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Post Treatment Re-Action following the Application of Alternative Medicine

by Alexander Barrie(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 181 - April 2011

When suffering a given medical condition we are in the habit of believing that we may obtain a 'quick-fix' to remedy it, and consequently all will be well again!


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  • Re-actions to alternative medical treatment, including Bodywork Therapies, may give rise to physical discomposure and some mental and emotional anxiety. This adverse experience by the patient may be felt particularly following the first and the second treatments;
  • Physiologically the body will be undergoing a curious change. The treatment will have started a process whereby elements within the body begin to 'push and to pull' the physiological functions back into better balance with one another;
  • The process is also one of cleansing and detoxifying on both a physical and a psychological level, and as stated above may not be easy to endure - but 'running the gauntlet' in this way will pay dividends in the end health-wise;
  • Disagreeable manifestations, physical and emotional, may be discussed with the therapist concerned;
  • Perhaps a minimum of six treatments will be required to 'turn the corner' so to speak, as regards to the lessening of the strength of the Condition in question - the condition or conditions you originally sought to diminish, or to enjoy its or their eventual elimination;
  • It should be born in mind that allopathic remedies prescribed by your doctors served only to change or to obliterate the Symptoms of your Disorder - they did not cure it. Indeed, they may well have driven the ramifications of that ailment further into your physiological systems only to manifest later in time as something worse and debilitating. The probability now is that you may have to deal with, and to endure the consequences of these past deeds.

Curiously, not much is written about post-treatment re-actions patients may suffer. Perhaps it is because we practitioners do not readily acknowledge after treatment discomfort and unease; it might reflect a treatment we administered as incompetent.

We should be guardedly delighted when a patient suffers a re-action, because in most cases it means that we have mobilized those interior body elements that will contribute to a favourable physiological change; rehabilitation may now be possible.

Many 'alternative' therapies engender a re-action as a result of administering their remedies first time round for a given ailment. These re-actions usually do not exceed beyond the first three treatments. A process of detoxification is always in progress within these first healing protocols.

Dividends in the form of physiological progress should follow as the treatments help to push and pull the body systems back into balance - balance being the operative word.

Homeopathic post re-actions are expected, and happen normally within 24 hours. Herbal administrations re-act over several days, as do the more energetic type therapies such as with Acupuncture. Japanese Shiatsu may have a 7-day cycle for its action to be complete.

Altogether, the excitation of the body's physiological system, the visceral functions, muscles, sinews, fascia, nerves, fluids and other structures, is favourable, to engender a necessary change not only for the physical body but also for the 'etheric' body, so called.

Toxic body sediment dislodged by treatment will make an exit, amongst other organs, via the Liver and Small Intestine. Hence, a temporary mild Ague or malaise may be experienced.

Psionic Medicine lore states that a medical condition, even when resolved, may leave its effect for years afterwards. It is explained thus: following the resolution of an illness. various and vague adverse symptoms continue because that original illness left a distorting/disturbing pattern recorded within the 'etheric' body. (Thought of as a sort of 'fall out' as from a nuclear explosion). The naming of these distortions: Miasms. These may be cleared, and therefore the 'etheric' body restored. homeopathically. Of course there have to be other methods of restoration such as with the administering of 'Reiki' treatment.

These detoxifying and cleansing processes have various names in various therapies

Healing-crisis We use this term in the West and is~ self-explanatory - it may occur following several treatments;

Jei du This term is applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Meaning: to induce a re-action ultimately for the good;

Energy-cyst ..... or release of it, as put forward discreetly by Cranio-sacral Therapy lore. Energy-cyst is the term given to the lodgement of disturbance/distortion in a given area within the energetic and physical bodies following illness or trauma.;

Menken This term given in Japanese Shiatsu. It means purposely to induce a re-action to change thereby, a stubborn condition physiologically In a patient causing initial discomfort;

Ayurvedic Medicine There are many cleansing techniques recommended for different types of man suitable for detox~tying his system Thus, a new beginning will assist a favourable change when subsequently, other remedies are applied. The re-actions to this initial detoxification are usually painful.

Those who drink alcohol immoderately, and smoke cigarettes, (cigarettes that, by the way, adversely affects the heart and the kidneys as well as the lungs), those who have been taking prescribed drugs and those who are consuming un-prescribed drugs, others who have suffered epidurals, regular aspirin taking, antibiotics to water tablets (water tablets, sounds so innocent!), The Pill, and more, all are more likely, following alternative medical treatment, to experience a powerful and difficult post-healing re-action. And as a result many of these people may not stay the healing course, it being too painful in its early stages.

It is known that women who suffer from post-natal depression are the ones most likely to have been on a course of prescribed drugs, either before, during, or after pregnancy: and possibly some years well before pregnancy. Substances, prescribed and un-prescribed having a deleterious lasting effect well after the consumption of these substances have ceased.

Goerge Oshawa (who founded Macro-biotics) explained it well when he said: "What has a front has a back".[1] In other words, do something or take a substance now for allaying a need or quashing pain, and pay for that later because the consequences of our actions were not thought-out.

In concluding. I would proffer that post-treatment re-actions indicate that the energetic systems have been primed into greater activity, and stagnation of blood, body fluids, clectrical and energetic conduction have been challenged for the good. All life is movement, and when movement ceases there is atrophy. To be positive with patients, explaining re-action processes, and that this may mean for them their particular roadway back to health, should be encouraged.

1. Michio Kushi. The Book of Macrobiotics. Japan Publications Inc. 1987.


  1. Roger said..

    Nice explanation of post-treatment reaction to alternative medicine. I didn't expect it can bring to anxiety. Nevertheless, if you consider alternative medicine to be useful you have to consult with doctor first as is mentioned at custom writing and do/ take only what is agreed with him.

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