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Soften The Blow of Killer Heels

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in back pain, originally published in issue 281 - September 2022

The colloquial dictionary definition of ‘killer’ is

‘formidable or excellent thing’.

The ‘wow’ experience of trying on new designer high heels certainly brings the above dictionary definition to life to those who worship current fashion.  In the whirl of unboxing, removing the purchase from its dust bag, savouring the smell of new leather and placing each perfectly made shoe on its new home, ladies can be transported to a world where the shoes are in their rightful place at a party, important date or any number of situations where we want to feel that we look a million dollars.



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The important thing is that we want to feel and look a million dollars, not just our feet.  Gorgeous looks start from the inside with health and energy, like a fruit cake supporting the visible, delicately decorated icing on the outside.  The icing would soon collapse without the cake and it would be sickening to eat on its own.  Gorgeous shoes, bags and clothes are like icing.  They decorate and reflect who we present to the outside world.  Many think that shoes, bags and jewellery (the most important accessory being the wristwatch) are more important than clothes when it comes to feeling ‘properly dressed’.   

Season-changing fashion is set by the ‘elite’ to be followed by the masses ensuring conformity to what is considered to be their best profit-making avant-garde.  What I mean by this, is that if trousers are fashionable, then trousers are worn.  If high heels are fashionable then high heels are worn.  Other agendas of making women look like idiots and sex objects are beyond the scope of this article.  The impact of this agenda is beyond serious for men, women and society[1]. 

Taking a look at the damage caused by following fashion can be quite scary.  Examples range from broken ribs and damaged organs from wearing tight corsets to the voluntary removal of ribs to make the waist look smaller.  These actions can seriously impact the function of internal organs and circulation. 

Chinese foot binding stunted the growth of little girls feet, to make them fashionably small and take small walking steps. Apparently, the fashion of curved, very small feet, was desired by the Emperor at the time and so the foot binding process was created to achieve this.  The results were irreversible foot deformity and related consequences.  Considering the negative impact on energetic points, meridian ends/beginnings and circulation constriction, would this fashion be classified as ritual abuse?  Thankfully this was banned early in the 1900s so why mention it in 2022?

Wearing high heels does not cause such extensive damage as foot binding but it does, nevertheless, put the feet, legs and spine in an unbalanced position causing massive pressure on the ball of the foot, Achilles tendon and calf muscles.  In shifting overall weight and centre of gravity, compensatory adjustment of the feet, ankles, knees, hips, spine, head, and muscles, can cause a massive energy sap, hormone disruption cascade, mood swings and immune depression. 

Muscles in the calf are prevented from squeezing the blood and lymph on their return journey from lower limbs.  Walking in high heels also results in stomping instead of an anatomically correct gait.  This puts extra strain on the knee joint. The higher the heel, the more deformity to the foot bones.  This can be seen in the images above.

We are all familiar with varicose veins which are brought about by sluggishness in the venous supply to the lower limbs.  Sluggish lymphatic drainage is not so well known about but is very important in that it carries away toxins, excess fluids and proteins which should not be in tissue spaces.  Long term sluggishness and oedema from proteins being in tissue spaces can have far-reaching detrimental effects for the whole body.

Posture balance

Normal posture is in balance with feet flat on the ground and the toes unrestricted.  When a moderately high heel is placed on one foot, the image above demonstrates the amount of distortion which posture has to accommodate through ankles, knees, hips, spine and muscles. 

Body weight is focused on the ball of the foot and toes causing circulation problems, cartilage and Achilles tendon strain.  The higher the heel, the greater the problems and more likely damage to ankles.  Broken ankles and ankle damage can result from “falling off the shoe”, especially with a combination of high heels and platform soles.

Pointed toes and high heels can be one of the worst combinations in this regard.  This can be made considerably worse by wearing shoes which do not fit properly.  Many ladies wear a shoe size smaller than they actually are because the correct length is too wide.  This forces toes into a cramped shoe front.  Buying shoes in the correct width fitting would help with this problem along with ankle support built into the shoe design which prevents the foot sliding forwards.[2] 


Section of Natural Foot with the Bones, and a corresponding section of a
Chinese Deformed Foot. The outline of the latter is dotted, and the bones shaded.
The Chinese Deformed Foot is in the crescent moon style, as requires very high-heeled shoes. The women could not walk barefoot. And the heel was lifted by a erotic swinging of the hips. And it require a half years training to could control the hips, for a normal walk. Running was impossible.


