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Vibrational Healing - Harmonising

by Rosemary Angelis(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 43 - August 1999

The premise of Vibrational Healing is that everything vibrates on a certain frequency. All objects, even wooden tables, are made up of molecules which vibrate to create their mass. Colour is also simply a vibration of light refracted in different ways. Sound is a vibration that travels through the air in waves. Crystals have been monitored and shown to give off vibrations and create a pulse which can be used in clocks and electrical equipment.

Diagram of the position of the Major Chakras and their affiliation to particular colors and crystals.

Diagram of the position of the Major Chakras and their affiliation to particular colors and crystals.

The concept of harmonising through vibrations is simple.

A human being is made up of many levels. His/her physical shell is only one layer of his complete make-up. His/her emotions and spirituality are contained in layers which are many-fold throughout his /her energy-field or "aura"; Kirlian Photography makes it possible to record this subtle energy. Some people, including myself, can see the colours of an aura and actually feel the energy it emits.

The word disease originally meant 'dis-ease' and I use this term in its broadest sense. Pain and illness are physical manifestations of 'dis-ease' in the emotional and spiritual levels of the energy-field. If we are at dis-ease our energy-field or aura appears distorted or 'fuzzy' like a television picture that needs tuning. Years ago, if your television had a fuzzy picture you re-tuned it by twiddling a knob on the set. That is the essence of vibrational healing. By using any element or instrument with an appropriate positive vibration, e.g. crystals, sound, light, colour, flower essences, etc., the vibrations of the body can be retuned, with a view to creating a positive energy conducive to well-being.

Light and colour therapies have been valued throughout history as sources of healing. Marked increases in the levels of various hormones and neurochemicals have been noted after treatment with light therapy. Light entering the eye is converted into electrical impulses which travel along the optic nerve to the brain where they trigger the hypothalamus gland to send chemical messages called neurotransmitters to regulate the functions of the body.

Research into sound therapy has discovered that all organs and body cells vibrate at an optimum frequency. Sounds like rock music and computer bleeps can be detrimental to the human body, resulting in a loss of symmetry between the two hemispheres of the brain, resulting in a host of physical and emotional symptoms. However, sounds on other frequencies have been found to be beneficial, creating positive vibrations and stimulating the production of endorphins in the brain.

Through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the power of thought and speech to create situations through belief and affirmations can be harnessed. Positive Affirmations can create vibrations to assist in the creation of well-being throughout the body.

Several Articles in a recent issue of Positive Health (Issue 35) explain the theory of these therapies in greater detail.

Another way of transmitting energy is through drawing colourful sketches. By creating a vibrational drawing it is possible to place energies onto paper which will benefit the client.

angel43a.jpg (8709 bytes)

Case Study Michael – 45 years old
     Recurring Sports Injury – always dislocating his left shoulder and left hip.
     Having tuned into him I immediately picked up a motorbike accident. He confirmed that he had initially incurred the injuries 25 years earlier when he crashed his motorbike. However, as I worked with a Clear Quartz crystal to release the underlying energy trauma I picked up the words ‘Failure’, ‘Let Down’.

     Questioning him on this it emerged that while he was recovering from the accident with his leg in plaster, his best friend had died and because he was incapacitated at the time of the funeral Michael was unable to be pall-bearer. He had always felt that he had let down his friend and because of emotional self-recriminations, the injuries were re-occurring.
     By working with the clear quartz and suggesting positive affirmations such as, “I loved and supported my friend throughout our relationship” we were able to readjust his feelings of inadequacy and betrayal. By using an individually made meditation and music tape Michael visualised the good times he had with his friend. He used the colours of Deep Blue for Self-Forgiveness and Pink for Self-Acceptance and High Self-Esteem.
     His injuries have not returned and he is now fitter than he has ever been. He has made peace with himself and his best friend and achieved a wonderful level of harmony and sense of balance.


angel43b.jpg (8251 bytes) angel43c.jpg (7291 bytes)

Case Study. Mrs. S. – 32 years old and her son David aged 8.
     David manifests epileptic seizures resulting in volatile and disruptive behaviour.
     Focussing on David, I tuned into the aggressive behaviour due to extreme panic and fear and why he needed to rush everywhere. He was constantly running away and always needed to be somewhere else in a hurry.
     Focussing on his mother, I picked up an incident in a car when she hit a car in front and another hit her from behind. She confirmed that this accident had taken place when she was 2 months pregnant with David. She had been driving home in freezing conditions and had been involved in a skid involving several cars. It had got dark and it was snowing heavily and she had to proceed home slowly using a much longer alternative route. The energies of panic, fear and the need to get home quicker than she was able to seemed to have permeated into the energy field of the child in her womb.
     After the mother worked with several suggested colours, sounds and crystal energies over a period of 2 months the number of seizures David was having and occasions of volatile behaviour had reduced dramatically.

