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Our Approach to Healing Sick Houses

by Roy and Ann Procter(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 64 - May 2001

Yes, a house CAN be 'sick'! You may have sensed a feeling of heaviness, of being drained or depressed, when you are in certain places, or you know someone who feels that kind of thing. The most common modern term for it is 'geopathic stress', although in this spearhead activity the terminology is not fixed (just as well, as we need to go on developing it!) and the same phenomenon has been called names such as 'black or underground streams' or 'bad ley lines'. We prefer 'negative earth energies'. By negative we mean energies that deplete the natural energy of people who spend time in that place, obviously having more effect if you live or work there. If your personal energies are drained your body defences – the immune system – do not work so well, so you are more susceptible to intrusions from without, such as flus and colds, or from within, such as the mutant cells which can grow into a cancer, or one of the increasing range of auto-immune diseases. At an emotional level, stresses are more likely to get you down when there are negative earth energies at your place and you become depressed; at a mental level you are less able to think or intuit accurately, and at a spiritual level you become 'dispirited'.

Determining the earth energy lines

Determining the earth energy lines

A useful analogy would be the situation when the light in the boot of your car does not go out when you shut the lid. Sooner or later your car won't start because it has a flat battery. Someone can get you going with jump leads (that would be the equivalent to some kind of personal healing), but if the light stays on it will drain the battery again. (Myalgic encephalomyelitis – ME – is a fine example of a flat battery disease!) So it's important to get something done about it, just as you need to do something about a polluted atmosphere if you are prone to respiratory problems, or to attend to damp conditions if you suffer rheumatism. If you are being subtly drained, it is wise to check for geopathic stress.

There has been fast-growing attention paid to this aspect of maintaining health over the last twenty years. We are finding more and more doctors and other healing therapists taking this factor into account, particularly if patients are not progressing into better health as anticipated from the treatment undertaken. Some of these therapists are using state-of-the-art electronic detection devices, such as the Vega, Biocon, Biron and Best machines. Kinesiologists are performing a similar function by using muscle testing to ascertain how the individual's body is reacting to geopathic stress. Dowsers are gaining respect in this field, and to suit scientific language are being called 'biosensors', although science is still very puzzled about HOW dowsing works.[1],[2]

It is likely that intuitive understanding of geopathic stress, and its opposite, the use of positive energies in sacred spaces, has been around since the dawn of time, but squeezed out of our cultural perception in recent centuries by pressure to stick within the logical and materialistic paradigm of the scientific method. Way back in 1932, an Austrian, von Pohl, published a book called Earth Currents: Causative Factor of Cancer and Other Diseases (published in English translation in 1987).[3] His statistics are impressive. The trouble was that he attributed absolutely everything to these earth currents, which put people off! Sometimes pioneers have to overstate their case to make an impact, but in this instance perhaps he overdid it. More recently, another Austrian, Professor Bergsmann, tested 985 subjects in hospital rooms, compiling very significant evidence in work funded by the government.[4] He had dowsers identify rooms where geopathic stress was present, and did 24 different medical tests on his subjects after they had been in these rooms for 15 minutes, and then in neutral rooms for the same time. In most of the tests there were marked differences in the two settings. Reduction of the neurotransmitter serotonin was especially noted in the stressed areas.

However, neither of these pioneers, nor many dowsers now investigating geopathic stress, suggest anything to alleviate the problem: they have focused on diagnosis, and gone no further. People are often advised to move house, or at least move the position of their bed and/or favourite chair – not always possible unless you live in a large house! House sales and removals are likely to be the 'straw that breaks the camel's back' if you are already ill and overwhelmed by stress. So what can be done to change the subtle energies, to make the place better rather than to try and escape from it?

A huge number of remedies have grown over recent years. There are gadgets based on some kind of electronic system, there are crystals, simple or in specified patterns, there are ceremonies and rituals. You name it, someone has thought of it, or soon will. Everyone in this field is doing what they can in their own individual way, some based on teaching they have received and later developed, some doing their own innovative thing.

This is wonderful pioneering stuff, and we respect anything that works and helps to alleviate human (and animal) suffering. In due course we would expect the methods that work best and sustain their improvement longest to become part of 'normal' complementary care, just like all the other therapies. As in all approaches, doing no harm is the most important criterion and making a difference for the better is the aim. It would be unhelpful if any of us working in this field pretended that we have the only answer, as everyone's needs are unique.

We came upon this concept of health affected by subtle environment twenty years ago when working under the tuition of Bruce MacManaway,[5] who ran workshops and summer schools, and a kind of apprentice scheme which helped hundreds of people develop into healers of various kinds. Ann had been attending his events for some time when Roy was unexpectedly able to join her at a summer school and found that his ability to dowse, awakened some five years previously, had a startlingly accurate application in detecting and healing earth energies: it was a catalytic week!

