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Energy Tuning - An Innovative Approach to Healing

by Gerdi Altman(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 152 - November 2008

The most common complaints I hear from those who seek my help, often when all other options have been exhausted are "I just feel tired; I have no energy to do anything", or "I feel there is a lot of negative energy around me - how do I handle this?" Add those who are already struggling with more serious health challenges, and you have a fair picture of the type of clients who approach me for some Energy Tuning™, a healing approach I have developed, refined and practised with great passion and excellent results for more than a decade.

Before you decide to quickly turn the page to get away from 'yet another therapy', stay with me for just enough time to think about a few very simple questions I would like to highlight, questions so simple, so obvious and so straightforward that it will make you wonder why no one has ever asked you these before, or why they had never occurred to you.

The perfect instrument for detecting, measuring, tracking and monitoring energy is the pendulum.
The perfect instrument for detecting, measuring,
tracking and monitoring energy is the pendulum.


I think we can agree that the whole field of energy healing has become more and more complex through the sheer avalanche of theories and therapies we are bombarded with on an increasingly regular basis.  It is great to have access to so much information, but what to think of it all, and how do you choose the one that is right for you?  We risk being overwhelmed, and then end up doing nothing at all, which keeps us exactly where we don't want to be, stuck in our tiredness, ill health and misery.

Is energy really that complicated a subject, too difficult to be grasped by the average person, and does it need all these steps, 'secrets' and 'codes' that seem to pop up with such regularity that it doesn't even allow you the time to digest the previous ones? I don't think so.  Energy is very simple and it can be manipulated in very simple ways.  Everyone has it, everyone is it, and everyone can and should take control of their energy to achieve and maintain a state of health, vitality and wellbeing through simple, no nonsense methods.

Basic Questions

Let's look at those basic questions which I urge you to use to check out any energy therapy you may be tempted to try.

What is energy, and what has it got to do with you?  Do you have an understanding of it, and if not, has anyone offered you a clear, quick, easy explanation which makes at least some sense? An energy therapist should always try to explain some energy basics before suggesting any treatments. And, you should feel it has helped you to see more clearly.

You would expect people who say they have 'no energy' or 'low energy' to be in search of (more) energy, but amazingly even they are usually not at all convinced that there is something to this whole energy 'thing'. It is my experience that most people need some straight energy talking before we tackle the bigger issues; they need to realize that it is very real, that it is like electricity which makes you function, and that bad energy feels bad and good energy feels good, and when you have lots of it, you know all about it!  Often some simple but powerful words can re-activate a knowledge in the client that had simply been forgotten somewhere along the way, and this by itself can help the healing process.

Did you know that your natural state is health, vitality and wellbeing?  It is important that a therapist points this out, and explains this to each and every client because it is at the basis of all energy healing: your system will always try to get back to this natural state. Anything negative is simply incompatible with your energy and will always provoke a clash or conflict, which you would experience as feeling 'bad', illness being one of the more extreme manifestations. This is the reason why problems arise in the first place; something negative has been introduced into your system which is now rebelling and fighting back. Again, just the realization of this simple truth can make a huge difference to a client's mental state and, therefore, the further course of treatments and the healing process.

Has anyone ever checked your energy?  This may sound ridiculously simple, and it is, but unfortunately this is hardly ever done!  You may have tried various therapies or treatments, but your energy may never have been checked beforehand, and so things may have been done on the basis of assumptions and speculation.  It is essential to carry out an in-depth check-up to get an exact picture of what is going on. And, if your energy was checked, how was it done?  Was it a professional and thorough job?

If these basic issues are not addressed, or if you feel you are not given satisfactory information, then you are not being offered the absolute basics in energy care.  After many years of research, development, and working with clients all over the world, I am confident that Energy Tuning™ offers each and every client those basics and much more, and that it is a very responsible approach to energy healing.

Energy Tuning™

I know that just about any physical or emotional issue can be corrected through Energy Tuning™. I have had the opportunity and the great pleasure to see it in action for the past ten years or so, tackling things like migraine headaches, skin problems, infections, chronic fatigue, menopause problems, depression, even bad vibes in homes and workplaces.

A person does not need to be present for this therapy, and I work with clients via telephone and e-mail all around the world.  I have developed a system of such accurate energy checking by distance that clients continue to be amazed at the information I can give them about their problems from thousands of miles away.  It is not about 'magic', or being psychic (although I do believe that one does become more sensitive with experience); it is about straightforward energy work; the 'secret' is in knowing what to check and how.

The What and the How

Energy doesn't lie, people do. When I check a client's energy, I want the whole picture.  I do not want clients to tell me too much beforehand; too many stories might affect my thinking, besides it can all be found in the energy anyway.  Also, very often clients are not aware themselves of what is really going on.  As a general rule I work from a distance, even if clients happen to live in my town; this way I am not influenced by their physical presence. If, however, there is a pressing issue such as pain, I prefer to be told, so that it can be addressed immediately and the client can be given some relief from the outset.  The time to talk comes after all the treatments have been done, when the old situation is gone and when there is plenty of feedback and advice to discuss.  We always focus on the solution, not the problem.

