Research Updates: pain relief

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  1. Issue 23

    ENQVIST and FISCHER, Eastman Dental Centre, Stockholm, Sweden conducted a study to evaluate the effects of preoperative hypnotic techniques used by patients having surgical removal of their third mandibular mol1


  2. Issue 23

    WENNEBERG and colleagues, Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa USA studied the relationships between increased platelet aggregability and the psychological traits hostility and anger.


  3. Issue 23

    BRAUCHLI and ZEIER, Institut fur Verhaltenswissenschaft ETH Zurich, Switzerland studied whether there is a relationship between subjective well-being and change in immune markers in HIV-infected people.


  4. Issue 23

    TELLES and colleagues, Vivekananda Kendra Yoga Research Foundation, Bangalore India recorded heart rate, breathing rate and skin resistance in 20 community home girls (Home group) and in 20 age-matched girls from a reg1


  5. Issue 23

    CADY and JONES, Department of Management, Bowling Green State University, Ohio 43403-0270, USA evaluated the effectiveness of a 15 minute on-site massage while seated in a chair upon reducing stress, a1


  6. Issue 23

    PAGE and BEN-ELIYAHU, College of Nursing, Ohio State University, Columbia Ohio USA review (50 references) the evidence that the immune system plays a role in controlling the spread of cancer,1


  7. Issue 22

    LEQUANG and colleagues, Departement d'Anesthesia-Reanimation, CHU Hopital Nord, Amiens France write that they use auriculotherapy based upon traditional Chinese cartography, for pain relief following laparoscop1


  8. Issue 22

    FELHENDLER and LISANDER, Department of Anesthesiology, Faculty of Health Sciences, Linkoping, Sweden studied the analgaesic effect of acupoint pressure upon postoperative pain in a con1


  9. Issue 22

    LOGAN and colleagues, Department of Preventive and Community Dentistry, University of Iowa, Iowa City USA write that stress has long been viewed as a contributor to pain experienced by chronic pain patients.


  10. Issue 22

    HART and colleagues, Department of Medicine, University of Southampton, UK conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled randomised clinical trial with arnica C30 for pain and postoperative recovery following to1


  11. Issue 22

    AUSTRAN and colleagues, UMDNJ School of Health Related Professions USA studied the use of verbal expectancy to reduce pain.


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