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Wave Genetics as Developed by the Late Professor Peter Gariaev

by Roger S Meacock(more info)

listed in dna gene expression, originally published in issue 281 - September 2022


Few scientists have contributed so much to a single field as Professor Peter Gariaev PhD has done to revolutionize our understanding of DNA. He is maybe best known for his discovery in 1984 of the Phantom DNA effect whereby an electromagnetic trace is still detectable in water after the DNA has been removed from the solution. His discoveries and theories that he developed into the practical treatment system known as Wave Genetics is the culmination of his understanding and the combination of Quantum biophysics with clinical medicine. His unexpected passing (17.11.2020), only a few weeks after receiving his much-deserved Nobel Prize nomination must surely have been the only reason he didn’t receive the highest institutional accolade for his work. I have no doubt however that he felt the greatest joy from hearing how everyday people benefited from the self-healing triggered by Wave Genetics for conditions conventional medicine had told them was incurable.

Professor Petar Garyayev - The Pioneer of Wave Genetics



Gregor Mendel’s work on the garden pea is commonly recognized as the start of what later became known as Mendelian Inheritance and remains the foundation of the mainstream understanding of modern genetics following Mendel’s published work in 1866. The recognition dating back to 1910 of chromosomes, and genes that occupy specific stations on the chromosomes is still the basis for our understanding of genetics today. 

In 1953, Crick & Watson elucidated the double helix structure for DNA along with the pairings of nucleotides that earned them their Nobel Prize. This led to the interpretation of sequences of nucleotides as codons that code for certain amino acids. You would expect a system of genes and sequences of DNA that code for such complex eukaryotic organisms to require a very precise and accurate coding, but it has since been proven not to exist.  For example, it turns out that the triplet UUU codes for both phenylalanine and leucine, which is inconsistent with the declared unambiguity of the DNA-RNA encoding of amino acids in proteins.  Consequently, Crick developed the Wobble Hypothesis to explain that the third nucleotide in codons is somewhat fluid because there are a variety of different codons within DNA that do not correspond to a single amino acid. Ulf Lagerkvist developed this further according to his Two-out-of-Three rule whereby amino acids are coded not by triplet, but by doublet of nucleotides in a triplet.  When it becomes necessary to fiddle and smudge “the rules” for something requiring such precise instruction, it rather suggests that the understanding is flawed and is certainly not the whole story.

Dr Craig Venter led the International Human Genome Project that drafted the first sequence of the human genome. They concluded that only about the 5% of the encoding triplets of DNA are used to direct our construction and function. The rest was considered to be "Junk" DNA, although this idea has since been revised. 

Regardless of this now imprecise understanding of DNA that indicates there must be other factors to how it functions, it hasn’t stopped the reliance on this limited understanding to consider that only through gene splicing with technology such as CRSIPR can our genes and thus certain physical and/or functional characteristics be altered. It would be wrong to consider that CRISPR [Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats] doesn’t enable such changes on one level, but on the basis that we have an incomplete understanding of how DNA functions, we cannot therefore have a full grasp of the full implications of such gene splicing and editing technologies either, including the new wave of mRNA “vaccines”.

Russian scientists took a different investigative route to reach their understanding of DNA that western scientists ignored. In 1925, AA Lubishchev recognized that our DNA and genes are not the code for the living organism in themselves but are the link to our bio-informational field where this information resides and operates at the quantum level as waves and fields. This confirmed what AG Gurvich had already proposed.  Another Russian, N Beklemishev came to the same conclusion through his work a few years later.

When Dr Peter Gariaev, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as the Academy of Sciences in New York put together his team to investigate DNA, he already recognized that it was not a case of just sequencing the nucleotides and codons. He took a broader approach and included Biophysicists, Molecular Biologists, Embryologists and even Linguistic experts in his research team.  They concluded that the supposed junk DNA that has been completely neglected and forgotten by western mainstream science was not a redundant leftover of evolution at all. Linguistic studies revealed that the sequencing of the codons of the “non-coding” DNA follow the rules of grammatical syntax that gives context to the coding DNA.  Dr Gariaev’s team discovered that there is a definite structure and logic in the sequence of these triplets, creating a biological language such that the codons effectively form words and sentences, just like our spoken language follows grammatical rules.

