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Universal Harmonic Healing

by Dr Heather Parsons PhD(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 109 - March 2005

Universal Harmonic Healing is a rebalancing of universal energies both within us and around us in our aura. The universal energies should be freely able to flow to all cells and every part of our bodies, bringing connections with the universal love that surrounds us all. The experiences of life and our reactions to it have affected our energy flows. Over time, our bodies have tightened up as we have experienced hurts both mental and physical, all of which have left their mark deep within our energy bodies.

Healing in General

All healing, in its broadest sense, helps to reconnect us to our own energies, and to release blockages. The basic premise behind healing is that any physical injury or trauma that we have suffered also has an emotional component. For example, a fall down stairs also has a component of the fear or panic before landing, or constantly turning to use a computer in a stressful job has the stress built in to some extent into the low back pain that the person suffers from. I am sure that we can all remember incidents when loved ones have been ill or in danger and our own body changes as we respond to the emotions. In my case the stress that I was under as my father was very ill was only apparent after he died, and I felt my shoulders relax and drop as his suffering was over.

Our bodies want to be in a state of balance, and given the chance, they allow us to recover our equilibrium and to heal ourselves. It is our emotions that block recovery. We are unable to let go of many emotions or memories, be they pain, grief, anger, jealousy or any other draining feelings. Guilt is one of the strongest emotions which we feel we have no right to let go, but in terms of universal energies, everything can be released through love and understanding.

Universal Harmonic Healing is a method for treating or healing the emotional component, allowing the body to rebalance itself more easily, in every sense. Like many therapies these days, Universal Harmonic Healing deals with the emotional cause of the problem, but unlike many other therapies, the person does not necessarily have to acknowledge the cause of the problem as it is resolved. In addition, many memories can be released during one session, if the person is willing to let them go.

Involvement of the Limbic System

The most important area within the body for healing oneself is an area within the brain called the limbic system. It is found at the very centre of the brain.

Every day all our energies flow up towards the head region. These include the energy flows, within the meridians, the chakra system which links up and carries energy upwards using the kundalini flows, and many other energy systems including that of the cranial sacral system within the spine. As the energies enter this area they swirl round in a vortex, allowing the energies to attach to specific regions of the limbic system, each associated with the specific emotion.

In science the Limbic system is called the 'emotional brain' and it is known from using experiments on animals that certain areas within this region are linked to specific emotions.[1]

The Balancing of Emotions

With the upward moving energy flows are carried many of our emotions. As these emotions pass through the limbic centre we let most of them go. All emotions have specific areas within the hippocampus. The emotion of anger travels to the area for anger where we allow the universal energies to balance out or harmonize our anger, leaving us feeling more at peace. Each emotion has a specific region within the hippocampus. The amygdala is known to science to be associated with the emotion of rage.[1]

Meditation, along with many other relaxation techniques, such as the practice of yoga, especially focusing on the breathing, encourages the upward movement of energy flows. Once in the limbic system the emotions are likely to be dissipated or balanced out.

Universal Harmonic Healing uses a combination of healing points mainly on the skull to help release the emotions as they travel through this region. Using the points allows in the harmonizing vibrations from the universe to balance out the emotions that we have problems with. For example, if the person has a problem with anger, the harmonizing vibrations or thoughts would be of calmness and understanding. If a person has a problem with grief, then the balancing vibrations would be of love, and knowing that the person is still around. The harmonizing vibrations are high level thoughts of love, compassion and understanding from universal energies, which surround us all. Once the emotional pain is removed from the body then the physical body can begin to fully heal itself.

During healing the person may experience tingling or warming feelings as blood flow increases, pulsating vibrations from energy movements, or even coldness as energy channels open up. Afterwards the person usually feels very peaceful and calm with increased clarity of thoughts, and an increased ability to cope with life, such as making decisions.

This form of healing can help with digestive disorders, muscle aches and pains, headaches, sinus problems, frozen shoulder, depression, psychological conditions and many other problems, including cancer. The healing points can safely be used by anyone.

Case Studies


John had suffered from a hiatus hernia in his stomach for over 30 years. Almost daily he experienced acid reflux, burning and severe inflammation in his oesophagus. He was regularly taking large quantities of antispasmodic and beta blocker drugs. He was on the list for an operation for the hiatus hernia. Two weeks prior to the operation another routine endoscopy examination was done. He wanted the operation after 30 years of problems and had consequently eaten all the foods which he knew would upset his stomach before the endoscopy, but found it impossible to trigger the problem.

The endoscopy detected no inflammation at all, and the consultant did not feel that his condition required an operation. The Universal Harmonic Healing technique had been done on him four times in the two weeks before the endoscopy. He had no previous knowledge of the technique and no faith in its healing abilities. Since then his stomach problems have reduced considerably and over three months he stopped taking all the beta blockers and antispasmodic drugs.


I met Anne when she came to see me for a problem with her hip. On talking to her though it seemed more of a problem with her groin at the front. She had severe unremitting pain in the lower abdomen, which she had had for months and was close to desperation. She had exhausted the doctors and tried acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. It was impossible to touch the muscles involved through the pelvis. As I gently held the points on the head, Anne reported that the area of the pain became tingly and warm.

I held the points for 20 minutes until the reactions subsided. I saw Anne a week later when she told me that all the pain had cleared away, but she had felt very tired and had obviously been clearing toxins for a few days. Now three years later she has had no recurrence of this pain.

How This Healing Technique Came About

This healing developed from my work as a Spinal Therapist. After working to release muscles in spasm, using more conventional methods for many years, I became very sensitive to energy flows. I am often able to sense the original injury in an area, and I know from experience that if this is released the pain subsides rapidly and the person recovers quickly. For example, a person with a lower back problem may have fallen from a roof when younger and badly damaged themselves both physically and with the accompanying emotional scar. I am often aware of their pain, its location and the cause behind it. I could also sense where in the brain the associated emotion moved to before it was dealt with. With all of this information that I was privileged to 'see', I mapped out the emotional areas within the limbic centre. Using my scientific background and reasoning ability I tried to give logical explanations for the feelings that I encountered when working on people. I put these together to produce Universal Harmonic Healing. This healing uses a number of points located around the skull, these include acupuncture points, neurovascular points and other new energy points, all of which help to increase blood flows and energy flows to specific areas within the body. I found combinations of these points could direct healing energy to certain places, bringing about the easing of pain and healing.


1 Tortora GJ and Grabowski SR. Principles of Anatomy and Physiology. Seventh Edition. Harper Collins. New York. 0-06-046702-9. p423. 1993


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About Dr Heather Parsons PhD

Dr Heather Parsons PhD BSc DC PGCE is a scientist who has spent many years trying to find an explanation for alternative therapies. Heather works as a McTimoney-Corley Spinal Therapist using Kinesiology and Healing in her practice in Somerset. Heather is also is an artist and writer. She can be contacted via Tel: 01278 445564;

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