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  1. Trees for Health: Winter Trees

    by Róisín Caroll

    Celtic legends and myths permeate the very soil and the soul of their peoples. Throughout these tales, there are many references to trees and their healing powers.

  2. Universal Harmonic Healing

    by Dr Heather Parsons PhD

    This article looks at Universal Harmonic Healing (UHH), which is a rebalancing of universal energies both within and around us in our aura. Our bodies want to be in a state of bala...

  3. Vibrational Healing - Harmonising

    by Rosemary Angelis

    The premise of Vibrational Healing is that everything vibrates on a certain frequency. All objects, even wooden tables, are made up of molecules which vibrate to create their mass....

  4. Working as a Pharmacist and a Healer

    by Dr Ann Harris

    For over twenty years now, I have been on a path of learning about relieving suffering in its various forms. It was only when I started practising in a community environment that I...

  5. Working with Feelings and Emotions, Colour and Images; Integration of Techniques

    by Anthony Deavin

    A feeling is just that: an emotion is what happens when a belief is linking to a feeling. Inviting the client to describe a feeling, and say what the words are that go with it can ...

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