Issue 281 September 2022


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Articles in this issue:

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  1. Nature, Microbes & Us

    Rajgopal Nidamboor

  2. Characteristics of Wisdom

    Michael Levy

  3. High Functioning Autism in the Workplace

    Frances Coombes

  4. Controversy in Optimism v. Pessimism

    Alexander Barrie

  5. Demystifying and Tackling Stress

    Denise Iordache

  6. Wave Genetics as Developed by the Late Professor Peter Gariaev

    Roger S Meacock

  7. Soften The Blow of Killer Heels

    Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

  8. NEEM and Anti-Ageing

    Klaus Ferlow

  9. The Nasopharynx

    M Amir

  10. C1 and C2 Vertebrae Misalignment Symptoms

    Dr Brent Wells DC

  11. How Yoga Can Help Reduce Stress

    Ronie Salazar

  12. Letters to the Editor Issue 281


  13. Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 281

    Cherry Coad Aldridge

  14. Editorial Issue 281

    Sandra Goodman PhD

Research updates in this issue:

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  1. cancer

  2. cfs me long covid

  3. essential fatty acids

  1. homeopathy

  2. immune function

  3. infertility

  1. macular degeneration

  2. meditation

  3. multiple sclerosis

  1. sleep

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