Dr Gariaev continued his research into the function of DNA and concluded that due to its wave and particle basis and in line with its linguistic characteristics, DNA functions on an electromagnetic and acoustic level and can thus be reprogrammed using frequency as sound and words. He then did a remarkable experiment in which he shone a low-power laser through some Salamander embryos in one container onto some frog embryos in a separate container. The frog embryos developed into adult Salamanders. This proved that not only does DNA have an informational aspect that determines its expression, but that it is possible to pick up and transfer this information using lasers, and that post transfer this information remains coherent by its ability to successfully direct the frog embryos to express the Salamander DNA information.

Laser Salamander experiment

Dr Gariaev postulated that the genome is multi-dimensional and exists in a chromosome continuum – a stable wave that travels throughout the organism along the highly structured double helix DNA and holds the genetic information as electromagnetic and acoustic holograms. He considered that these holograms that create nodes on the universal hologram as a record of all that is and has been, are the true record of our genetic blueprint.

Dr Gariaev performed another experiment in which laboratory rats were given a pancreatic toxin called alloxan that induced a diabetic state. One third of these rats were untreated as the control group with none surviving after 4-6 days. Just before dying, the treated rats were exposed to the DNA information captured from a healthy rat pup pancreas. Over 90% of the treated rats survived and regained their pancreatic function by day 10, including one group that were 20km from the source of the Matrix. By this experiment Dr Gariaev proved that information collected from correctly functioning organs can be used to direct unhealthy organs to repair and regain function. Likewise, the healing information within natural healing products such as herbs, royal jelly etc. that help instruct the body how to self-heal can also be captured using this laser technique and turned into sounds.

DNA is also very closely linked in its double helix structure to water. Luc Montagnier recognised that the gap between a turn of the double helix is such that a single molecule of water sits between each turn. He published a variation on Dr Gariaev’s 2003 experiment that proved that DNA functions on a wave and informational level. Dr Montagnier used homeopathic dilutions of bacterial DNA that had transferred its signature frequency to “blank” pure water such that PCR was able to reconstruct an almost exact replica of the bacterial DNA sequence.  This ability to generate the DNA by PCR was maintained even after the electromagnetic signal had been emailed to a distant laboratory prior to reconstructing the DNA.

With these and other experiments, Dr Gariaev proved that genetic data and information held on the quantum level can be captured, transferred and influenced using electromagnetic and acoustic waves. His next step was to realize that a photograph not only captures our physical image but is also a means to link back to the universal hologram node that holds our DNA information at the time the photo was taken.  By scanning a photograph and recording the reflections this DNA information can be captured. This digital signal can then be converted into a .WAV or mp3 sound file. Because DNA information is naturally held as an acoustic hologram it readily responds to these captured sounds that are very similar in nature to white noise or a badly tuned radio.

Ageing and DNA Deterioration

What is Ageing? 

We can define aging in terms of our DNA health. Every chromosome has a region of repetitive DNA sequences at each end that is called a telomere. A bit like the plastic end on a shoelace, the telomeres protect the ends of chromosomes from becoming frayed or tangled. Each time a cell divides, the telomeres become slightly shorter. Eventually, they no longer protect the chromosome, so the cell can no longer divide successfully, and it dies.  Gerontologists have been looking for ways to stop or reduce this shortening of the telomeres, and even how to increase them as a means to extending life. What this idea fails to address is the damage that occurs to the DNA between the telomeres. Electromagnetic radiation is just one such cause that humans have been steadily increasing over recent decades that can cause single and/or double strand breakages to our DNA. The shortening of the wavelengths in use will tend to increase this effect as the wavelength more closely approximates to the length and thus the resonance of our DNA.

In theory, our DNA is at its healthiest when and soon after we are born (point A in the picture above). How healthy we remain into old age is determined by how well we manage the inevitable DNA deterioration.  No system is 100% efficient, so ageing is impossible to stop however much we can slow it down. As our DNA deteriorates the information associated with it becomes distorted.  To begin with we are able to compensate to a certain degree, but over time the DNA information distortion becomes established and creates chronic disease.  Once established, the disease process is effectively supported by the DNA deterioration too.  As a generalisation, this is why chronic disease is more common and affects more body systems in older people (point B in the picture above).

