go completely and in fact only fluctuated between 'not too bad' and 'very angry'.

"A chance meeting and conversation with Ray Wilson led him to supplying Annabel with a healing tool (a two- dimensional, four-sided pyramid) that he thought might help. I introduced the healing tool to Annabel as a game 'square' and Annabel played the game every morning. I'd be the first to admit that without physical remedies such as creams or changes in diet I find it difficult to understand how the healing process works but the results are indeed physical and Annabel's eczema has completely gone. She has been clear for the last three weeks and so far the eczema has shown no signs of reappearing. Fascinating."

Mary Walsh (21 November 2001)
"Back in 1993 I had some strange things begin to happen to me. Driving along my arm and hand would 'go to sleep' and stay that way for hours at a time. Parts of my back began to bruise but I had no pain or awareness of having hurt myself. I mentioned the problem with my arm and hand to the doctor. He suggested it could be carpal tunnel syndrome and if it continued to be a problem, they could run some tests. I began to sleep more and more of the time and I was permanently tired. This all came to a head when I suffered a sort of 'attack' at work. I had to sit down and felt as if I was passing out, but it was my body and not my head that had collapsed. I had lost all feelings down one side of my body. I feared that I'd had a stroke. After years of tests at the various hospitals, I was returned to my doctor with the news that I had suffered nerve damage of uncertain cause, and that there was no treatment. I pressed my own doctor and eventually she told me that they believed I was probably in the early stages of multiple sclerosis (MS).

"One of my colleagues, unknown to me at that time, was a healer. When I came into work on a bad day she would look at me, know where the problem was and give me a quick healing session. Shortly after this my healer retired and at her birthday party introduced me to Ray Wilson who she believed could help me. I was at this time unable to feel most of one side and was suffering considerable back pain. He gave me healing and I began to see him on a regular weekly basis.

"A major breakthrough occurred for me when I first used the three-dimensional, four-sided pyramid. I had a powerful reaction when sitting in the pyramid. From that day I recovered a lot of the sensations in my feet and legs that had been 'gone' for years. Although this came and went for some time I have continued to maintain these improvements. I have my own pyramid now, and my healers are my friends and give me more than physical healing, they give me insights into ways of helping myself and thinking of the future."

Healer: Carol Rands; Patient: Shirley Ayres – Age 65 (5 November 2001)
"Shirley had migraine since the age of six. In adulthood, she was unable to sleep without tablets for pain and tension in neck and shoulders. The migraine remained untreated until the age of 45, when the patient was prescribed Syndol – no treatment or recommendations for neck and shoulder pains. Shirley started to use the three-dimensional, four- sided pyramid in the winter of 1999 when she came to my healing room once a week for half an hour to three-quarters of an hour per session. She lay on a treatment couch inside the pyramid and started to learn how to breathe correctly and used meditation to help her to relax. Slowly, Shirley learned to relax while inside the pyramid, and to control her breathing. She visualized the healing energy coming from the pyramid and eventually was able to see energy coming down the sides of the pyramid. After a few months she was able to totally relax and go into deep meditation and continue her healing process. This gave Shirley the confidence to practise at home when tension and headaches threatened. She was able to immediately start slowing her breathing and taking the tension out of her shoulders.

"Shirley gradually reduced the amount of sleeping pills she was taking and eventually stopped taking them altogether. She now sleeps naturally each night. Her migraine pattern has also changed. She rarely feels the onset of an attack. But as soon as the first signs of flashing lights and jazzy patterns before the eyes appear, she lays down for half an hour, goes in to her breathing and relaxation, and the bad headache never comes. She is a brighter, calmer and much happier person. She feels in control of her life and gets on with it. So much so, that after 19 months of working in the pyramid, she was able in August 2001 to make the decision to stop using it and continues to work on her own. Four months after completing her treatment, she only rarely gets the threat of a migraine, which never gets to a full-blown headache, and is still sleeping naturally."

Figure 6: Crop circle, at Windmill Hill, Wiltshire (picture published with kind permission of Francine Blake of the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group (WCCSG)).
Figure 6: Crop circle, at Windmill Hill, Wiltshire (picture published
with kind permission of Francine Blake of the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group (WCCSG)).


Finally, Do Modern Shapes and Designs have Properties?

The picture in Figure 6 is of a crop circle at Windmill Hill, Wiltshire, discovered on 18 June 2000, which has a remarkable similarity to the two-dimensional pyramid design in. This healing tool was developed two years earlier in 1998 and was an extract from a book published in 1987. Does this coincidence have any meaning?

Further Information

To contact Gentle Touch Healing Tel: 01582 663900;;; or write to 46 Dukes Court, The Mall, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU4 5HW.


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Ray Wilson, healer for over ten years, initially trained at the College of Psychic Studies in London before joining the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH). In 1997 he founded Gentle Touch Healing, which is currently working on developing the next range of healing tools using light and colour. The group is working to build a unique range of healing centres in the next few years, which will be designed with all their knowledge of healing tools. This will mean that when a person comes into one of their healing centres, the healing process will begin to take effect.

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