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Mitosa Therapy - Energy Healing

by John Morley(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 93 - October 2003


For millions of years, we have evolved in an environment that contains great amounts of both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial electromagnetic radiation. We are all subjected to radiation that originates from within our own atmosphere and from the solar system, especially from the sun. We are continually bombarded by solar winds from the sun that contain particles and waves of all frequencies. Our sun will eventually burn out because of its constant emission of huge amounts of energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Its output of particles (electrons, protons, ions and atomic nuclei) is approximately one million tonnes per second. The electromagnetic radiation we receive from the sun is absolutely critical for our survival because, without it, we would not have enough energy to function as we do – since our daily production of energy from our nutrition accounts for only about one third of our energy output.

Basic Physics of Electromagnetic Radiation

Given that most people now spend most of their time in buildings and vehicles we are, by reducing our exposure to the sun's nourishing radiation, potentially receiving much less of the positive electromagnetic radiation than is optimum for health. This compounds over time and is a precursor to reduced function and ill-health.

Client receiving Mitosan Therapy
Client receiving Mitosan Therapy

Mitosan Therapy

Mitosan Therapy has been developed in Germany since the early 1990s in order to address, in the clinical setting, just this issue – improving the exchange of electromagnetic radiation between an organism and its environment. This is poor, even in many apparently healthy individuals. Mitosan is useful in chronic ill-health because it can supply 'new' energy to an underperforming energetic system and enable responsiveness that has not been possible, often for several years. It is also useful in acute situations because it can speed up healing significantly, reducing pain and inflammation quickly. This makes it very relevant in high performance sports and in sports medicine. The German Olympic team successfully used Mitosan in Atlanta and Sydney.

Mitosan gets its name from Mitochondria and San, the German word for healing. It is an unusual and innovative approach to patient care that has applications to almost any situation that calls for healing. Its lineage is clearly in the German Biological Medicine tradition that has applied modern technology to the already well-established theories of Acupuncture and Homeopathy, but it brings fresh ideas and a new way of looking at what is happening when someone who is sick turns a corner and starts to become themselves again. The Modus Operandi of Mitosan is to deliver, directly into the patient, a spectrum of energized waves whose frequencies will change the spectrum of waves that the patient him/herself radiates. This results in the patient having a lot more options as to how they can respond to both the normal stressful demands of everyday life and to their reduced function when ill, compared to the limited responses they had before the Mitosan intervention. Mitosan, therefore, substitutes for the sun, in that it provides the positive electromagnetic radiation we need in order to maintain our wide range of responses to the ongoing challenges and demands that life constantly throws at us. Thus we also use it in my clinic as part of Health Maintenance programmes for people who do enjoy good health.

What happens in the body and the energy fields of someone who has a trauma/injury or in a sick/stuck/blocked/diseased person, when they become normal again, has a lot to do with the Physics of electromagnetic radiation (See box below). As natural healers, health professionals, concerned parents and individuals seeking constant improvement, we can learn a lot from the physics of the natural world. I discovered this with a jolt when I went to Germany to discuss Mitosan with the doctors and physicists who had invented it.

Energy Medicine Therapy

The frequencies found naturally in the earth's atmosphere have been used in medical science for some considerable time. The best known examples are light and colour therapy, infrared and microwave therapy, and low frequency magnetic fields. In recent years, the development of Bioresonance therapy, using the patient's own signals as the basis for their therapy, has also proved successful in many clinical situations. Common to all these methods is that they work with single frequencies or with very narrow frequency ranges.

Features of Mitosan

In nature, as we have seen, there are neither single frequencies nor narrow frequency ranges. Mitosan's claim that it supplies the widest frequency range becomes important then, because it can effectively supply all of nature's frequency range to the patient. Its highest frequency is 4.2 billion cycles per second (4.2 Gigahertz).

Mitosan can also extract specific frequencies from the basic spectrum to compensate for possible shortages.

