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Energy Medicine Therapy

by Michael Brooking(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 47 - December 1999

ACMOS, an acronym for the Analysis of the Compatibility of Matter on the Organism and its Synergy, views the human organism as a vast and complex combination of energetic systems. These energetic systems form a grid-like structure, which at its most dense level manifests as the physical body, and at its most subtle level, manifests as the human energy fields. The physical body, according to the ACMOS method, has a latent resource of energy that is used and replenished by the many energetic systems that are continuously trying to achieve balance and harmony despite aggressions from external and internal sources. If these vital energy reserves are used up by these aggressions and not replaced, this leads to missing links within these energy reserves resulting in energetic imbalance and ultimately physical illness. The job of a Bioenergetician is then to restore balance in the energy fields, regulate any blockages in the energetic systems and build up the body's latent energy reserves, known as centripetal energy.

ACMOS Equipment
ACMOS Equipment
The ACMOS Lecher Antenna
The ACMOS Lecher Antenna


Dr René Naccachian invented the basis of the ACMOS method in 1975 after receiving treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a longstanding knee injury whilst in China. A French engineer by profession, Dr Naccachian became fascinated by the healing he had received, this sparked a life long interest in Bioenergetics, the study of the human energy fields, and natural healing. He completed his training in acupuncture that same year, 1975, and became a Doctor of Molecular Biology in 1978. At the time of writing there are seven ACMOS centres in the USA and International Centres in Italy, Turkey, India and France.

An integral part of the ACMOS method is the ACMOS Lecher Antenna (ALA). This hand-held instrument was invented in the early part of the present century by the German physicist, Ernst Lecher, and was used to measure the Earth's magnetic field. Described as "possibly science's best kept secret", Dr Naccachian re-developed the Lecher Antenna in the 1970s and incorporated it into the ACMOS method, to tune into and measure the subtle energy fields around the body.

If the body were compared to a house, then conventional medicine would involve papering over the cracks in the wall (and sometimes making them worse!). Traditional Energy medicine such as homeopathy and acupucture would involve restructuring the walls. ACMOS, however, works on repairing and rebuilding the foundations of the house; its techniques identify and regulate the deepest origin of a disorder, the energy reserves within each cell.

General Therapeutic Uses

Dr Naccachian has built on his knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and developed a Chinese based Western medicine. He claims that TCM is designed to treat the Chinese in China. ACMOS is designed to identify and regulate the effect that 21st century living has on the human organism. ACMOS, therefore, combines ancient knowledge of meridians and acupuncture points with quantum physics and modern technology. The strength of the ACMOS method lies in the scientific validation of the subtle energy within the human organism and his or her environment. Quantum science has theorised that energy and matter are the same substance, as Dr Deepak Chopra says, our universe is a "quantum soup". The ACMOS Lecher Antenna is able to tune into individual frequencies in this mass ocean of energy and relate them to the human organism by determining which wavelengths are beneficial to the human organism. These wavelengths are measured in nanometres, represented by one metre divided by one billion.

The ACMOS method places a great deal of emphasis on the effect the environment has on a person's health. The body's energetic systems can not be regulated because they are overwhelmed by external aggressions such as Geopathic stress, Electromagnetic pollution, heavy metal poisoning and radiation from mobile phones. Dr Naccachian has developed the Acmopol, a small instrument that emits a tone when it detects electrical leakage from appliances and cabling. It is a useful tool to demonstrate the reason why one may suffer from chronic headaches if there is for example, a bedside lamp that is leaking Electro-magnetic stress.

In England people are becoming more aware of Geopathic Stress (GS), but what is not commonly known is the cumulative effect GS has on the body; Dr Naccachian has discovered that the body absorbs and retains the memory of the GS. A treatment with the ACMOS method typically involves removing GS from the body using a form of colour therapy.

Information on How it Works

The success of the ACMOS method lies in its comprehensive approach to the human organism. Building on his scientific background and training in TCM, Dr Naccachian has combined natural vibrational science with natural healing, creating a new paradigm in healing that even conventional medicine will not be able to ignore. The Indian concept of the "Chakras" or vortexes of energy on the body can be analysed using the antenna and blockages regulated, as their vibrational frequencies have been discovered and can be measured with the Acmos Lecher Antenna. Interestingly, in the ACMOS method, the base chakra is located below the feet and the crown chakra is above the head.

Dr Naccachian discovered that the energy fields around the body actually consisted of a deep magnetic field whose vibrational frequency related to the major organs in Chinese medicine (lung, heart, spleen, liver and kidney), and an electric field, which related to the surface organs (large intestine, small intestine, stomach, gallbladder and bladder). These two fields combine to form the "Electro-magnetic fields" around the body.

The deep magnetic field is the most important as it is here that deep imbalances can be identified, its position in the body can be a good indication of a person's health or ill health. Both fields can be described as oval structures, with an axis that should be aligned perfectly down the centre of the forehead and body if one is to enjoy perfect health. How far this field is out of alignment is a reflection of how chronic an illness is. There is also a psychological field that reflects our capacity for thought management, this is situated at the side of our body. A depressed person will often have their field displaced behind them, whereas an excitable person may have it in front.

