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Healing Energy Disturbances with Encryptograms

by Nicholas Biggins(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 76 - May 2002

What is an Encryptagram?

Encryptagrams are flat images varying from credit card to dinner place mat in size. Each flat image is made up of coloured patterns. There are eight Encryptagram patterns, each mounted on flexible magnetic ferrite material, similar to that which is used to make fridge magnets. These mats are magnetized with a specific magnetic pattern and combine several interesting principles:

1. Light wave frequencies – in the form of the surface coloured patterns employed;
2. Magnetism;
3. Geometric design;
4. Human aura (also called bio-energy system, electromagnetic field, etc.).

The User of the Encryptagram

The user of an Encryptagram will either lie on it or sit in a chair with the Encryptagram positioned at the back of the chair. It has been found that contact with Encryptagrams is best achieved when a gap between the body and the mat of around 7cm is maintained. Relating this to point four above, we can deduce that the Encryptagrams are capable of a dialogue with the aura or natural electromagnetic field of a person.

What are Encryptagrams for?

You will now be aware that these mats are useful for treating the aura/bio-energy system or electromagnetic field of an individual. They were developed to treat energetic disturbances, which were found to be slow to improve under existing therapeutic disciplines. They will therefore combine well with existing therapies, often unblocking stubborn cases, allowing greater progress to be made. Encryptagrams utilize light wave frequencies, magnetism and geometric pattern. These combine to become 'structuring foods' for the subtle body, which is composed of the same elemental substances that are employed in the making of Encryptagrams.

Because of its electromagnetic composition, the aura is sensitive to energetic wave forms emitted by many objects from a variety of natural and man-made sources. It is perhaps the man-made sources that should concern us most as these tend to be by-products of other activities like mobile telephone use, electrical wiring in buildings, electric appliance motors, microwave ovens, radio waves, etc. There is rising production of these disrupting wave forms in modern urban areas. They have a fracturing and corrupting effect on the beneficial energies inherent in our natural environment.

The eight different Encryptagrams offer a range of vibrational energies useful in the treatment of modern health problems. They were created in response to growing awareness of imbalance problems arising from the difficulties of life in modern westernized cultures. Briefly, there are treatments for:

1. Diurnal and other cyclical and time-phase activities such as biorhythms. Especially relevant for people who travel through time zones, but for anyone who is out of sorts with themselves due to disturbed internal clock and time- regulating mechanisms;

2. Effects of fright or shock, which has been sustained in an individual without an outlet or resolution. Incidents affecting people in this way may result in an over-reactive state with the external environment and people. This can also result in disturbed hormone cycles governed by the hypothalamus;

3. Integration of self and self-awareness. For people who are slow to learn. Despite repeated instruction and comprehension, some people do not integrate what they know, even though they wish to do so. Their behaviour remains unchanged, despite understanding that they would be better off if they could accomplish a change;

4. Nervous tension in people who regularly feel they face difficult decisions. It may be stated that a difficult decision only appears so within a conflicted personal value system. Assistance in the pursuit of greater internal harmony should result in the individual using choices and decisions responsibly for the purpose of personal growth and learning;

5. Geopathic stress. This is a vast area of investigation in itself. Its various corrupting effects and the resulting illnesses such as loss of vitality and mental power, even cancer, are well documented. This Encryptagram deals with these problems, including VDU screen radiation;

6. Morphic field corruption. This refers to damage in the blueprint of the human electromagnetic field. Trauma or abuse occurring very early in life may be retained at a deep level within a person, preventing them from exploring and realizing their potential;

7. Chakra balancing. If the chakras are balanced and optimised, the glands and organs that are conditioned by each chakra should also behave harmoniously and as part of an integrated whole. This treatment cleanses, balances and harmonizes chakra structures;

8. Kundalini energy. The more detailed parts of the subtle anatomy are treated by working on the kundalini energy, which moves through a subtle pathway known as the Sushumna. The Sushumna corresponds approximately to the location of the spine. Illness or imbalance can block the flow of this energy.

The Integrator Mat - an energy which can help bring a person 'together'
The Integrator Mat - an energy which can help bring a person 'together'

Each of the above descriptive passages is a simplification of each Encryptagram energy pattern. By simplifying and representing each energy pattern in this way, a guide to their application is provided. For kinesiologists and experienced dowsers, this information is not always sought verbally. However, homeopaths and other clinicians would generally seek verbal information as confirmation of causal incidents or episodes in each patient's health history.

These abbreviated descriptions do not give a full idea of the multi-level uses of these instruments. For example, the mat employed for the treatment in paragraph 4 above also has a strong affinity for mobile phone electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). It appears this mat will protect the user from this particular type of EMF, also clearing it from the subtle body if it has produced a cumulative effect there.

Nervous Decision Maker Mat - Calming for people who feel they often face tough decisions
Nervous Decision Maker Mat - Calming for people who feel they often face tough decisions

As a further example, the mat known as 'Logos' (paragraph 5 above), which deals with geopathic stress, has the additional capacity to rejuvenate food stuffs with life force energy also called chi. This is accomplished by placing the food on the mat. It is worth mentioning that the interactive capability of Encryptagrams offers the potential for their application in the treatment of all subjects, including animals, plants, and even areas of land and buildings.

Logos Mat - for the negative effects of planet Earth. These geopathic or earth energies often prevent recovery from illness
Logos Mat - for the negative effects of planet Earth. These geopathic or earth energies often prevent recovery from illness

How Encryptagrams can Help

As energy tools, they possess latent power which is activated when placed inside the aura. In this respect they behave as true catalysts. It is believed that by a process of transmutation Encryptagrams draw negative energy patterns from the subtle body, at the same time reinforcing it with beneficial energy patterns. This dual effect is accomplished by the opposing magnetic poles in combination with the coloured patterns.

