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Energy Balancing with the e-Lybra 8 System

by Roger S Meacock(more info)

listed in animals, originally published in issue 128 - October 2006

The e-Lybra 8® has been under on-going development and improvement since 1991 by Victor Sims, inventor and founder of World Development Systems Ltd. The mother technology used in the system has spawned various off-shoot products that combine modern high tech products with Energy Medicine healing arts. Victor's vision and expertise in both fields ensures new and exciting developments of the technology that is revolutionizing the way in which healing can be delivered universally.

Picture of dog standing on hind-legs

Health Background

Hippocrates is credited with advising us to treat the individual in preference to the disease on the basis that there is no absolute status with regard to health. We live in a constant state of health flux, where the immune system is constantly warding off infections and cancer cells, etc., and our body is hopefully adapting to our ever-changing environment. When these processes are working to keep us above the threshold of disease, we are blissfully unaware of this constant battle inside us, and regard ourselves as 'healthy'. Our ability to stay healthy relies on our adaptive capacity – that is the speed at which our body systems can respond and adapt to changes in the environment, both external and internal. However, there is a finite amount of body reserves available in maintaining our adaptive capacity, and invariably the process is less than 100% efficient. Over time, cells fail to function as required, and subsequently there is a tailing off of organ function and cellular repair associated with ageing, poor lifestyle, pollution, stress, etc. At first the deterioration is hardly noticeable, but then becomes apparent in minor ways before a major problem ensues maybe years later. A good example of this is our ability to drink alcohol. As teenagers we don't get hangovers – the liver appears to be functioning perfectly. If we continue to drink, the liver deteriorates further, and after a period of time, dependent on the amount we drink, we encounter the first hangover! If we drink to excess we risk liver failure later in life. This whole process can take many years, or may never reach the stage of complete liver failure, but alcohol has been compromising our liver function right from the beginning. Given the holistic nature of our body function, alcohol has, directly and indirectly, contributed to deterioration in other areas of the body too. In this scenario, to treat the liver alone is failing to recognize the wider deterioration. In theory, if we aim to energetically balance the body to restore its overall adaptive capacity, then the whole organism is recoverable. In practice, the ability of the body to recover is also being compromised by the on-going deterioration, and achieving the necessary level of balance to maximize adaptive capacity may not be attainable.

There is a widely held belief within the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) community that disease starts in the emotional and progresses to the physical. This makes no sense. We know from work published by Candice Pert that the biochemistry changes according to emotions. There is no delay in this process – they happen simultaneously. Thus, the physical begins to be effected by emotion from the moment the emotion is experienced. There is often a time delay to the point at which the repercussions of that changing biochemical process become clinically apparent physically, which is where the misunderstanding has arisen. In treatment, we therefore need to address the emotional and the physical simultaneously in order to enable a lasting cure.

Unfortunately, we are not born with perfect adaptive capacity. Epigenetics is a growing field of study that indicates that we are born with information associated with the genetic code but not held within that code. Unless addressed, epigenetic information that is pathological is an on-going drive that will reduce our adaptive capacity. Conversely, there is also likely to be epigenetic information passed on from our ancestors that enhances our ability to live in a changing external environment. It is, therefore, important to be able to recognize epigenetic information that confers advantages and that which confers disadvantages. Healing practices based on biofeedback often work on the assumption that there is an innate knowledge of the body that allows it to recognize what is beneficial or damaging to the body on the individual level, and this should naturally include epigenetics.

Given our inherent imbalances, an ideal system of treatment aims to help maximize the body's adaptive capacity, thereby facilitating the energetic balance of that individual in relation to his/her environment. An ideal treatment must also be able to take into consideration the position within that environment at the time of treatment, including such influences as emotion, epigenetics, etc. On this basis I regard the e-Lybra 8® as an ideal treatment system.

Given that everything about us and around us has its own vibrational signature, everything has potential use as an energetic influence or remedy. This includes conventionally recognized remedies, such as homeopathics, herbs, crystals, etc., and also less considered potential remedies based on parts of the body, enzymes, pathogens and even pharmaceuticals! Not many CAM practitioners would consider the potential benefit from the energetic signature of pharmaceuticals, but in energetic terms they are as potentially valid as any other energetic remedy.

e-Lybra 8®

The e-Lybra 8® system uses a biofeedback mechanism to objectively check for a bio-resonance effect between any combination of nearly 300,000 such remedies, and the energy field of the person, animal, plant or land being balanced. The analysis and treatment programme can be run with the individual attached to the system by comfortable straps or using a witness sample, such as some hair or a distance treatment based solely on personal identifying information. Given that the remedy is being checked against the energy field, it means that the remedies are potentially effective on an emotional, spiritual and physical level or any combination of all three. The e-Lybra 8®, therefore, uses the body's innate knowledge of itself to identify which remedy, or remedies, are appropriate to that individual in order to most efficiently achieve overall balance and maximize adaptive capacity.

