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Theta Healing: Accessing the Theta Brain State to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

by Jack Stewart(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 153 - December 2008

"Today (August 11th) was the first blood test I've had since my Theta DNA session (on July 9th). I have not been on chemotherapy for the last two months. The white blood cell count had gone Down by 20 points, that's a 25% reduction from 80 to 60. The specialist knows that the count only goes down with chemotherapy Never without."

If you were a top leukaemia specialist, and one of your patients had reported to you the situation above, how would you respond? Well, chances are you would be curious.


Everything in the universe vibrates, and at certain frequencies. The brain produces waves in five frequency ranges: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. Theta is the state used in hypnosis (4-7 cycles per second). Tests on healers using this modality have confirmed that clients also go into this state.

So, given Theta is a naturally occurring state, what is stopping the majority of the population 'slipping into' it at random?

The answer is, of course, nothing. We all do. What matters is how we get into it deliberately, our intention and what is possible when we are there.

In 1995, Vianna Stibal (a naturopath and psychic) was supplementing her income as a mother of three children, working as a security guard at a nuclear plant in Idaho Falls, America. She was diagnosed with cancer of the right femur (thigh bone). The cancer specialist told her amputation would give her a little more time to live.
At her wits end, still in considerable pain weeks after the diagnosis, her health deteriorating rapidly and not wanting to die prematurely, Vianna "sent forth a cry to the Creator". What happened next amazed her. She heard a reply "as loud and clear as if someone was standing next to me".

"Vianna, you are here with or without a leg, so deal with it."

Her response, having recovered from the shock, was to do just that. She now knew she had developed a conscious dialogue with God. She used this soon after to heal her leg of cancer, and to heal other people using the emerging Theta process. A book [1], and teaching others to use Theta Healing, all followed. In the year 2000, she began teaching internationally. Theta Healing is in a constant state of evolution.

The idea that we are liberated or imprisoned by our beliefs is timeless. When I was learning NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) in Colorado in 1993, NLP Trainer Robert McDonald announced, "If it (whatever technique or approach you are using with a client) isn't working, it (what is preventing it from working) is likely to be a belief".

How many of you believe in the possibility of instant healings, that we can command God/the Creator to heal? And just for good measure, how about commanding to find our Soul Mate, manifest abundance, and reverse ageing? Is it merely the case that we are denied or slow down the healing, simply because we do not believe?

There will be many therapists reading this article who will testify to 'miraculous' healings, using specific modalities such as Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Quantum Touch, and Reconnective Healing for example. Hypnotherapists, NLP Practitioners, Sound Therapists, Life Coaches and Counsellors will also have their share of powerful accounts of change.

Belief in the efficacy of our chosen discipline is surely a pre-requisite to practising our art. Many therapists are skilled in a variety of healing modalities. The choice to specialize or diversify will be influenced by many factors. One of them will be the shortcomings of a specific modality; another the proven 'superiority' of a new or different form of healing.
Theta Healing Diagram
By what criteria might we compare one form of healing against another?

Vianna Stibal had discovered that commanding the Creator is an integral part of Theta Healing. The word command has many meanings, the one which is most relevant is 'signal to activate'. If we command something, we are in no doubt of our intention, and it is an expression of confidence in ourselves. At first, some Theta students have misgivings about 'commanding' (note the word is not demand) Deity. This soon evaporates when the results appear, and they realize they are being respectful.

Another key aspect of Theta Healing is witnessing. Most of us know from quantum physics that the observation of something is the trigger to it becoming manifest. The issue over whether it is the healer who creates an image of healing, or it is 'put there' by the Creator becomes superfluous. Theta Healing is about co-creation with the Divine. When we enter the Theta state, with our intention to heal ourselves or others, or command an outcome, we merge with God. Unity with Creator is what gives this process its unlimited power. If God cannot heal, who can?

Let us return the matter of beliefs, as those wishing to become Theta Healers will find that this is the skill element of the modality. Clients will always be asked what they want from the healer or therapist. A significant shift occurs when they reveal what they believe about their current (stuck) state or desired state. And in virtually all cases, the first belief requires some 'digging' to find out what really props up their condition. A simple example of a (shortened) dialogue with a fictitious client will illustrate this:
Client: "I want to be well again."
Jack: "What is stopping you?"
Client: "I have cancer."
Jack: "Why do you think you have cancer?"
Client: "I'm not sure, maybe it's because I've not looked after myself."
Jack: "Why haven't you looked after yourself?"
Client: "I've only recently thought about it. Perhaps I don't deserve to be healthy all the time?"
Jack: "Why not?"
Client: [Pauses to reflect] "Maybe I'm a bad person. I've done some bad things."
Jack: "Who says you have done bad things?"
Client: "I do. But my dad always said it too. He said I'll never succeed in life, because I had done some bad things."
Jack: "What does that make you then?"
Client: "A failure, I am a complete failure."
The statement 'I am a complete failure' is at the heart of his dis-ease. Clients have no idea that they hold beliefs like 'I am a failure', or others I have come across, such as, 'I am nothing', 'I should never have been born', or 'My mum wanted a girl' (when the client is male). These are typical of those related to serious states of ill-health.

The next step is to muscle or energy test [2] that the client does indeed believe this. The healer then asks the client's permission to change or 'pull' the limiting belief, enters a Theta state, commands (the Creator) that the belief be 'pulled' and witnesses the client in a state of health. This happens very quickly (less than a minute).

