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  1. Algae: the History of Life Back for the Future

    by David Howell

    Could our future well-being be as inextricably dependent upon a primitive organism as surely as our remotest past has been? All the evidence suggests that it is.

  2. Bee Products, Properties and Applications

    by Professor Avshalom Mizrahi

    Prof Avshalom Mizrahi, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Medicine in Israel gives an authoritative and comprehensive account of the health benefits of a range of bee products. He de...

  3. Beneficial use of Seaweed in Special Diets

    by Simon Ranger

    In a conventional diet of mainly land-grown and manufactured foods, careful choice and variety is required to provide all the daily nutrients the body needs to maintain homeostasis ...

  4. Chlorella - Single-Celled Green Algae

    by Michael McInerney

    Chlorella is a single-celled species of green algae that grows in fresh-water. It is one of the earliest forms of life, with scientists believing it to be approximately 2 billion ye...

  5. Chocolate - Food Of The Gods

    by Alan Luke and Jacquie Durand

    He looks into the history of both the chocolate and cocoa bean, tracing it back to ancient central American civilizations, and discusses the benefits of this confection. Neurologi...

  6. Clinical Properties of Deer Velvet

    by James M Suttie, Ph.D. and Stephen Harris, Ph.D.

    Deer velvet has been known to be beneficial for health for more than 2000 years. Silk scrolls found in a Chinese tomb in 168BC clearly documented deer velvet as a part of the Chine...

  7. Dietary Seaweed in Preventive Health

    by Simon Ranger

    An important, 18 page scientific review was published in the international peer-reviewed journal Phycologia in November, 2015.[1] The authors, two Canadians and a Danish scientist, ...

  8. Drugs versus Nutritional Medicine for Common Health Complaints

    by Jerome Burne

    The author points out that although we would like to believe that drugs are developed, tested and prescribed on the basis of being the most effective for curing what is wrong with ...

  9. Ease Menopause Symptoms with Amino acids and Vitamin B5 – A dynamic Combination to Boost Cognitive Performance

    by Dr Nisa Aslam and Suzie Sawyer

    While the menopause is a natural stage of life, typically taking place between the ages of 45 and 55 and occurs due to a decline in the hormones oestrogen and progesterone, it doesn...

  10. Evolution of Nutritional and Pharmaceutical Science during the 20th Century

    by Julia Pendower

    This column is one in a series to focus on some of the 'ground breaking' discoveries today in the field of nutrition and health.  Following ones will look at emerging sciences such...

  11. Five Drugs in Your Medicine Cabinet that May be Making You Sicker

    by Michael T Murray

    We've grown accustomed to taking pills when we feel bad - for headaches, insomnia, mild depression, indigestion, and the aches and pains of ageing, to name a few common complaints. ...

  12. Glyconutrients - Quintessential Cell Communicators

    by Gill Jacobs

    This article focuses on glyconutrients and glycol-science, the study of carbohydrates/biological sugars and how they work. The author examines in depth the source of glyconutrients...

  13. Glyconutrients - The Missing Link?

    by Peter Smith and Kelly Ramsey

    The authors explain that, according to the newly emerging technology of glycobiology (the study of sugars), it could be glyconutrients (simple sugars), rather than proteins, that a...

  14. Harnessing the Healing Powers of Honey

    by Dr Alexander Goroshit

    Honey's healing properties have been known to humanity for millennia. The medicinal community has started to increasingly value honey for its potent antibacterial and anti-inflammat...

  15. How Important Are Bees?

    by Klaus Ferlow

    We are all familiar with honey bees but do you really know how important they are for sustaining life of human beings?

  16. How to Overcome the Four Challenges to Marketing Disease-Specific Medical Nutrition

    by Benoît Gouhier

    With the increasing number of medical nutrition solutions for the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases like diabetes, sarcopenia, HIV and obesity comes a new set of marketin...

  17. How to Use Magnesium Oil

    by Dr Mark Sircus

    Magnesium deficiencies are present in healthy populations[1] thus it behoves every healthcare practitioner and doctor to become fully familiar with how to use magnesium oil, which i...

  18. Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae - the Ultimate Brain Food?

    by Kirsten Brooks

    Klamath Blue Green Algae grows wild in the mineral-rich Upper Klamath Lake, in Oregon, USA.  Because the lake, formed by a volcanic eruption, is very rich in minerals, the algae ca...

  19. Kombucha Tea Therapy

    by Alick & Mari Bartholomew

    Kombucha has proved itself to be a quite remarkable therapeutic drink, made from sweetened tea into which a Kombucha culture (a symbiosis of bacteria and yeasts) is placed.

  20. Medical Fraud Exposed

    by Helke Ferrie

    When the roof and the foundations of a house begin to collapse, the demolition guys get called in. Likewise, as the foundations of conventional medicine begin to collapse, the medi...

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