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  1. Is San Pedro A 'Miracle Healer'?

    by Ross Heaven

    San Pedro (huachuma), like the better-known ayahuasca, is a Peruvian visionary healing plant. It is taken in the form of a cold tea made by boiling sections of the mescaline cactus...

  2. Karma World and Yoga of Healing

    by Sandeep Khurana

    Thoughts can engender healing, yet a lot of thought component is hardly within our reach to handle and create. Thoughts owe their existence to opportunities, and the opportunities a...

  3. Natural Born Healer

    by Jennifer Pride

    This article describes the 'healing hands' of a natural healer, and how his skill has been used to treat pain relief, and a wide range of ailments including musculo-skeletal, circu...

  4. Our Approach to Healing Sick Houses

    by Roy and Ann Procter

    This article describes how Roy and Ann Procter, both spiritual healers, discovered the concept of health affected by subtle environment twenty years ago and developed dowsing skill...

  5. Our Innate Ability to Heal Ourselves

    by Kris Needham

    To many people, illness is something that comes from 'out there', brought about by external factors – environment (pollution, pesticides, germs, etc.), lifestyle (smoking, diet, al...

  6. Our Role in Personal Transformation and Healing

    by Petrene Soames

    It is important to realize that when we learn to heal ourselves, we are not limited merely to changing our own realities; the world reality is also ours to change.

  7. Past Lives - Beyond an Experience and into Healing

    by Andy Tomlinson and Reena Kumarasingham

    Thousands of ordinary people have provided reports of near death experiences, of leaving their body and entering a tunnel. Often they come back with memories of obscure details of t...

  8. Personal Transformation to Healing

    by Kim Hutchison

    Transformative healing is a form of energy healing, based on the understanding that there is an energy interplay between the mind, body and soul, a form of power, which needs to be...

  9. Poetry for Health and Healing

    by Steve Jaffe

    After a heart quadruple bypass operation in 1999, for poet and novelist Steve Jaffes, something magical started happening one day as he was writing the journal in which he vented a...

  10. Prana for Health - No Touch Energy Healing

    by Meera Venkatesan and Vidya Rajagopalan

    In this article the authors discuss the benefits of pranic healing, a no drug, no touch therapy, which is easy to learn and open to everyone. It resulted from over thirty years of ...

  11. Recovery from a Broken Neck

    by Marie McKenna O'Brien

    This is a story of profound healing. I left home on a bright, sunny, summer's day to return home two weeks later. In that time I had been paralysed, injured, shocked, traumatized, ...

  12. Recovery from a Broken Neck - Update

    by Marie McKenna O'Brien

    This article is an update of Marie's account of a car accident in which she broke her neck and spinal cord. Her story was published in Positive Health in 2000 with the title "'Reco...

  13. Remarkable Recoveries - Individual Potential for Healing

    by Zelda Di Blasi

    Dr Blasi considers the significance of double-blind randomized control trials (RCT) and the way they provide an empirical basis for testing pharmacological, surgical, psychotherape...

  14. Root Cause Healing - A New Healing Paradigm

    by Peter Donn

    The article looks into Root Cause Healing, a therapy that helps to unlock the subconscious mind where limiting beliefs and experiences, including our past pain from our womb to the...

  15. Sai Shakti Healing - An Interview with Dr. Nityaananda

    by Katyayani Chowdhry

    Dr Clint Thomson MD known as Nityaananda, is an alternative healer. He got his undergraduate degree at Michigan State University in 1983; and then his MD from the Texas Medical Cen...

  16. Self Healing BSM Method

    by Maciej C Kuczynski

    The BSM self-healing method was discovered in 1977, when retired Polish colonel, Eugene Uchnast, seemed to cure his persistent hip pain by sleeping with his palm against his head. ...

  17. Self-Healing Around the Globe - Meir Schneider Courageous Pioneer

    by Richard Mandrachio

    One of the greatest health problems faced by humanity is continuous degeneration. When people begin to degenerate, they believe there is absolutely no way they can reverse it. Most ...

  18. Self-healing Guide to Auto Accident Trauma and Recovery

    by Donna Foley

    Car accident trauma is one of the most misunderstood, most under-treated and even most incorrectly treated of all traumas. Car accidents are increasing, affecting more than ten mil...

  19. Starving Amidst the Oceans of Energy

    by Silvia Hartmann PhD

    Dr Silvia Hartmann describes the 'energy body' as a system of complex organs, pathways and lines of communication and exchange. Ancient techniques such as acupuncture and Chi Kung ...

  20. Steps to Forgiveness

    by Francoise Rapp

    Aromatherapist Francoise Rapp shares some words of wisdom on the importance of forgiveness, both of oneself and of others, and learning to be less judgemental and more accepting an...

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