What the healer witnesses varies from healer to healer, client to client. My wife, who is also a Theta Healer, often gets vivid images, and messages for the client. Quirkily, I have heard classical and popular music, which invariably relates to some aspect of the client's life! Beethoven's fifth has been described as the 'Symphony of Destiny.' I have heard this in my mind when working with two clients, both of whom had life-threatening conditions.

Musical interludes aside, after the belief has been 'pulled', we re-test the client, to prove to them it has changed, and also, to give an indication as to whether it has gone any deeper.

My own healing journey took me from counselling, Reiki, Transactional Analysis, NLP, which included the 'modelling' of my wife as a Spiritual Healer  [3], Kinesiology, Hypnosis, Coaching, EFT (briefly) and then, reluctantly at first, Theta Healing.

Each one of these has had value. NLP is the one that hooked me most, and I took it to the very top and became a master trainer. I have also run a psychotherapy practice for 14 years. As we create our own reality, we naturally get the clients we want. At what level of reality? This life, in the here and now? What informs how we attract clients? Do we serve a mixture of empowering and limiting beliefs? Of course we do.

My goal as a management consultant, before I became psychotherapist and NLP trainer, was to find the technology that gave me the greatest leverage. That is, the quickest and most effective process that could heal or move the incurable or the impossible. The bigger the challenge, the more I liked it.

It would take something pretty impressive to convince me it was more powerful than NLP, after a sustained period of helping people on the very edge (chronically sick, sex abuse survivors, trauma victims, drug addicts).

Theta Healing provides the greatest leverage. It does so, because it puts us in direct communication with the greatest power there is, whether we call it God, The Creator, the Universe, Jesus, Abraham, Buddha...It heals from the inside out, because other powerful forms of healing can overlook the beliefs that caused the dis-ease in the first place. And it changes beliefs not just at this level of reality, the one we awake to every morning:
  • What about beliefs we have at a genetic level, those we hold in our DNA?
  • What about beliefs we have from past lives?
  • And what about beliefs that exist at the level of our soul?
Theta Healing changes beliefs we hold at four levels: this life, in our genes, past lives and from our soul. Is this deep enough, comprehensive enough? And how would we know we have beliefs at these levels? Through dialogue, 'digging' and energy testing.

Might Anything Be Still Missing?

If you read harrowing accounts of the childhood of famous people and authors like Oprah Winfrey, Louise Hay and Dave Pelzer, you will find what was absent was love. Louise Hay, in particular, admitted as a mature adult she had no idea how to give and acknowledge love, as she had no conscious experience of it as a child.

We are all, in varying degrees, lacking in certain feelings. Some of us may not know how it feels to be abundant, to be joyous, to feel safe and protected, to be wanted, to be accepted, to be loved. There are literally hundreds of feelings, and 'states', which we can command be 'downloaded', i.e. given to/installed in ourselves and our clients.

The fictional client (above) would have no resonance with success, as he perceived himself as a failure. His life may have been characterized by episodes of 'snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.' Or it may not. Because we never know what our clients' lives are like unless they tell us. And as Theta Healers, it is what they negatively believe and have concluded about their lives that limits them. And what limits them is waiting to be 'pulled' and transformed.

"The consultant called me back today for an ultrasound to double check the MRI results - which she could not believe - there is absolutely no trace of any cancer".

This was an e-mail I received from a client who had 'a rare form of aggressive breast cancer.' This was after five sessions.

Are there any limits as to what Theta Healing can achieve?

One of my clients had a 35-year history of illness, including one virus which could kill her if it was 'removed' too quickly. Her life had effectively been 'frozen' from being a teenager until her early 50s. Pain, depression, fatigue, lack of sleep, inability to concentrate, were constant companions. Almost all of these are now absent after over 16 sessions. In the next few months she will be completely healed.

One of Vianna's ex-clients is a 70 year-old man, a picture of health, who doesn't eat. He might have the occasional salad once or twice a month. He spent a couple of years clearing his own beliefs about eating, so he no longer needs to do it, and (believes he) is sustained by the sun.

My client above spent months during her Theta sessions clearing a Gordian knot of negative beliefs about herself, her illness, all illness, her parents, her partner and the world in general.

The leukemia client? When his white blood cell count gets down to 15, he will be cured. At our last session in August (he has had two now with me, two with a colleague last year), we both knew he was now on-track for the white blood cell count of 15 to be medically verified in October. Watch this space.

So, in conclusion, learning then practising Theta requires an initial leap of faith. And I forgot to mention what was the real clincher that moved me on from NLP. I realized that when working, I too was having a dialogue with the Creator.


1.    Stibal V. ThetaHealing. Rolling Thunder Publishing. 2006.
2.    Energy or muscle-testing involves the client holding the thumb and middle finger of one hand together to form an 'O' shape. When the client makes a statement out loud which is true, the 'O' is strong and very hard to prise apart. When s/he makes a statement of untruth, it comes apart easily. The technique by-passes the conscious mind, and prevents the client making statements s/he wants to hear, and what s/he thinks the healer wants to hear. When healing is done by telephone, the client stands up and faces north. For almost all clients, a truthful answer causes them to sway forward and backward for an untruthful one.
3.    NLP began when Richard Bandler and John Grinder explored how three 'healers', Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls and Milton Erickson operated. From their work emerged the 'technology of achievement', i.e. what made world-class people different from lesser mortals; how did they function to get their results? On our NLP Practitioner programme, we spent two days breaking down the art of Spiritual healing into manageable chunks which NLP students could copy. We ran over 14 of these weekends. Everyone was able to heal on the second day.


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