We are rather like cells in a larger circuit: universal energy enters at the crown chakra and earth energies enter below the feet, with the chakras representing terminals for these beneficial energies to circulate through our bodies and light up every cell. If one of these various connections is blocked, it affects the homeostasis of the entire human organism. For one to be in perfect balance, all the chakras must be open. When we become disconnected or blocked, we begin to lose our vitality and animating life force until we are so out of balance that we are affected on a physical, emotional and psychological level. When clients have their energy fields rebalanced, they often look younger, healthier and much more alive.

ACMOS treatments are designed to restore the capacity of the body to self-heal and regulate itself. The Bioenergetician firstly takes a reading of the energy fields, using the antenna to locate the origin of any imbalance. Once this has been located the Antenna is used to identify the correct path to restore balance. ACMOS incorporates a variety of methods and medicines: energetic acupuncture, application of powerful essential oils and homeopathic remedies, minerals, trace elements and colour therapy, are all part of the ACMOS toolkit. Each missing link in the body's energy reserves is presented to the energy field in order to identify the one the body selects for rebalance. A Bioenergetician checks on thirteen different levels to detect possible imbalances, which include hormonal imbalances, Geopathic stress, psychological factors and nutritional deficiencies.

Dr Naccachian has also invented the "Biofeedback Energy Tester" which measures the centripetal energy, or latent energy reserves, in every organ in the body. If there is an imbalance the correct acupuncture points can be found to balance the body.

Testing of Food and Nutritional Supplements

The Lecher Antenna has a valuable use in identifying the energetic properties of foods, nutritional supplements, allopathic medicines and homeopathic remedies.

Products are tested with the ACMOS Lecher Antenna in terms of whether or not they emit specific beneficial frequencies. Dr Naccachian has identified the minimum vibrational frequency of anything that should be placed in the body. Any product without this frequency can be said to be harmful to the human organism and will lead to imbalance.

Dr Naccachian has also discovered the vibrational frequencies for yin and yang elements. If a product has the yang frequency this means it is very energising and would be good for a sports person or someone who needed a sudden burst of energy, whereas a yin product would be more calming. Ideally a product should have both these frequencies, as it would then be classed as a radiant and balancing product.

It is an exceptional product that emits the next frequency, the highest on the scale.

Every remedy in Dr Naccachian's tool kit has this frequency, as does fresh organic produce and supplements that are as close to nature as possible: grown without chemicals, have undergone very little processing and have no chemicals added to them.

Often my clients bring supplements for testing and I consistently find that around 80 percent are either dead – meaning they have no beneficial frequencies – or they have low vital energy readings. It is hardly surprising that so many people are out of balance because not only does the body have to cope with aggressions from the environment, imbalances are made worse by the devitalised supplements people take.

Aloe Vera is a very good example of different product energies. I have tested many different Aloe Vera products from around the world, however, I have found that very few have positive energetic readings. Aloe is a wonderful product that promotes natural healing but many companies water down their formulae or add incompatible chemicals which results in a low energetic reading. Someone taking the product may think that all Aloe products do not work, but this is not the case.

I can test a client's compatibility with a product by having them hold it in their hand whilst I measure the effect on the energy field. If the energy field is displaced then that means the product may produce imbalance.

Once the energy fields have been rebalanced and energy systems reconnected then the body is able to keep itself in balance and enjoy good health.


Client A

A lady who had been suffering for 17 years with ME type symptoms, came to see me after trying a variety of different therapies. Her energy fields were displaced as far as could be, with every chakra being blocked. After a few sessions to rebalance her fields using essential oils and homeopathic remedies she began to feel better. I then made a home visit to test for non- beneficial energies in her house, only to find that a dimmer switch was leaking electricity over the bed, which I demonstrated with the Acmopol. A device was fitted on the fuse box to transform the harmful electromagnetic pollution from her bed, very soon her energy levels were back to normal.

Client B

A young girl who had taken drugs began complaining to her doctor of a feeling of "not being in her body", she was referred to a psychiatrist who could not help her either. Feeling suicidal she came to see me, I was able to confirm her feelings by finding her psychological field two metres behind her body. After a few sessions her energy fields were rebalanced and she reported feeling normal again and able to resume a better quality of life.

Client C

A young infant of 18 months who had been on antibiotics for over a year, was prone to a persistent ear infection and suffered general ill health. On making a home visit, I detected that the baby's cot was directly on a Geopathic stress zone and there was also some electrical leakage from the light directly above the cot. I advised that the cot be moved immediately. The Geopathic aggression that had been stored in the body was then removed using colour therapy. Finally homeopathic remedies were given to repair the damage from the antibiotics. The child recovered soon afterwards.


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Michael Brooking is a practising Bioenergetician and a Consultant of Bioenergetic Medicine, carrying out product testing for health care companies. As a Bioenergetician trained in the ACMOS method of Energy Medicine, he encourages his clients to bring with them foods, medicines and personal care products for energetic testing with the Lecher Antenna. As a Consultant of Bioenergetic Medicine and parent of a lively two-year-old, he has been committed to researching into safer alternatives that are energetically tested. Please contact the product research department at the Pure Balance Mind Body Centre for more details. Michael Brooking can be contacted at Pure Balance Mind Body Centre, 1a Leicester Mews, Leicester Rd, London N2 9EJ. Tel: 020-8883 4316. Fax: 020-8961 7509. Email:

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