David: Colours for calming/slowing down:- Yellow/Pale Green Crystals – Citrine, Green Calcite.
Calming Music Tape Affirmation – ‘I am safe in this space’

Mrs. S: Warming colours – Orange/Deep Green
Crystals – Orange Calcite, Adventurine Guided Meditation – re-live driving home yet icy surface turns into a clear safe road
Individual Music Tape Affirmation: ‘I am at ease with the pace of my life’.
The mother is now far more calm and composed and no longer panics in a crisis.


angel43d.jpg (11135 bytes)

Case Study Margaret
32 years old
     ME – Extreme exhaustion, lack of menstrual periods, immune system depleted after contracting a stomach infection on holiday in Turkey 8 years earlier.
     I tuned into her energy field with a green moss agate crystal and picked up that after returning from holiday she had received a large blow to her self esteem. She confirmed that on returning from holiday she discovered that both of her sisters who were happily married were pregnant. She felt, as the only daughter yet to marry, she would have little hope of ever having children. The ensuing illness depleted her immune system leaving her little energy to cope with the emotional issues she was dealing with at the time.
We worked on restoring the immune system but also on restoring the self confidence with regard to acknowledging her own femininity.
After 3 months of Positive Affirmations and placing Rose Quartz and Moonstone crystals under her pillow, her periods returned. We also devised a procedure where she placed four pointed clear quartz crystals at each corner of her bed every night. These ‘charged up her energy field’ to enable her to go out during the next day and eventually she no longer needed them.
     Last year she met the love of her life and has just informed us that she is pregnant.
     Vibrational Healing at a distance is particularly successful when treating children, through their parents. We have had many positive results from parents with children manifesting Autism and Epilepsy, especially if the ailments have occurred because of a birth trauma. The parents can feel totally inadequate and inferior for producing what is seen as a ‘handicapped’ person in the eyes of the world. By addressing the issues of both parents and child and focussing on positive vibrations, much can be done to re-balance the traumatised energies of all concerned.


A famous dowser who uses a pendulum to pinpoint lay-lines, was asked to detect one of my sketches blindfolded. He was presented with a number of pieces of paper, all blank, except for one with a drawing of mine on it. He was able to pass his hand over the collection and select the sketch by sensing the vibrations coming off the page.

Crystals have grown in the ground for 40 million years. They each give off a pulse or vibrations which can be tuned into creating positive vibrations for our well-being. By wearing a crystal or placing it in a strategic place in your home you can absorb vibrations from it which will assist in your re-balancing and realignment process.

At the Wishing Well Harmony Haven, we work on a system loosely based on the Chakras, though placing an 8th energy point on the area of the Thymus Gland. We consider that area as 'Green' and relate the shade pink to the Heart Chakra.

It is interesting to note that the colours of particular crystals and certain flower remedies coincide with the colour of the Chakra that their healing properties are linked to.

As well as using these Vibrational therapies to re-adjust and balance areas of the body with dis-ease, it is possible to use another vibration to stimulate well-being. By directing a spiritual energy force consisting of total concern for the person's well-being, it is possible to create the sensations of Love and Care which will stimulate the person's belief in his/her own power to create well-being within their own body.

The basis of my healing work is to tune into the client's vibrational field on every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to detect the areas of dis-ease or malfunction. I am then able to direct positive vibrations into the client's energy field so that the realignment can take place. It is possible to discuss with the client how best to focus energy onto the area in question. This interaction also stimulates energy as it gives the client the power of addressing his/her own dis-ease and allows them the facility of creating their own harmony and well-being. I have always considered myself to be a 'Facilitator' rather than a 'Healer'.

If the client is present, it is possible for me to tune into their vibration field by holding my hands approximately 200cms from their physical body and 'feeling' the energies radiating from them. The client does not need to tell me where the pain/problem is manifesting. When I move my hand over the particular area my hand vibrates like it is being buffeted by a strong wind. It is then possible for me to focus energy on the area and channel healing through into the aura. Usually, when enough healing energy has been absorbed my hand ceases to move and the process of balancing is completed. I often make a gentle humming sound or create a singing tone. This too, has the effect of sending out a gentle loving energy, pitched to assist with the re-balancing of the client's energies. At this time, a suitable Affirmation or Positive Phrase comes into my mind for the client to use by reciting when necessary. It is possible to use crystals instead of my bare hands, to channel energy and these crystals can be tuned into the client's frequency so that they can take them away and work with them at home.

It is possible to create a cassette tape of music tuned into the notes used during the session for the client to take away.

A vibrational sketch can be created and the appropriate colours to focus on can be discussed. This often leads to a focussing upon the deeper emotional or spiritual issue involved in the physical manifestations of the dis-ease.

Because we are working on a person's vibrational field and connecting with energies at a distance, the distance between facilitator and client can be 200 cms or 2,000 miles. Clients can telephone or write concerning a problem for themselves, a friend, a child or even a pet. All that is needed is the intent to help and connection will be made. Having made the initial connection and tuned into the vibrations of the client, it is possible to create a package for the client to work with at home. The client then has the opportunity of focussing on their own realignment over a period of time, usually 2 weeks and is then invited to make another appointment. Further appointments are negotiable with the client to again create a sense of empowerment.

The healing package which is individually prepared for the client takes the form of a pack with a range of energy producing instruments for releasing energy blocks, displacing dis-ease and re-balancing harmony.

Contents: A cassette tape containing harmonising music and a personal meditation.
A Vibrational Healing Drawing.
A Crystal
A specific colour to focus on.
A printed positive Affirmation.


Positive Health, Issue 35 Dec 1998.
Light Therapy by David Noton, PhD.,
Colour Therapy by Alison Demarco
The Power of Thought by Keith Mason PhD.

Further Reading:

Harmony is the Healer by Ingrid S. von Rohr
The Newcastle Guide to Healing with Gemstones by Pamela Louise Chase & Jonathan Pawlik Newcastle Pub. Co. Inc.
Healing with Colour by Theo Gimbel
Working with your Chakras by Ruth White
Healing yourself with Light by La Una Huffines
Healing with Body Energy by W. Brugh John (Cassettes/Booklet)
Your Body Believes Every Word You Say by Barbara Hoberman Levine


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