Mitosan research and development has led to an increasing number of preset 'programmes' of frequencies that can be delivered into the patient. The full software currently contains 243 of these, arranged in the following categories: Standard, Elimination Support, Sport/Trauma, Infection, Colour Therapy, Meridians, Metals, Genetic Toxins, Vaccination Stress, Minerals and Orthopaedic. The standard group contains 36 programmes, many of which are included in the sample treatment protocol below.

These programmes can be directed into the patient via up to eight plastic biotrodes which are approx 50cm x 25cm and contain many metres of fine wire. The biotrodes are placed on and under the patient. It is possible to use eight different programmes at once, each to a single biotrode, or to use a series of linked programmes in which each programme goes to all eight biotrodes.

These programmes have all been determined empirically by the Vitatec (Mitosan's manufacturer) team of physicists and doctors, starting with known frequency spectrums and then using them on many trial treatment sessions with before-and-after frequency spectrum analysis of the patients and patient feedback. This development process has been going on for more than ten years.

Some of the programmes in the Standard Group include: Metabolism Chronic, Metabolism Acute, Thymus Activation, Stress Syndrome, Scars Disturbance Elimination, Lymph Activation and Central Nervous System. I mention these examples to give an idea of some of the possibilities. Each one contains a spectrum of frequencies that is appropriate for its name. For example, 'Metabolism Chronic' contains a spectrum of frequencies that is missing or reduced in intensity when there is a chronic metabolic problem, and so on. The same applies to the meridian programmes and to the specific environmental stresses, colours and trauma.

Mitosan is a highly modern energy medicine device that has a measurable output at its point of delivery, although you need a very expensive frequency spectrum analyzer to measure it!

What Happens During Mitosan Therapy?

For the patient it is quite passive. Usually little or nothing is felt at the time although some people can experience the treatment as warmth or tingling. Some people fall asleep during the session, which is usually 30 minutes long with the Mitosan running for 20-25 minutes.

The Practitioner chooses the settings for each treatment session individually for each patient at each treatment. The general choices will, at different stages of the treatment process, include: general and specific energy compensations, organ and system support, unblocking of regulatory pathways, specific programme choices determined by the patient's individual diagnosis and laying down of reserves for the future (see Case Studies).

An additional benefit is that it is possible to include the frequencies of homeopathic remedies (nosodes, drainage and constitutional remedies, for example) in the treatment, by adding them to the output of the Mitosan. Their frequencies are amplified ten times and are delivered deep into the patient, also through the biotrodes.

Mitosan also has two additional smaller devices that can be connected. One enables an enhanced way of including Bioresonance therapy, using the patient's own signals which are then corrected as part of their treatment. The second is a device that compensates for the fact that the frequency spectrum of homeopathic remedies can vary depending on the earth's local magnetic field effect.

Mitosan in Practice

In a busy modern clinic, Mitosan Therapy has a potentially really useful role to play. It can kickstart a recovery strategy for long-term illness and then systematically deal with each person's accumulated environmental stresses, such as chemicals, metals, radiation, electro stress, vaccination stresses, viral remnants and all manner of toxic residues in the body. It can speed up recovery from accidents and injuries. For those concerned with Health Maintenance or the building of reserves for the future, Mitosan is also in its element. The possibilities for the reduction of vaccination stress alone are quite remarkable.

It likely that, in the near future, every good clinic will have at least one Mitosan. Finally, although the decisions, about which programmes to run and for how long, must be made by the doctor or health professional, the actual running of the treatment programmes can be delegated to an assistant. This makes for good cost effectiveness, especially for the patient.

Case Studies

Every case is unique and reflects each person's particular shade of the human condition. A series of six Mitosan treatments may just begin to raise a person's adaptiveness to the point where they can stabilize, or it may be all that is needed to reach optimum. In acute illness and in trauma, one or two short treatments on consecutive days may be all that is needed. I have, therefore, chosen two case studies that illustrate the range of the programmes available in Mitosan therapy.

Patient AM: male age 38: numbness/ pins and needles for 2+ years, low energy, unwell, swollen glands, susceptible to urinary tract infections (UTIs). Referred by dentist prior to amalgam replacement.