Encryptagrams take effect through their interaction with the subtle body. The subtle body is one of several names for the energetic or non-physical aspect of the human body; also known as the aura, bio-energetic system, human electro-magnetic field, etc. These are references to an energy system that possesses its own anatomy and functional wisdom. This anatomy has a tendency to develop its own peculiar pathology under stress, just as the physical organs have their tendencies too.

By influencing the subtle body with Encryptagram energy patterns, it is possible to promote positive changes which ultimately flow into cell structures from the subtle body system, effecting physical and sensorial improvements. One important aspect governing the success of Encryptagrams will be their regular use over time, causing treatment to accumulate and reach a resonant peak in the individual. It could be said that the Encryptagrams are a means of treating fire with fire. They attempt to treat a range of modern energy disturbance problems using wave-form patterns designed to help defeat the negative patterns which build up in our systems.

Early experiences with Encryptagrams suggest that they penetrate deeply and quickly. Many users report changes within minutes of commencing use. Often sensations of warmth can be attributed to the chakra locations, especially where a mat is known to have a particular affinity for specific chakras. Other sensations may also arise. These are described as tingling, itching and prickling sensations. Some deep bone pains have been experienced fleetingly by users, confirming the ability of Encryptagrams to penetrate rapidly to the deepest levels. It is thought this is due to the capacity of light-wave patterns to penetrate the spaces in atomic structures of cells. Drowsiness may occur in response to the relaxation some of the mats promote. In all cases any adverse effects are avoided by simply ceasing treatment.

The Treatment Process

Humans are engaged in a constant process of adaptation to these environmental wave forms and many other simultaneous energetic influences. Emotional distress, poor self-esteem, infectious illness, petrochemical pollution, food additives, the list is endless. This illustrates the complexity of some disrupting patterns that undermine health.

Like all medicines, the optimum dose must be calculated for the individual. This is done by considering three factors:

1. The period of contact required;
2. The rate of repetition;
3. The number of times repeat treatment is required.

This may translate in the following example prescription as:

1. 20 minutes' contact;
2. Every 48 hours;
3. For a total of 18 treatments (approximately five weeks).

Kinesiologists and skilled energy workers will be able to reduce significantly these treatment episodes by working 'in the mode'. Those practitioners who understand this principle will often reduce treatments to one or two sessions, with corresponding deep curative responses reported by patients.

Treatment may be usefully accompanied with other therapeutic approaches such as homeopathy, massage, kinesiology and so on. With care, each Encryptagram will last indefinitely, providing therapists with a long-term tool kit that should not need replacing. They should also be made available to the public under the supervision of therapists who can assist in devising treatment plans that suit each individual. Bearing in mind the complex energetic disturbance within those patients who lack the ability to recover, it is feasible to work out a prioritized order of use for two or three mats, which may need to be used on a rotational basis or consecutively over a period of time.

Case Histories

In the following case histories all except one were treated without resorting to other therapies.

1. Female 42
Had what she suspected was a premature menopause three years earlier. Otherwise healthy. 48 hours after use of Encryptagram 1, she had a menstrual period.

2. Male 47
Suspected geopathic stress was affecting his ability to recover from a painful frozen shoulder accompanied with loss of function. Slept on Encryptagram 5 each night and soon noticed marked improvement in alertness on waking as well as progress with frozen shoulder.

3. Female – late 30s
Very sensitive individual who sees auras and suffers from the effects of adverse building geometry, or sick building syndrome. Used Encryptagram 5 and quickly found that she felt much clearer, more energized and less affected by the office environment in which she works.

4. Female 55
Ulcerated throat and disturbed sleep amongst a history of multiple health problems requiring recent hospitalization. Placed Encryptagram 5 by her bed and had a 'healing crisis' which rapidly improved her throat condition and sleep pattern. Many other improvements followed as a consequence of improved energy flow.

5. Female 58
Travels internationally, resulting in long flights which cause 'jet lag' and disrupt her biorhythms. Finds that Encryptagram 1 provides a rapid means of adaptation, removing much of the 'jet lag' symptoms, including swollen ankles.

6. Female 52
Swollen ankles improved and now prevented by using Encryptagram 1.

7. Female 57
Long-term back problem, with the prospect of an operation looming to correct a prolapsed disc. Encryptagram 7 relieves stiffness and pain after golf or mowing the grass.

Looking at the Future

A realistic, perhaps pessimistic view of the future suggests that EMFs and other unnatural man-made energetic emissions will continue and probably increase. Those intent on pursuing health should consider finding methods that clear their subtle bodies from these corrupting energy fields if they wish to live and work in urban areas. A detox regime or fasting may not be enough to eliminate the energetic imprint of crop sprays and other petrochemical pollutants from cell memory. Though cells may be relatively free of material amounts of these and other substances, symptoms may continue, generated by their residual 'echo' on the energetic plane where damage to the subtle body has resulted at the etheric cellular level.

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About Nicholas Biggins

Nick Biggins, aged 48, trained in classical homeopathy 16 years ago and established a successful homeopathic and radionic practice. He recently developed the Encryptagrams to provide a range of therapeutic stimuli for assisting complex health conditions. A catalogue of Encryptagrams is available, as is further detailed information on their use and method of action on the subtle and physical body. He can be contacted on Tel: 01988 850248;;


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