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Jack Stewart BA MSc FCIPD is a Theta Healer and Teacher, as well as an author (The Coaching Parent) and CD producer (Purrfect Symphony, Relax with Cats), who also works with professional sportspeople. Along with his wife Anne, he runs Theta training courses in Cheshire and other parts of the UK, as well as in Greece. Jack has created and designed a series of workshops called God's My Best Mate in order to de-mystify and give people access to the greatest power of all. Or more information visit   www.healingthespirit.eu  and  www.godsmybestmate.com.

Articles by Jack Stewart

  1. Theta Healing: Accessing the Theta Brain State to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

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    This article focuses on how to access the theta brainwave and what we are capable of achieving at that state. Theta Healing, the author says is in a constant state of evolution. It ...

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