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Energy Medicine - Achieving Your True Potential

by Michael O\'Doherty and Tom Griffin(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 38 - March 1999

Throughout the centuries, extensive research has been conducted into all forms of bio-energy and related concepts. Scientists, physicists, chemists, biologists, physicians, doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists from many parts of the world have contributed to this research. Many famous names such as Dr Robert Becker, Orthopaedic Surgeon, have conducted research into the bio-electrical properties of the body - the results of which he published in his book "The Body Electric". Becker's interest in the process of regeneration - not yet explained by modern science - led him to conclude that the secret lies in the unifying bio-electrical properties of the body.

Dr Bjorn Nordenstrom Specialist in Radiology and a Pioneer in Needle Biopsy, now in common use, spent two decades of meticulous research on the bio-electrical fields of the body. His book "Biologically Closed Electrical Circuits, Clinical, Experimental and Theoretical Evidence for an Additional Circulatory System", has been ignored by conventional medicine. His thesis is that the body contains a complex electrical system that regulates the activity of the internal organs and is the foundation of health. He has applied his theories also. He has treated tumours with specially devised electrical probes.

Michael O'Doherty working on a patient with another therapist
Michael O'Doherty working on a patient with another therapist

Recent scientific studies have focused on the mysteries of morphogenesis, how actual forms of living things come into being. In the past thirty years, biological science has discovered much about DNA, its structure and how it codes the sequence of amino acids and proteins. However, data on DNA does not explain why an organism takes a particular form. DNA is the set of instructions but something else must act on the DNA to unlock and interpret the Code to cause different parts of the genetic form to be expressed as each cell comes into being.

Modern Healing

Since the discovery of bacteria, modern medicine has centred on a biochemical model of disease. Molecules and changes in molecules are the central thrust of research, while diseased tissue is the focus of diagnosis and treatment. Biochemical evidence is the basis of administering drugs with a view to altering and controlling the changes in molecules. The person is secondary to the pathology. Emotions, environment and complex energetic interactions are secondary to this biochemical malfunctioning. The regenerative power of the body is given a minor role in the process of healing. While it can be extremely effective in dealing with some diseases like pneumonia or syphilis, the biochemical model has serious limitations when dealing with disease syndromes, functional problems and complex chronic diseases that do not readily respond to simple cause and effect. The molecular, biochemical model, with its linear cause and effect approach, its idea of specific etiology - all solidly "Newtonian" and "Descartian" leads to a mountain of details and facts about the body but tends to lose sight of the person as an integrated entity.

The successes are undeniable and impressive. Powerful chemicals efficiently eradicate proliferating bacteria but can just as powerfully intervene in the delicate homeostasis, causing serious side-effects. They can be toxic. Furthermore, if a specific causative factor, such as a bacterium or virus, cannot be found, then the cause and the cure, remain nebulous.

It must be said that the biochemical approach has resulted in some brilliant achievements but does not fully account for the spectrum of health and disease. If there is a case to be made for research into the mystery of degeneration or regeneration in an effort to prevent the degeneration in the first place. Can we discover the factors that lead to immune deficiency (which possibly leads to Candida Albicans, Epstein-Barr Virus and certainly leads to AIDS). Can the study of the subtle homeostasis of health find a place among the strong-arm tactics of biochemical and surgical intervention. The monumental effort to make medicine into a consistent science solely based on biochemical data tends to disregard the traditional art of healing based on homeostasis and bio-energy.

The acceptance of a holistic approach involves an understanding of bio-energy, homeostasis and integrity of the whole. Each person is seen as a unique individual, a complex ecological system of inter-related parts, vitalised and regulated by the bio-energy.

Each person is also in vital relationship to the outside environment, climate, family, occupation, society and cosmic forces. Disease is an expression of imbalance in this complex web of life.

Given the fact that the human being has evolved to the realisation that they are composed of much more than what is contained within the physical element, there is a need for Society to be educated as to how the human being functions energetically. Each individual interacts with everything energetically and reacts accordingly. If the energetic system of the human being becomes traumatised or experiences any form of turbulence by means of negative emotions, environmental problems, genetic imbalances, etc., the physical body will reflect this in the form of illness.

Given this understanding, many people attending complimentary medical clinics are achieving great success in transforming their illness by being educated to understand their true potential and engaging in a process of self-exploration. This potential is latent within each and everyone of us and the catalyst to unlocking this potential is often an illness or a crisis. This illness or crisis can be seen as a problem or an opportunity and this will depend on the environment that the person seeks to deal with this energy.

Today, people are seeking therapies that will expose them to other dimensions of themselves. They learn that every human being has the right to be healthy and has the right to evolve and the latent power is encoded within every cell of our being. What is explained to people is that if the flow of energy can be re-established through the body, through the appropriate channels, that this energy has within it its own intelligence to unlock the coding of regeneration and development. Based on the experience of clinical work within the Plexus System, this energy also seems to in some way delete cellular memory of negative imprints and also affects the chemical makeup in a positive way.

