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Tibetan Pulsing Healing

by Anne Moulsdale(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 46 - November 1999

Background history

Tibetan Pulsing Healing is an adaptation of the ancient ritual practices of the Tibetan monasteries into bioelectrical processes better understood by the Western mind. It is a relaxing bodywork technique and a powerful energy process. Although it has its origins in the monasteries of Tibet the founder of Tibetan Pulsing Healing was an American named Dheeraj, an ex-alcoholic and a creative genius who evolved this system of bodywork over the last 20 years. Dheeraj understood the inner workings of the various organs and had a unique way of relating, which at times was hard to understand. He always talked directly to a particular organ, and would talk differently depending on which organ he was relating to.


Shantam Dheeraj, founder of Tibetan Pulsing Healing and the Dalai Lama pictured here when they met in India in 1994

Shantam Dheeraj, founder of Tibetan Pulsing Healing and the Dalai Lama pictured here when they met in India in 1994

As well as being a deeply effective healing technique Tibetan Pulsing is also a unique system for understanding human consciousness. Each organ in the Tibetan system has a particular colour, sound, animal and country that is symbolic of its character. It can be compared with astrology where people talk of a person being very piscean. For example, in the Tibetan system people can be described as "spleeny" (over excited) or "throaty" (full of self-doubt). Once you begin to understand the different personalities of the inner organs it gives a tremendous understanding of yourself and others

Illustration symbolising the organ of the throat by Tibetan Pulsing Healing artist Anand Socrates

Illustration symbolising the organ of the throat by Tibetan Pulsing Healing artist Anand Socrates
Nartan Moulsdale has been practising Tibetan Pulsing Healing for 10 years
Nartan Moulsdale has been practising Tibetan Pulsing Healing for 10 years



Generally a Tibetan Pulsing Healing session starts with an eye diagnosis which determines which organ of the body is in need of attention. Each organ represents a set of psychological, emotional and physical characteristics.

If a mark in the bladder shows up in the eye for example this would signify that the person is suffering from some form of stress, psychologically they may be feeling "not good enough" and physically there could be tendencies towards cystitis and other bladder problems. Specific music is used to resonate the particular organ being treated. While the client lies down and relaxes the practitioner holds specific energy points which are related to that organ, this releases energy from where it has been held since a trauma occurred (often in early childhood). Although events which happened in the past are no longer real, the memories are held like a video tape in our nervous system affecting the way we behave and relate. The Tibetan Pulsing technique releases shocks and pain from the body and cuts through the hold that negative thoughts have on our being, so we are no longer a victim of our unconscious mind.


Tibetan Pulsing Healing is not a miracle cure, it is a down to earth scientific process which balances the emotions, relaxes the mind and renews the physical body. Many people who come for treatment feel emotionally blocked, stressed, or have difficulties with intimacy and relating, others have an intention to "work on themselves" or simply come out of interest.

Tibetan Pulsing does not work by analysing the mind, it goes straight to the root of problems such as depression, emotional anxiety, fear, doubt and unworthiness. The results are profound and far reaching, physical tensions dissolve and past hurts and defences carried for so many years are released and it becomes possible to open up to deep intimacy and friendship.

Often a new strength and confidence arises which transmits to people's work, relationships, creativity and health. Many feel empowered to be themselves and their relationships become more authentic and nourishing. This is simply because their energy is no longer locked up in various patterns of suffering.

Case Histories

Jane, Nurse

Jane first came to Tibetan Pulsing Healing about 2 years ago for no particular reason other than that she had tried other therapies and wanted to see what this one was all about.

"At the first session Nartan looked at my eyes with a torch and told me that the base of my spine needed treatment. For some years my lower back and in particular my coccyx had been painful from time to time and I had not mentioned this. I was impressed with the accuracy of the assessment. The back problem has completely cleared up now. Since then I have continued to have this treatment and it has helped me, especially with the stress of going through a marriage break up. I find Tibetan Pulsing Healing a relaxing experience and I enjoy having a therapy that includes sound and music. It has helped me to release negative emotions from the past and the present so that I feel more calm and free of stress at work and at home."

Paul, Freelance Translator

Paul first came to a Tibetan Pulsing Healing workshop about 1½ years ago because he felt stressed both emotionally and physically. He was not disappointed and felt the benefits to be so good he began to have individual treatment.

"In my experience, Tibetan Pulsing is the most effective kind of bodywork that achieves both physical and emotional relaxation. It also has the added bonus of bringing an increasing awareness and understanding of my behaviour.

As a result of on-going private sessions, I had most revealing insights into certain aspects of myself which had previously led me into what seemed like endless patterns of suffering. Tibetan Pulsing has led me to experience what can only be described as a deep contentment and peace within myself."

Graham, Market Researcher

Graham came for sessions because he felt emotionally "stuck" and wondered if Tibetan Pulsing could help.

"The first session I had I felt that at last a part of myself was being contacted that had been locked away for some time and had been causing me pain both physically and emotionally, it was a great relief. The following session I had a memory of a riding accident that had occurred at the time I was breaking up from my long-term girlfriend. I felt something shift both physically from the area of my back that had been hurt in the accident and emotionally from my heart. Afterwards it felt as if a burden had been lifted from me."


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About Anne Moulsdale

Anna Moulsdale (Nartan) trained as a Tibetan Pulsing Healer under the guidance of Dheeraj at the Osho Institute of Tibetan Pulsing Healing in India in 1988, where she was given the name Nartan. She then worked within the Institute for 6 years giving sessions, assisting in trainings and workshops and continuing her own personal development before returning to England. She now has her own successful practice in N. London and runs classes and introductory workshops. She can be contacted on 020-8374 1364 for individual sessions and for details of classes and workshops.

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