What Dr Gariaev’s Wave Genetics enables us to do, is to use the DNA information captured from our baby photo to create a sound file that simply by listening to it on a regular basis will reconnect our DNA with its earlier, healthy DNA information.

Wave Genetics Resets DNA Reference

By listening to the sound file of our DNA information captured from the photo at point A on the DNA deterioration curve, the disease processes that were supported by the DNA deterioration between points A and B are no longer supported. Consequently, our body expresses our health associated with the earlier time rather than at point B. When the disease processes are no longer supported, the symptoms disappear through the action of the body maintaining the physical and functional attributes of its earlier DNA information.

Whilst most people resort to Wave Genetics as a means to remove the DNA information support for their current ill health, Wave Genetics can potentially help us maintain a more youthful and healthier state regardless of our age or health status. It is the ultimate biohack because everyone can benefit. It can be used for the animal members of our family too.

Those who do not have access to a healthy baby photo can utilize one of a close blood relative where the resonant frequency of the DNA acoustic hologram is sufficiently close to be able to influence theirs.  This technique can also be used for helping those with congenital disorders such as Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Cystic Fibrosis etc. where a sibling or parent without the congenital disorder can substitute their photo to create a sound file that helps significantly improve the physical, mental and spiritual function given that our DNA is a representation of everything we are on all these levels. The quality of the photograph is not important. The only proviso is that there is only one subject in the original photograph so that only the correct single link to the desired DNA information is present to be captured. Cropping or otherwise editing someone out does not remove their DNA information. Maybe indigenous peoples who were reportedly reluctant for their photographs to be taken were instinctively aware that their DNA information would be captured?!

Those without access to a suitable photograph, can still benefit from listening to universally applicable sound files that are associated with certain body systems, organs or joints and from healing substances.  These universal sound files can also be programmed into creams for topical use. Unlike conventional topical creams, the information is equally present in small amounts as large ones, so use of the cream is not dose dependent based on the amount used.

It's not a Magic Wand!

Using Wave Genetics is not a licence to abuse our body with poor nutrition and a bad lifestyle. It is not an overnight transformation either, although people frequently report benefits soon after they start listening. It takes different times for different body systems to respond although the whole body is being worked on at the same time.


Although some of Dr Gariaev’s experiments have been repeated and verified by other scientists, for most people, the ability to use their baby photo to capture their baby DNA information sounds totally far-fetched.  Dr Gariaev was attacked by fellow academics despite the fact that since about 2011 when Dr Gariaev started offering this service publicly, many people have written testimonials in relation to their recovery from many different states of disease – from strokes, to IBS and life-changing injuries amongst many other conditions. The ancient Chinese proverb “Man who says it cannot be done shouldn’t stop man who is doing it” springs to mind.

Dr Gariaev’s most notable official recognition came from the Nobel Prize Committee who informed him in October 2020 that he had been short-listed for the 2021 Nobel Prize for medicine. It is a great loss to humanity that Dr Gariaev unexpectedly died in Nov 2020 with barely a mention in any of the scientific or national press.  His gift to the World that he has left behind promises to offer the most profound and evolutionary development in biophysical and informational medicine and other fields.

Future Potential

Prevention has always been better than cure. The potential is for every baby to have their own sound Matrix produced soon after birth as a means to maintain their best health throughout life simply by listening to it on a regular basis.  Dr Gariaev is on record for saying that he doesn’t see why people couldn’t potentially live to be 1000 years old! Whether anybody can or will want to is another question that only time will tell! 


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About Roger S Meacock

Roger S Meacock BVSc MRCVS qualified as a veterinary surgeon in 1992, but has been treating his patients using cutting edge medical technologies since 1998. He has clients throughout the UK and abroad. As a vet he specializes in treating horses and dogs primarily, but also treats people as a Human Practitioner. He specializes in treating clinical cases where conventional approaches offer little hope, or are failing or where people prefer a more natural approach from the start.  Roger was the first vet in the world to routinely use Scenar and the e-Lybra bioresonance system.  Recently Roger has added Wave Genetics to his healing toolbox with great results.  He can be contacted via Wave Genetics (UK) Ltd  on Tel: 07866 687 296;  and for his Vet/human work via    Natural Healing Solutions


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