The first thing I check is to see if a client is predominantly on a positive or a negative vibration.  When the vibration is mostly negative, it is an immediate indication that there is work to be done.  After that I go into very detailed level checking of many parts of the energy body.  On the face of it this looks like checking the physical body, where organs and systems are checked, but it is their energy 'doubles' that are scrutinized in the smallest detail and not the body itself.  Of course, there may be and there often are matches between what is found in the energy body and the physical one, but this is not always the case.  Everything happens first in the energy before it can become something physical, and so I will very often find disturbances in the energy which have not shown up in the body (as yet).  At the same time, we can find in the energy body the root causes of disturbances in the physical body. As negative energy is incompatible with us, and causes disruptions in our energy system, it is essential to find it and its causes, to eliminate it, to repair any damage it has done, and to restore balance to keep it out.  This is where the various energy clearings and treatments come in.

Clearings and Treatments

Clearings get rid of the most tenacious and extreme negative energy that may have crept into a client's system and can cause absolute havoc with a person's health, mind or environment.  I have seen many fantastic changes take place, sometimes immediately, just through a clearing.

However, most people need further care, especially if there are already health challenges. This is accomplished with different types of energy remedies, which are sent into the client's energy system. These are always energy remedies; no substance is ever involved.  For example, if the indication is that a certain herb would be beneficial, the energy of this herb, and not the physical herb itself, will be captured and adjusted in the correct way and then sent across into the client's energy system. There are literally thousands of remedies to choose from.

The perfect instrument for detecting, measuring, tracking and monitoring energy is the pendulum. By recognizing and interpreting the movements of a pendulum correctly, energy in the human body can be observed very precisely.  Pendulums can be of various weights, and made of wood, metal or other materials, and are suspended from a chain or a string. Over the years, I have learned that the pendulum is extremely reliable, providing it is used correctly and with respect.  I can see from the strength of the swing, or spin, what's going on. There's no guessing, personal opinions, experimenting, trial-and-error or hit-or-miss situation. Through an energy link with the client (which is made through their name, date of birth and location, as well as a strand of hair for the more in-depth treatments), the pendulum will give me the exact picture.


Ultimately it is all about results: people want to be healthy, full of energy and feel good, not some of the time, but most of the time, and ideally all of the time!  As I said, the energy issue is not a complicated one; it is very straightforward.  Once you know what to check and how, and what to correct and how, you're on your way.  Obviously, you need to employ a professional like me to help you with this, but it is just as important that this professional coaches you, so that you learn techniques and tools to successfully manage your energy yourself. And you have to persevere. This is the hardest part. To make permanent positive changes it has to become a way of life. This may require changes in your thinking and your life which do not happen overnight. You have to be dedicated to the project of you to such an extent that you are willing to invest the time and the effort required for a turnaround, and for sound maintenance.

Catherine Edmonds-Hahn from London, one of my clients, says she has benefited by Energy Tuning™ in many ways. Some time ago, she sought my help for extreme stress. "My life just seemed to come to a standstill and in desperation I turned to Gerdi," she says. "Though the changes were slow, bit by bit the situation around me changed. I was calmer and more able to cope. Suddenly, good things started to happen."

Another example of great change over a period of time is Lucy Harrison of Ireland, who has been seeing me for several years. She had a debilitating eye condition that caused her many problems at work. She also suffered from stress, especially when travelling. After some years of treatments, her eyesight has improved permanently and her stress levels have been reduced to such an extent that travelling to places such as Southeast Asia and India is no longer a problem. "I credit the ongoing work with Gerdi for supporting me to regain my health and the possibilities that being healthy have now opened up to me," Lucy says.

After the treatments I check the energy again, to get confirmation that the positive changes have been achieved. I know that it can take some time before this trickles through to the physical level, but clients want it now!  Sometimes it is that quick. But the healing process can be slower than hoped for, or so subtle that clients hardly notice the changes taking effect as things are being worked out in their energy. Fortunately, other people usually do notice the changes in them, and this really gets them motivated.  "What have you been doing? You look so well!" is a frequent remark.  The obvious reply would have to be "I am being tuned back to my natural state: health, vitality and wellbeing.  I'm just getting back to normal!"  But not everyone is ready to hear this yet - are you?

Further Information

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About Gerdi Altman

Gerdi Altman - Energy Coach and Healer is a qualified medical dowser and energy healer,with a diploma in medical dowsing recognized by the Institute of Complementary Medicine and accredited by Thames Valley University.  She has also acted as an examiner for the diploma course.

She has trained with well-established healers in many disciplines and developed Energy Tuning™, an energy healing approach using the Check-Clear-Tune™ method.

Having worked from the UK and internationally for many years, Gerdi has now moved her practice to Israel and treast clients wherever they reside. Gerdi may be contacted on Tel: 00972 546842165;   


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