Following this we were approached by people, out of the blue, to help them with their 'black streams' or whatever they called them, as if the powers that be had just been waiting for us to be ready to serve in this way. Bruce checked our work for a while until we felt confident, and we developed our techniques from there, learning all the way. Every so often we came upon a situation which did not fit the concepts or solutions we had learned to use so far, and we had to work out something more. Thus our 'toolbox' became more and more comprehensive – and we expect that to continue. One of the most important of these was the ability to heal people's home environments at a distance. Initially we had followed Bruce's format: we dowsed a sketch map for the energy lines, then visited the place people had asked us to heal, working out exactly where the centres of the earth energy lines were on the ground, and 'pinning' any that were 'negative' at the incoming end with a metal stake.

In due course we had more enquiries than we could deal with in our 'spare' time. One client was feeling desperate, so we worked out that since, as spiritual healers, we could send healing to individual people at a distance, perhaps it was possible to do that for places too, using the sketch maps provided. So we tried it, initially as 'first aid' to help the people until we could get to them. We found that the healing remained, and there was no need to visit: this saved a lot of time, energy and petrol, and enabled us to take on more and more work in this field. We are now healing about 500 properties a year, and the demand still rises. To save our sanity we are teaching others to do similar work, so can offer onward referrals if we are too busy or about to go on holiday.

Every dowser needs to have a concept of what s/he is dowsing for. This is relatively simple if it's the lost car keys or drinkable water at a depth accessible by drilling. Earth energies are more subtle, and each dowser sees them in his or her individual way, so it's not often that two dowsers come up with identical findings. Our concept is illustrated below, but we do emphasize that it is OUR concept, and does not have to match anyone else's. The important thing is that the person(s) doing the healing do it on the basis of the dowsed concept that is right for them; then it works.

Figure 1 shows a hypothetical house with two energy lines. Their centres are marked in continuous lines, and their edges in dotted lines, as each one has a width. Each has a direction of flow, shown by an arrow: it is important to initiate the healing where the line of energy is entering the property, not where it is leaving! Each line has a polarity – it is either 'positive', i.e. helpful to the inhabitants, or 'negative', i.e. unhelpful. In the case illustrated, one line changes to negative within the house. Our work is directed to transmuting the quality of any negative lines so that they become positive for the benefit of the people who live in, work in or visit the place being treated.

Figure 1: A hypothetical house with two energy lines
Figure 1
: A hypothetical house with two energy lines

Having said that dowsers are likely to produce different mappings of the energies to be healed, and all are correct in relation to the healing undertaken, this does not mean that inaccuracies can be tolerated! Dowsing requires concentration, clear focus and considerable practice before it can be used to detect these subtle energies, when feedback to verify findings is far from obvious. Similarly spiritual healing in this field is more than a shedding of light onto the situation: it requires something more like a fine laser beam of accurate intent.

The only way we can judge the efficacy of our healing is by listening to our clients. We hear their many and varied reports with great interest and learn a great deal from them. We are currently undertaking a research project, which is giving us evidence based on questionnaires before and after our healing in 100 cases. Our statistical expert tells us that the response rate is phenomenally good, and that the results are shaping up in a very positive way. We hope to offer Positive Health the results when they are ready. Meanwhile the letters keep pouring in. The following is a case example.

Case Study

Margaret lives in Essex, and she sent us her map (see Figure 2). We drew our two lines on it and healed them.

Figure 2: Margaret's Map
Figure 2
: Margaret's Map

Later she wrote:

'Less than a year after moving to our home I was aware of feeling more tired than usual. As the years passed my energy seemed to be constantly low, which made life restricting, and a hormonal imbalance and food sensitivity added to the problems. And then, in 1997, a friend discovered, through dowsing, that there was an underground stream directly beneath where I sleep – not good for health I understood. However, it was another two years, and more fatigue-related problems later, that another friend put me in touch with the Procters. They found two negative energy lines here, and within a couple of weeks of the 'House Healing' being carried out I was aware of feeling more positive and motivated than I had in a long time. Then came an increase in energy, making everyday tasks much easier. I can walk up and down stairs now without my legs feeling like lead, and am not so food sensitive. I am both surprised and very impressed with the results.'

Margaret's story is one of a whole chapterful in our book Healing Sick Houses: Dowsing for Healthy Homes.[6] In it we enlarge upon the above, and deal with presences, power objects, protection,[7],[8] electromagnetic stress,[9] subtle energies in water[10] and other considerations.


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Further Information

For further information please tel: 01458 223215, fax: 01458 224234, e-mail:, contact our website: or write to Roy and Ann Procter, Coombe Quarry, Keinton Mandeville, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6DQ.


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Roy, born in 1930, is a retired chartered engineer and a fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, with a long career in the design of transport aircraft and practical piloting skills. Ann, born in 1932, is a doctor's daughter with a wide range of skills and qualifications, used in self-employed work. Her university career was ended by serious illness, deemed terminal when diagnosed, so she has a degree in 'life and death' rather than the usual paper qualification. She is now accredited by the British Association for Counselling and registered with the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists. Both are registered healers with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, and on the register of the British Society of Dowsers. They are also both Trustees of the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, Roy being Chairman.


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