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  1. “We are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made...”

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    Cells make tissues, tissues make organs, organs make systems and systems make the whole organism or body. Even with all of the knowledge mankind has today about anatomy and physiol...

  2. A Virus Mutates

    by Dr Patrick Quanten

    Not only does the medical world struggle to keep their story on the existence of viruses and their impact on our health alive, but they also are constantly readjusting the narrative...

  3. DNA Explained: To De-Mystify your Fears

    by Dr Patrick Quanten

    We live in a time where medical research and medical authorities are pushing out a lot of ‘information’ regarding the function and the importance of our DNA. This so called informa...

  4. DNA, Gene Expression and Safety of Homeopathic and New Homeopathic Remedies

    by Dr Peter Kay and Saqib Rashid

    In recent years, particularly since completion of the Human Genome Project (sequencing of human DNA), there have been major advances in the understanding of the structure and functi...

  5. Does our Current Understanding of Epigenetics Now Expose Neo-Darwinism as Pseudo-Science?

    by David E Marsh

    When Charles Darwin died in 1882 it took less than 10 years for August Weismann from Freiburg University to publish his theory The Germ-Plasm: A Theory of Heredity in 1893. Better k...

  6. Epigenetics - Current and Past Progress

    by David E Marsh

    To understand current progress in epigenetics we need briefly to visit 5th century BCE Greek thought onwards to our own 19th century CE. Empedocles, Heraclitus, Democritus, Hippocra...

  7. Gene Targeting Using Sequence Specific Homeopathic DNA Remedies for Health Promotion and Disease Protection

    by Dr Peter Kay and Saqib Rashid

    Homeopathic remedies alter an individual’s health status in different ways. For example, they can resolve many symptoms of ill-health. They also promote many different symptom patte...

  8. Genetics and Obesity

    by Dr Peter Kay

    Obesity is one of the world’s most important health issues because it leads to development of insulin resistance and increased susceptibility to many serious medical conditions, suc...

  9. Homeovitality - the Revolutionary Healthcare System

    by Dr Peter Kay

    The author has had a long career in medical research, having founded the first Molecular Pathology Laboratory at the University of Western Australia, after completing his PhD in Im...

  10. Molecular Genetic Discoveries: Towards a Better Understanding of Homeopathy

    by Dr Peter Kay

    This article explores exciting new developments in molecular biology and the study of the effects of homeopathic remedies on specific genes.  Homeopathy has long been questioned ...

  11. Nutrition, Evolution and Environment

    by David E Marsh

    The dangerous fallacy - of "the all-sufficiency of natural selection’’ to which the scientific and cultural world has adhered since the late 19th  century has now been exposed as i...

  12. Regrowing Frog Limbs: What Does This Mean For Humankind?

    by Mariusz Bogacki

    Did you know that salamanders are able to regrow limbs? They can do so thanks to blastema cells, which allow for the almost instant mass formation of stem cells. It’s a relatively u...

  13. Research Shows Modern Humans’ Brain Size has Shrunk by 20%

    by Patrick Holford

    Both brain size and IQ are falling in modern humans, coinciding with a big increase in mental illness. What we eat is to blame, says Professor Michael Crawford, author of his latest...

  14. Significance of the Sequence Specific Homeopathic DNA Therapy System in Modern Healthcare

    by Dr Peter Kay

    In recent years many exciting scientific discoveries have been made that have enabled great advances to be made in various complementary healthcare practices. One of the greatest di...

  15. The Bogey of Genetic Determination

    by Doris Grant

    Today, since the advent of 'spectacular genetics' in modern medicine, very many diseases are being blamed on heredity. As a result, there is now a dangerous and widely held belief ...

  16. The Costs of Mental Ill-Health and of Children with Special Needs – A Tribute to the Late Reverend Simon House

    by David E Marsh

    Simon’s meticulous work on optimum nutrition for brain health and pre- and perinatal nutrition describes how the health of both father and mother is critical during at least 6 month...

  17. The Promise and Ethics of Genetic Engineering

    by anon rs

    Genetic engineering promises particular benefits concerning previously untreatable hereditary illnesses – Downs Syndrome and Huntingdon’s, to name just two. This might also offer t...

  18. The Role of the Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) Gene

    by Dr Peter Kay

    To understand the significance of any form of supplementation in a health care setting, practitioners should be aware of or investigate the biochemistry of any particular pathway t...

  19. The Sequence Specific Homeopathic DNA Remedy System Responds to Discovery of New Form of Asthma

    by Dr Peter Kay and Saqib Rashid

    It has long been recognized that asthma is caused by an inflammatory response to allergens in the airways. This form of asthma can be treated by suppression of the inflammatory resp...

  20. Toward a Unified Theory of Evolution

    by David E Marsh

    This is a story of the quest to understand evolution. During the last three centuries, with increasing knowledge, research has led us from Lamarck, with his theory of the Inheritan...

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