After six treatments (Tx 1-6) over an eight week period patient reported: energy better, sleeping better, no swollen glands or shooting pains, approaching life with less stress. Numbness improved but still sometimes in tips of toes. Wants to continue Mitosan Tx to maintain and build on progress so far.

Tx1: A) Activate Excretion + Liver and Kidney meridians 8 minutes
B) Amalgam Elimination 16 minutes (amalgam fillings now removed)
Tx2: A) Unblocking + Liver-gb-Intestine + amalgam swp 15 minutes
B) Hypophysis/Spec.Colour Sweep/ Harmonization 8 minutes (Linking Programmes) (Harmonization = promotes responsivess)
Tx3: Global Destress (8 Linked Programmes: 22 minutes
Tx4: Yin-Yang Balance (Linked series of 8: Promotes the unblocking of all main meridians and thus the availability of all resources) 20 minutes
Tx5: (Linking) General Activation/
Gen.Energy Comp/CNS/Peripheral NS/ Chronic Recurrent/Scars Disturbance Elimination 22 minutes
Tx6: GEC/CNS/Chron Recurr/metabolism chronic/Scars/Liver-gb-intes/ Endocrine Comp/Spec.Colour Swp
Diagnostic Functional Medicine (DFM). Vitality Score before Tx1 : <20%
DFM Vitality Score after Tx6: 88%

Patient PY: female age 52: overweight since birth of first child 20 years ago; long history of sore throats/tonsillitis; low metabolism; Glandular Fever (GF) 2 years ago; tired for many years; pain in shoulders, elbows and hips.

This chronically ill patient had pursued numerous treatments and self-help methods prior to Mitosan Tx. Some of these continued alongside Mitosan. She attributes the breakthrough in her health to Mitosan. It is now nine months since we began treatment and she now reports no pain, good energy, able to be physically active regularly, weight declining. She is an example of Mitosan Treatment initially providing the energy required to be able to respond to any kind of treatment and then subsequently dealing with the individual stress factors systematically. We did weekly treatments for eight weeks followed by bi-weekly treatment for three months, then regular treatments every three to four weeks. The breakthrough occurred after Tx7. I have listed sample treatments from the whole series to illustrate combinations and individual treatment planning.

Tx1: A) Unblocking1 12 minutes
B) Hypoergy 10 minutes
Tx3: A) Deacidify + 2x pain programme + Joint Injury 12 minutes
B) Hypoergy + pain + Joint Injury
Tx5: A) Hypoergy + Burnout Syndrome + Kidney merid + Pain + Jt Inj 12 minutes
B) Basic Therapy + kidney-Bladder + Thymus Activate + Pain 12 minutes
Tx7: A) Hypoergy + Spec. Colour Sweep + Pain (elbow) 12 minutes
B) (Linking) amlgam swp/platinum/zincum/Liv-GB-Intes Kidney-Bladder/ Stress Syndrome 18 minutes
Tx9: A) Inflammation Therapy+Energy Swp2+Lung Merid+Bone Inj 21 minutes
Tx12: GEC/Detoxification/Hvy Met Swp1/Polio Vaccination/Energy Swp1/ES2/ES3/Endocrine Comp
Tx15: A) Hypoergy2 + 2x Spl merid (power bio: knees)+ Act Reflex (feet) 5 minutes
B) Endocrine/KidMerid/Liv-GB-Intes/Kid-Blad/GEC/Pos Col Swp/Harmonization 20 minutes
Tx19: Endo Comp/Metab Chron/Liv-gb-Intes/Detox/Rem.Genet.Tox/GEC 22 minutes
Diagnostic Functional Medicine. Vitality (DFM) Score before Tx1 : 23%
Diagnostic Functional Medicine. Vitality (DFM) Score after Tx19 78%


Kiontke S: Natural Radiation and its effects on biological systems. Naturheilpraxis mit Naturmedizin. September 2000.
Kiontke S: Resonanzphanomene und die Anderung von Stoffabstrahlung. Regulationsmedizin Heft 3. 1998.
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Further Information

For details regarding Mitosan; Tel/Fax: 01938 5567800;;


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