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Karma World and Yoga of Healing

by Sandeep Khurana(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 205 - April 2013

Thoughts engender healing, while a lot of thought component is not within our reach to handle and create. Thoughts owe their existence to opportunities, which are endless in time and space. Thoughts can be formed from telepathic interactions  and other means of soul communication between beings. Karma, the deeds and their nature, contributes to thoughts in a very significant way. Thoughts can be understood as multidimensional energy beings with a life of their own. They last for the time they are meant to last for, and this is also determined by the truthfulness, the purity of intent and associated feelings that travels with them.

Sandeep Khurana

Thoughts are a means of communication just like any other, like talking, writing, or using gestures. Those who attain spiritual awareness, after having worked for several years meditating, and following their soul path, tend to be able to observe and manage their thoughts very carefully, since they are aware of the potential the thought can have, and the manifestation, the thought is capable of bringing about. Thoughts can also relate to our past, derive from our incomplete actions, and the clairvoyance capability of the person. At any given time, the thoughts in the mind can help determine the voids in the past, and the incomplete actions, the energy patterns that continue to exist in a person’s energy body, and hence from this opportunity, can be determined the path the person is likely to take in the future, and the actions, she or he might perform to balance energy arising from the incoming thoughts.

Actions are a level next after thoughts or rather above thoughts. They are more tangible, more concrete, stronger as entities, and hence more irreversible so to say. Actions have to be managed and monitored more carefully than thoughts, since they are likely to have higher impact in generating karmic influence, and manifestation. There is an element of ‘irreversible-ness’ in thoughts, but less in actions, since actions are kind of thoughts implemented, or thoughts ‘acted upon’. So a lot more care is needed in dealing with one’s and other people’s actions.

It is interesting to have discovered how health situations can relate to our thoughts and actions. According to the studies in the spiritual sciences, we are much beyond and much more than a mere physical body. The physical body is at the lowest vibration, next comes the etheric body which is like the life energy to the physical body. And we also have an astral body, mind body and the causal body.  Astral body is the energy body, where we can perform energy healing. Mind body transcends time and space, and participates in telepathic communication. Causal body relates to past karmas, memories, and soul level vibrations.  

Healing can happen at all levels and this is determined by the techniques used for healing. Sometimes, the ailment begins on a body other than the physical body and it takes its own time to affect the physical body or be seen at the physical level. While treatment and healing is important to be done at the physical level, it is also necessary to try and get to the root cause of the ailment by working on other bodies of the individual.  And then there is a possibility of healing the ailment at the root level to never allow it to surface again at the physical level.  

Yoga creates a circuit, a path for the inner energy to flow freely, and in the right manner so as to engender healing, and one of the goals of healing is the unification of conscious mind with the super consciousness, or the universal mind. Hence the name Yoga, or the union, as it interprets in Sanskrit language. Yoga can be practised as a set of defined physical postures, for energy balancing, and it also refers to the techniques of meditation, pranayama, sound healing, and several healing techniques. It essentially refers to the method of unification of mind with the higher mind, and the method can be physical postures, or mediation, or energy work. The end result is the same, unification.

Feelings can play a pivotal role in healing process and experiencing life as a whole. While the feelings of anger, jealousy, hatred, each carry a different message, they are coded for their own purpose, in the human system of body and mind.  On the other hand, feelings of love, affection, and care provide solace, and contentment to the mind and the soul. Emotional Intelligence is the key behind handling feelings, as they contribute a lot to the healing process, in empowering the healing process, and making it work better based on the intent associated. The world we see with closed eyes is as real as the world we encounter with open eyes.

There exists a lot of universe beyond the five senses that we use quite often to deal with the world, and essentially with ourselves. Yoga, meditation and healing provide a path, and means to visit that part of the real world with comfort and ease, without any doubts or questions. Understanding both these worlds, and interpreting them instinctively and intuiting can lead to increased life awareness and handling of life events better.  The places of worship have a healing energy associated with them, they almost become like the energy base centres or healing centres and whoever comes in the vicinity of these centres, gets the benefit if she or he is ready for it, and believes in it. Belief and Faith, help remove blocks in the pathways of healing, that of the mind, body or soul.

The process of healing is so multi-dimensional, and nature has provided us with so much support and means to help us find one of the many of healing methods. If followed sincerely and religiously, one or more of the ways can be sufficient for complete healing of the being, while it depends on the Karma of the entities associated, and how deep rooted the ailment is. But what spiritual sciences say is that all can be healed, and there is nothing that cannot be. Love as energy is one of the greatest ways of healing the self as well as others. The purer the love, the more power it has, as long as it is unconditional and given without any expectations in return. Blessings have power too, and yet one who gives or receives blessings has to be sure there are no conditions or expectations associated, which if exist, might lead to creating Karma which will take it course of time and space to be cleared.

Karma is generated every fraction of a second, if we were to measure it against time, but then it runs on many other dimensions and not just time. Time is just one of the factors. Spiritualists aim to get ‘Karma Free’ and also try their best not to generate Karma, or rather Bad Karma, if you will. Buddha sat under a tree meditating for years and years, to attain Nirvana, moving towards Moksha, seeking freedom from life and death. Enlightenment, if interpreted as white light, appears to be a matrix of energies, emanating and moving towards light where light is the source and light, the destination. And we often end up saying, “Love and Light”, as being part of healing session for self as well as others. In light, all identities disappear, all personalities disappear, and its soul and energy that remains.

Healing is an ongoing process, while it works on chronic energy patterns within the system; it also works on the day to day energy interactions, and hence works on past, present, and thus the future. It is beyond time and space, and should preferably be done without any constraints in the mind to make make it whole and complete. Omnipresence, for a soul, is normal and natural. It not only enables presence at multiple places in longitude and latitude but also makes possible interaction with entities at multiple places, in order for soul completion to continue to happen, gradually or sometimes rapidly moving towards its objective of achieving salvation or freedom. Every relationship is created by spiritual laws of attraction, and it lives till the interaction is whole and complete for highest good. Water causes healing, water can be used as the sole source for healing, and it responds to energy very well.

With Karma and its intricacies understood to some extent, the means to heal are several and the doors to the destination are many. God continues to create several opportunities for the beings to connect with Him for higher guidance and direction enlightenment or soul awakening, He makes His presence felt from time to time, in so many ways, and we tend to address such situations as a ‘co-incidence’ or ‘by change happening’, with nature at its creative best behind the scenes. We are audience to a huge drama, a drama of reality so to say, where God makes us performs and project at the same time. Karmic transactions are created, chain reaction ensues, one thing leads to another, and another to another, and humans limited by their potential to memorize, can trace things back in a limited way, to a limited set of events, happening within limited time and space. And hence then arises the need and opportunity to surrender, listen to the inner self, and connect with the higher guidance, through the process of healing, to be able to see, hear, sense without the interference of the five senses. God then smiles a blessing.  


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