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Roger S Meacock BVSc MRCVS qualified as a veterinary surgeon in 1992, but for the past ten years has been treating his patients using cutting edge medical technologies. He travels throughout the UK and abroad treating horses, people and dogs primarily. Roger was the first vet to routinely use Scenar and the e-Lybra bioresonance system.  He has been using Quinton Marine Plasma in his practice for nearly two years in which time he has had successes in treating allergies, autonomic imbalances of various manifestations, inflammatory conditions and, of course, TD his dog for kidney failure. Roger is committed to spreading the word about Quinton products, and is now importing and distributing them to practitioners in the UK. More information is available on  www.quinton-water.com Roger may be contacted on Tel: 01666 510457roger@naturalhealingsolutions.co.uk    

Articles by Roger S Meacock

  1. Skenar Healing Devices

    Listed in animals

    Much has been written in the West regarding the Russian Skenar devices, most of which is anecdotal. Not surprisingly, the scientific community has been skeptical about a device whic...

  2. Energy Balancing with the e-Lybra 8 System

    Listed in animals

    In this article which focuses on the e-Lybra 8 system – a technology that has spawned various offshoot products combining modern hi-tech products with Energy Medicine â€â€...

  3. Quinton Marine Plasma - Medical and Nutritional Applications

    Listed in nutraceuticals

    This article explains the Quinton Marine Plasma QMP), its medical and nutritional applications and why it could be considered the ideal nutritional treatment and supplement capable ...

  4. A Holistic Approach and Scenar to Treat Lameness in a Horse

    Listed in animals

    The following case study demonstrates how a lateral-thinking approach to equine lameness can often result in a successful conservative approach to treatment avoiding radical surger...

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