The image above shows the outline of  normal foot bones compared with a Chinese bound foot bones and bone deformity caused by forcing feet into pointed-toe shoes. By wearing shoes human anatomy is not meant to fit into, damage done to the whole body, physiologically and structurally is too extensive for this article.  On a physical level, I quote some comments from an orthopaedic consultant,

“This is a very interesting subject. The most important fact is that once you get used to high heeled shoes for long periods of time the forced plantar flexion of all the joints is in an extreme position and, with passing of time, results in premature arthritis of the foot joints.  Secondly, the muscles of the calf become shortened and the wearer of this type of footwear will not be able to wear flat shoes or even slippers!   Thirdly, due to pointed shoes, the toes are squeezed together producing, hallux valgus, claw-hammer toes or quintus varus. So I would only recommend high heel for special occasions.”

In recent history, thanks to the mainstream media, fashion magazines and especially media targeted at teenagers, many women, from teens to young pensioners, are extremely vulnerable to insecurities about body image, the way they compare to their peers and how attractive they look to the opposite sex.

One of the outcomes of such fashion is to prevent women from becoming powerful and mobile but rather ensnared in the trap of depending upon external validation of themselves.  Male Chauvinism is intimately tied to fashion down through the ages but it would seem that today, more than any other time in history, women can almost ‘have their cake and eat it’.  There is a ditch either side of balance, Chauvinism to the one side and Women’s Liberation to the other.  Neither ditch serves the real interests of women or men.

We have access to a great deal of understanding about gender differences. Real liberation over-rides sex wars and undercuts the use of fashion for controlling purposes giving rise to freedom to be wonderfully stylish, feminine and beautiful without paying the price in physical and emotional health terms or dumbing-down individuality. 

The fashion industry comprises multiple $£multi-billion international business markets.  Society is now like a massive complex growth, poised on a slender stalk, weaving gently in an attempt to delay the unavoidable topple.  It is a crooked building with a foundation of shifting sand.  Its praises are heralded by the same pied piper that led the procession of the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’.

Fashion ‘abuse’ is not just about looks though.  Thankfully most women would not wear extreme fashion shoes but the trend to accept looking idiotic is a successful propaganda tool promoted on catwalks and fashion magazines. 

Of course, there is great talent in the shoe design industry and many of the same designers who are behind “extreme fashion shoes” also do great ranges of classic, stylish and beautiful shoes, flats and heels, so we certainly do not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

One aspect behind the wearing of high heels is compliance to fashion brainwashing about what is ‘sexy’ and lustful for the benefit of degrading what is generally accepted as morality.  This can be appreciated when looking at the social ‘club scene’ of young adults, magazines and television. 

Many things disrupt the integrative electrical connections between the two brain hemispheres.  The integration between the two brain hemispheres takes place across a tract of white matter called the corpus collosum that connects the two. It is a vitally important structural and functional part of the brain which facilitates the perception of depth and enables the two sides of the brain to communicate.  

Disruptions to communication across the corpus collosum  can be caused by prolonged wearing of high heels, certain drugs and excess alcohol for example, and thus diminish choices made by an otherwise coherent and cognisant brain/mind.  Other things such as strobe lighting, disharmonious[3] and high volume ‘music’, especially since 1990s, add to the detrimental effects.  People’s behaviour under these influences often conflicts with what they would display in the cold light of day.

The pressure on young adults and women to be and feel included is intimidating, preventing individuals from standing up for what they can see initially but under peer pressure become accepting of.  Kinesiology is an effective tool for identifying issues which have a negative impact on mind and body[4].

Anyone seriously considering the health effects of high heels can’t help but ask a very obvious question.  In general, why aren’t high-heeled shoes padded at the ball of the foot?  Many shoes have a small, padded area under the heel but the ball of the foot, where most of the body weight is ‘thrown’ is a neglected area.  This also causes excess pressure on reflex areas which affects internal organs and can cause painful calluses.

I was scheduled to have been at the same graduation ceremony as Jimmy Choo some time ago but personal circumstances meant that I had to cancel and attend the next one (in my lovely Jimmy Choo flat shoes).  I would so much liked to have asked him about this very important aspect of shoe design. 

This is an open call to designers to consider ladies’ health when designing their fabulous shoes.  We are ready for a unique time in history where shoe design integrates looking good with health and energy.  Let the dowdy flat shoe stay where it belongs: in history.  Open the gates for designer shoes which will make the wearer’s feet feel on cloud nine but still look beautiful.

Shall we wave all our high heels goodbye then?

Not necessarily!


Is it worth it?

Knowledge is power[5].  Know exactly what prolonged wearing of high heels can do to your mental and physical health and take steps to correct or rebalance any damage done.  Keep ‘killer heels’ for occasions where you feel they can’t be replaced. 


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  1. Change of frequency music is played at from 432 Hz to 440 Hz, namely gig, club, some band, heavy metal and the like.
  2. John Diamond, Your Body Doesn’t Lie, Publisher: ‎ Eden Grove Editions (1 May 1997) ISBN-10‏1870845250, ISBN-13-978-1870845250
  3. An important principle from Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” This can be applied to life in general.  Know essentials before embarking on action.




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