For example, Hughie Rice attended a clinic suffering from spinal injuries after a motorbike accident which left him paralysed in one leg and in a wheelchair. Hughie had received medical attention and had been in hospital for sometime but doctors could not diagnose exactly what was wrong. The medical prognosis was that Hughie would not walk again. We began working with Hughie, using specific hand techniques to diagnose where the energy had become blocked and this was done by scanning the energy field using our trained extra sensory abilities. A process of correction and re-balancing was then initiated over a period of three weeks. At this stage, Hughie began to show improvement. Shortly afterwards, power returned to Hughie's leg and he began to walk again.

Anti-clockwise hand movements have the effect of releasing built-up energy in any energy centre i.e. in the case of Hughie Rice, clockwise movements on the first and second energy centres in his lower spine were the focus of the Therapy, he was badly blocked there. The first centre is located at the very lowest point of the spinal axis. It symbolises the interaction and connectedness of the organism. It is linked to the quantity of physical energy a person possesses and to the will to live. When this centre is functioning properly, a person will have powerful will to live. When this centre is blocked, a person will not make a strong impression on the physical world and will generally avoid physical activity. This centre is also responsible for sending energy to particular parts of the body (including the bones, blood, muscles, body tissues, adrenal glands, some internal organs and the sex organs), so it is a very important centre for a child's growth and development. If this centre is malfunctioning, various illnesses can result. An energy blockage at the Second Centre can have the effect of lowering a person's vitality. This centre also controls the bladder and can be adversely affected if either the throat, head or spinal centres are not functioning properly.

Many children and babies have recovered from breathing difficulties, digestive disorders, skin disorders, etc., which shows the hidden intelligence of the body to communicate energetically without any aspect of Super Renalti (suggestion or faith).

The movements are carried out very gently, being always soft, connected and relaxed. A movement of crossing the hands along the spine is always carried out at the beginning and at the end of the treatment. It has the effect of strengthening and establishing the energy balance in the body.

In healing, time goes backwards in order to release the initial negative imprints on the energy system which are in effect the blockages. These imprints can cause the energetic system of the body to become overloaded affecting the entire system.

Once the sub-atomic levels of our being become altered, cell metabolism becomes confused, causing chemical imbalances which in turn affect every organ.

The neurological system becomes affected as a result of accompanying spinal misalignments resulting in neurological confusion. A total or holistic treatment would have to include working with the bio-energy system in order for the true healing potential of the human being to emerge.

Having treated many thousands of people using the Plexus System as a tool to unlock their potential to regain their health, has reconnected them to another dimension of themselves which leads to a better quality of life, positive vision and their true potential.

The primary aim of the Therapy is to locate any energy disturbances using a series of unique hand movements to scan the energy field which surrounds the body. Encoded within its electrical pattern this energy field contains information which can be regarded as the original "blueprint" of the person being treated and also information which accurately reflects their current physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state.

Having located these energy blockages and imbalances, the Therapist then proceeds to release these blockages through another series of unique hand movements and this in turn enables the life energy to flow through the body. This energy through its own intelligence vibrates through to the very core of our being and unlocks the healing ability lying dormant within every cell of the body.

Given the present climate, there is a need for both orthodox medicine and complimentary medicine to come together to create a better climate to enable people to experience a better quality of life and to realise their true potential.

Case Studies

Ann Mockler suffered from polymyalgia rhumatica which left her paralysed and bed-ridden. She had seen many specialists and was taking twelve cortisone tablets plus eight distalgestic and several other forms of medication every day.

A similar process of treatment was carried out and also Ann was taught how to diet properly, specific active meditative techniques, breathing techniques and exercises. After a period of three months, Ann Mockler regained her health.

In the case of Ann Mockler, her Solar Plexus was very depleted and clockwise hand movements several inches outside this centre re-energised her personal power centre.

The third centre or Solar Plexus is located above the naval. In general, it participates in the digestive functions and is connected with the fire element. It is the seat of the emotions and is sometimes called "the abdominal brain". It is related to the pleasure that comes from knowing oneself and one's place in the scheme of things, which in turn comes from a mental understanding of the emotions. This centre has an important role to play in the control and on-going health of the pancreas, liver, diaphragm, large intestine, appendix and lungs. It acts as a clearing house for the rest of the energy centres since energies from the higher and lower centres all pass through here.

Paul Wharton was crippled in a rail crash which left him with severe back and neck injuries. He walked with the aid of crutches and was in excruciating pain and had to wear a surgical collar twenty-four hours a day. Paul was treated in a similar fashion one year ago and within three weeks of the initial therapy, returned to full health.

Paul was quoted as saying "I have gone from taking an extremely high level of drugs to having no painkillers, no sticks and no collar. They have given me back life".


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