Classical homeopathic remedy uses have been identified on the basis of their noticeable effects through 'proving'. In order for the Homeopath to correctly prescribe, it requires appropriate questions and the patient or animal owner to be sufficiently aware of themselves or their animals to give the correct response. There is invariably room for error beyond Homeopath control. The beauty of the e-Lybra 8® system, from my perspective as a Veterinarian especially, is its objectivity and ability to match remedies in a manner that is completely independent of any anthropomorphic considerations or projections by the owner or clinician. Remedies will also be identified that might be considered 'off-prescription' without any risk. This ability to match remedies to an individual for reasons beyond our ability to comprehend means that the lists of remedies matched to the individual cannot and should not be used on their own in a diagnostic manner.

e-Lybra 8 System

The e-Lybra 8® system will programme blank homeopathic tablets or alcohol-based solutions with the signatures of remedies according to the bioresonance as 'chosen' by the individual. The remedies can be included at a specific potency as determined by a trained homeopath, or at multiple potency on the basis that the individual will extract the frequencies out of the tablet/liquid remedy that are appropriate at that time. The BIM potency exclusive to the e-Lybra 8® system not only includes a wide range of potencies for each remedy, but also a choice of instruction for the body as to how to use that remedy. Thus, although there are only 285,000 energy signatures in the database at present, with multiple signature and potency and instructional prefixes, the overall number of possibilities of end complex remedy run to many millions! The system can also be used to make or include a MORA-type remedy from a hair sample if desired. It is useful at times to be able to 'broadcast' the chosen signatures at distance for as long as required in serious situations. Personally I find the e-Lybra 8® to be hugely versatile and easy to use in any situation. There are other innovative e-Lybra 8® practitioners finding new and exciting ways of using the technology too. Techniques have been developed to help people fight addiction to nicotine with well over 90% success rate but with equal potential for any addictive chemical. The technology has been combined with transmitters on farms to help improve egg quality, reduce parasitism in fish and poultry farms and energize farm land amongst other applications.

Whilst not all of the above is entirely new, some of the key elements are, and the spin-off technology that has evolved from the e-Lybra 8® threatens to revolutionize health delivery on a personal level for the non-practitioner as well.

Off-shoot Technologies

The e-Lybra 8® system allows the practitioner to formulate combinations of remedies aimed at treating certain ailments. Some formulae are already included in the software package, and are also used in the eLybra®iPod nano. Instead of song tracks that are listened to via headphones, different formulae may be selected as tracks that are broadcast to the immediate five mile radius vicinity with a mini FM transmitter attached to the iPod. There are various formulae for boosting the immune system, revitalizing the body's organs, clearing viruses, etc. I use mine when I'm asleep to help direct my body's healing according to areas of weakness I perceive at that time, or to give myself a general tune-up. Such technology allows the facility for group treatments, and for a practitioner to dowse or otherwise determine a programme of treatments for their iPod-owning clients as in-between sessions treatment. Those clients who take responsibility to learn how to become more energetically aware themselves will be able to self-determine which healing tracks are appropriate, and self-treat accordingly.

The Resonance Key® is a hand-held device about the size of your hand, with ten different pre-set programmes that deliver upto 285,000 remedy vibrations via LEDs, a low power pulsing electromagnetic field and a silver contact disc. It is finding many positive reports in Switzerland for use in balancing women suffering from period pains, but also has settings aimed at balancing people experiencing bruising, jet-lag, tiredness, etc.

For those who suffer in front of a computer screen, Computer Clear® uses the electromagnetic radiation from the screen as the carrier signal for energy-balancing frequencies. Users frequently report a lighter atmosphere around their PC, fewer headaches, improved concentration, etc., which was confirmed by a journalist for the Times newspaper when independently tested.

Silent Healing® is a silent audio CD that uses audio speakers to energetically clear room spaces prior to use for healing, meditation, or even as a background to parties and convention, to help bring people onto the same wavelength and enhance the experience. With further research this idea could no doubt be developed to produce more specific silent programmes to enhance creativity at work, reduce disruptiveness in schools, etc.

Other technological developments of the e-Lybra 8® system are also available, including Food and Drink Energiser® for the fridge, Water Enhancer® and Disk Doctor® range.

Simpson jumping after treatment
Simpson jumping after treatment

Case Study

Star was a ten year-old cob gelding that belonged to a nurse. He had developed a respiratory allergy that had been treated conventionally by the local vet practice, but was still suffering breathing difficulties. I was contacted, as a last option, and turned up to examine Star along with my eLybra system. I did the usual clinical examination and confirmed the original diagnosis. I pulled a bit of Star's mane and placed it into the e-Lybra 8® system, and ran the programme for 45 minutes. I duly gave Star's owner the newly programmed homeopathic tablets with instructions and left. A month later, I was contacted for more tablets, sufficient to see Star over the summer period. Star's owner reluctantly had to admit that he was much improved, although her nurse's training failed to explain how anything that had been done could possibly have helped!

Further Information

For further information contact World Development Systems Ltd on Tel: 01684 899334;


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About Roger S Meacock

Roger S Meacock BVSc MRCVS qualified as a veterinary surgeon in 1992, but has been treating his patients using cutting edge medical technologies since 1998. He has clients throughout the UK and abroad. As a vet he specializes in treating horses and dogs primarily, but also treats people as a Human Practitioner. He specializes in treating clinical cases where conventional approaches offer little hope, or are failing or where people prefer a more natural approach from the start.  Roger was the first vet in the world to routinely use Scenar and the e-Lybra bioresonance system.  Recently Roger has added Wave Genetics to his healing toolbox with great results.  He can be contacted via Wave Genetics (UK) Ltd  on Tel: 07866 687 296;  and for his Vet/human work via    Natural Healing Solutions



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